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Sacred 3 PS3 Cover Art


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I like it too


Kind of a horror movie slant on it... very little to show, lots of black, I'm thinking they'll add more to it as more game visual elements are released?


If not, I agree, it's a simple, elegant look.





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Developed on a PS3? Are they crazy? Darksiders II was made on a console and they are working their butts off right now to fix the horrible problems with the PC version. Cover art doesn't give us much more info then whats already on the Sacred World site :unsure:

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I know! lol I don't get this part... why? Is it cuz it's easier, or less expensive than developing on PC?


My concern is that they are trying to market the game better to those platforms, where there is a lack of very good hack-n-slash style games.

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