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D3 - Uniques that aren't so unique

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So I found my first unique in Inferno. If I remember correctly, it was called Maloth's Focus. Went immediately to the AH and looked it up. I was surprised to find over 500 of that unique for sale!! (No telling how many are really listed since it only lists 500 items at a time.)


The good news is at least some people realized it wasn't so unique and were selling it for under 2,000 gold (of course some idiots have it listed for millions). Supply and demand finally prevails.


I have to say that the stats just really weren't all that great. Maybe if you could actually find drops that were at or above your level, then it might have been worth keeping. The only thing going for it is that uniques have more item mods than rares... but its mods weren't anything special.

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Gratz on the find! I remember when playing, how sometimes you'd see a whole load of like items all appearing at the same time in AH... like the drop gods had drunk too much and deposited xeroxed copies of items everywhere.





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The same happened in D2. Some uniques where not unique at all. Shako being an example.


Then there where uniques so rare they would be Legendary in Sacred 2. Tyreal's Might as an example.


I remain, :Just_Cuz_21:

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