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They're great items, great find Max. I'm only getitng the "hang" of putting all the yum yums on my bar, and have been stacking maintenance and nourishments pretty much 24/7...and nice to know that these new items can be added on top of that?





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I made a summary of the cost and locations of the items. Keep in mind that most of the time you will have to complete an event for the npc (and the items) to be available. I put it in a spolier tag if you wish to find them on your own :

----Item------------------------------Cost-------------------------Map-----------------------Exact Location
----Skale Venom---------------16 Copper--------------Iron Marches---------NPC north of Bloodfin Lake
----Ash Legion Spy Kit--------21 Karma--------------Plains of Ashford----Heart south of Vic's Gate waypoint
----Fire Elemental Powder---1 Silver 4 Copper----Fireheart Rise--------NPC beside the Heart northwest of Sati Waypoint
----Ogre Pet Whistle-----------1 Silver 4 Copper----Iron Marches---------NPC at Gladefall Waypoint
----Mortar Seed Turret--------16 Copper-------------Caledon Forest------NPC at Falias Thorp Waypoint
----Healing Seed---------------40 Copper------------Gendarran Fields-----NPC at the beach southeast of Lionbridge Expanse
----Depleted Power Crystal---16 Copper-------------Caledon Forest------Golem NPC at Hanto Trading Post

I tried to create a table from scratch, and it couldn't be displayed correctly.

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Just to let you know that since the March 26th update, Skale Venom now counts as a consumable that will overwrite any consumable with a tool icon that you have active.

Depleted Power Crystals now have a 40-second cooldown, so that item is a little less appealing now.

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