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DarkMatters Rising - Welcome Back!

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Hello all DarkMatters fellow, its good to see you and this awesome forum back. I am awaiting S3 and hope we will bring back the shared treasure of Ancaria´s gameplay .. as always :-) vaclaf

Smiley overload below!  

Good to see it's back up!

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Very, Very glad it's back up, now I can go back to lurking on my fav site, and I frakin' FINALY, after what seems like years, well actualy it was years,lol, got I&B installed and working, just yesterday, must have been some kind of congruent miracle, eh? Any news on the wiki, is it coming back too?

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Good to be back..! BIG High 5 to you and Schot for getting things back up and running - even tho you're only half way there (still need to work on the Wiki, I take it.)




Was thinking of a fitting punishment for the guys who keep hacking this site.. A thought came to mind - we've got DRAGONS.. Then I realized that wouldn't be a very good idea. Wouldn't want to make the dragons ill by feeding them such rotten barstewards.. :sick: Thining dragon barf stinks like nobody's business and the stains are murder to get out.


In the mean time... I suppose I should get posting Schot's reward for his hard work... :D Mind you, it's somewhat of a first draft.. and it's NOWHERE near being finished (too many good ideas keep popping up). But it's pretty good... At least I think so. Look for it in the Fan Fiction area...


Look for it in the FAN FICTION section.. :D

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This is great! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to with so many of you here...specially with that big raging blizzard outside! :4rofl:

Well, we want to just relax and enjoy all the company here for a while, we're going to have to find a new skin for us on the net that we like (we're so picky! :P) we want to keep reviewing the forum set up and finally, in some time and time, look at the wiki. We think it's the wiki this time that was responsible for this last time we went down, and it's going to be some while for us to go through all it's files. If there's a virus/backdoor in there, it will have go be feretted out, and it's an awful lot of files to check though.


Theres new software for media wiki though, and we even have some new ideas for the next sacred wiki (yes, we're feeling much better, even a new wiki is looking good ;)). IPB is an amazing company, looks like our choice to use them as our software years ago was the best one, they are constantly developing, and they have a very neat new product called IP Content that's actually another way of putting dbases toegether. Cool thing about that is that it would be integrated into our forum software, and would have permission ability which would mean that colaborative work could be done again.


Thanks guys for coming back, I never realized how much I just needed to "click" on a link in my life, how much I had to see how my friends were doing, and that no matter the game, the peeps are what it's about.


Out into the blizzard, I think today's a pancake day.





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