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Modding the Gods

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It has been bugging me ever since I got to know my way halfway across Ancaria.

What possible use can someone obtain from the skill Divine Devotion?


Since I haven't played every class to the point of utterly understanding everything, I can only rely on builds I have seen, and not one has ever used that skill...


My idea includes the following changes, I do not yet know if they are possible, but at the moment I have not been able to invest as much time in research on that topic as I might wish.


1.) Include the ability to choose from all gods independent of the chosen alignment.

2.) Make the Sakkra drop items on his death as any normal boss would do.

3.) (optional and possibly redundant) adjust the Sakka's level by ones survival bonus (if it isn't already)


The use of this is fairly apparent. Since above a certain level one usually begins bosshunts to obtain high quality items, having a Sakkra as an additional boss will cut down on traveltime. I have not tried the skill Divine Devotion myself yet, so I do not know by how much the cooldown is reduced. But if the cooldown is sufficiently reduced, it would make farming much more bearable.



I don't see any particular issues with balancing.

The process of farming will not be touched exept for the aforementioned timesaving.

I have quite a problem with the current process. Running around for 5 minutes, killing whatever needs to be killed, restarting the server...

There have been some attempts at optimizing this process, see the "Boss Arena" for example.

This however might be much less problematic to implement... exept for point one (which would be nice to have for all light aligned players).

Furthermore, Divine Devotion would suddenly become a skill that needs proper consideration.


As modifications go, its always a good idea to backup files you change.

List of files changed by this:

- spells.txt



Dirty solution to 1.) This causes the deity Lumen to cast a Sakkara Daemon.

- Open the spells.txt in your \scripts\shared\ folder

- Search for the entry: gott_chaos_sakkaradaemon

- Copy it's content and paste it over the content of the spell "gott_licht_blitz", which is right above it.



Further thoughts or ideas?

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Two Cents.


Long overdue! A player could make an easy case for the Divine Devotion Skill. We are always debating proper balancing in many disussions pertaining to the implementation of new content within the CM patch. Never have I seen the topic even mentioned once in the many different CM threads.


Honestly, no love given to Divine Devotion. A skill that could be very powerful and used often. Perhaps entire builds could be built around a given Deity. Personally, I believe the skill is often overlooked and not even considered. Perhaps because of the extreme cooldown. Perhaps because the actual Deity gift is and always has been subpar, almost to the point of being permanently nerfed.


With further thought and evaluation. The Deity chosen & skill taken to mastery, could potentially be devastating or life saving. Depending on the application. I have always felt the "G" button was a last ditch effort to survive when all else failed.


But, what if a character could actually incorporate the idea around a build? Imagine the possibilites. What if the skill became one of the elite. A must have skill choice found in almost every build. Like Armor Lore for defense & cooldown, or picking a class lore for damage & execution. The different applications could be almost to the point endless. With so much depth into character creation. An actual working Divine Devotion with a chosen deity skill, not nerfed, would only add to this depth.


In tweaking the skill & deity gift, we could begin opening pandoras box. A whole new breed of character builds could be born! Perhaps even taking the application further. The CA's can be modded for different effects. What if the skill also functioned like a focus skill. Adding mod points for the Deity Skill. Fully modded and functional.


Gods are supposed to be very powerful and to the extreme. Therefore the options should also be extreme. To the offensive or defensive capabilities.


I remain, :dntknw:

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The Divine Gift - as Etherian mentioned - is designed as a last ditch, save your bacon kind of move... Divine Devotion allows you to "spam" the gift, so to speak, by reducing the regen time for the gift which is something like 20 minutes by default. If I recall correctly (I made the mistake of accidentally picking up the skill on a build I was working on) It brings that down to something like 5 minutes (at least at level 1)).


Now then, you're ideas...


There's a certain rhyme and reason to the way the gods are laid out. One good, one evil, the rest varying shades of gray in between. It really doesn't make any sense for say, a Seraphim to take on Ker or for that matter, an Inquisitor taking on Lumen - as those characters are diametrically opposed to the gods in question. As it is, there are only two of 6 (7 in Ice and Blood) characters you can play that can't take on all 6 gods - the previously mentioned Seraphim and Inquisitor.


Making the Sakkara drop goodies on it's expiration - not so much a good idea. As you yourself suggested, it would be a temptation to summon him, not to save your hide, but as a farming opportunity. So what would be the point of playing the game if all you had to do was summon the sakkara demon and kill him over and over again? There's a word for that. LAZY! Part of the fun, at least for me, is going out in the world and killing things to see what goodies they drop.


There's also ONE other thing to consider. The Sakkara demon will vanish should you teleport away, out of the immediate area. So that right there makes him a non-boss.

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Well, I never claimed my idea to be lore friendly. And, as with every mod, it would be left to ones own decision wether to use it or not.


Right now I don't know whether or not to respond further to the off topic discussion. But just once won't do any harm, I hope...

Off Topic!

I recently mentioned my "gaming style" to Gogoblender. I'll shed a little bit of light on it, in response to the previous posts.

1st, General: I have no favourite genre. I just have a certain criteria by which I judge a game. If its good (replay value ist the most important factor), then it goes into my list. The best of the best. I usually cycle through my list one way or the other. So you may guess for how long I'm playing a game before switching to the next (usually between one week and 3 months). I'd like to have the full content of the game available, or at least most of the content. The usual range of games delivers this, albeit with some modifications from time to time.

2nd, Sacred: The last time I played Sacred was may 2012. I don't know how long I will play this time around. But from almost the beginning it was of high interest to me to get to know what end game content there is, in order to know what to play. What is the highest amount of damage dealing in the game?

Well, a 200 BFGsera I build delivers 60-62000 damage per shot with Pelting Strikes at a recharge of 0.1 seconds and the Divine protection shield has 191000 hp.

How did I obtain 2 Amulets with +18 to all skills? Well I "balance.txt-cheated" of course. But since I'm playing by myself, who might complain?

My total amount of gaming time in Sacred is probably enough for 3 characters @ 200. At this pace I probably wouldn't have seen half of what the game has to offer, since at the end of that time I wouldn't have 3 @ 200 but more like 50 failed characters and a couple around 120...


It might not be a common style of gaming (in fact I'm probably the exception), but it is how I derive fun from the game.

End of off Topic!


It is difficult to RTFM, if I don't know where to find it. The topic at hand has not been discussed in a fashion that would allow me to make these sort of changes by myself.

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Ok, I haven't found a proper solution yet, but a workaround for the first problem at least.


The spells.txt contains the data for the divine gifts.

Search for the line: aspect = "EA_GOD_ANY",

There are exactly 6 entrys, for the 6 divine gifts. By exchanging the code from one gift with another the effect changes accordingly (rather obvious isn't it...).


Its not a very nice solution, but at least it works...

The remaining matter of making the sakkara drop items will probably cause a bit more trouble, since there weren't any droplist entries in the scriptfiles, that are connected to creatures...


As always, I'll update the opening post with all aquired information to keep it all together.

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