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Temple Clearing Saturdays of SBI

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Like I mentioned sometimes in /g chat, my home server (Stormbluff Isle) is organizing regular events during which we guest on other servers and clear their Orr temples (or sometimes our own). I think it would be convenient to post some info here, in case FDM folks want to participate :)


Tons of loot and fun and karma armor, and playing with people from different servers, what's not to like? :drunkards:


Today, March 16, we invade Ehmry Bay, and of course everyone is welcome. Here are some details that can be useful:

  • Click to see the time around the world (and a nifty timer)
  • it is recommended to have the following waypoints:

    Rally Waypoint

    Wren Waypoint

    Tempests waypoint

    Meddler's Waypoint

    Anchorage waypoint

    Gavbeorn's waypoint

  • We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate, it may be more interesting if you can hear what's going on (I mostly listen myself). The address to connect: ts3.stormbluffisle.com and there is no password.
We technically start at Rally Waypoint, but normally the organizers start the pre-events slightly earlier than the time mentioned above, so there's an option to come earler or later (typicaly this all takes about 2-3 hours).


Priest of Grenth event has some tricky mechanics that you should be ready for, it's a difficult fight :viking:

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That's a good idea! It's an opportunity to meet new people (that could become friends). Do you plan on adding FC to the list of servers?

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I'm not sure how the servers are being selected, coming to FC does seem possible. With guesting it probably doesn't really matter though. We basically guest one week, and do it on Stormbluff Isle the next. If a temple has been cleared by somebody else, we sometimes go back to SBI or elsewhere to do it :)


This run went pretty smooth. We came rather close to failing Balthazar, but managed to pull it off. Lyssa was already cleared, but went back to being contested while we were there, so we did it too. Grenth wasn't misbehaving too much, and then we went back to SBI to do Melandru, as it was also uncontested on Ehmry Bay.


It seems that many guilds organize various events at that time though. About an hour before temples, another guild had started a social party event thingy (literally on Stormbluff Isle in Sparkly Fen). With riddles and a scavenger hunt, and boxes of fun and nice prizes :) It was great, shame I had to choose between staying and doing temples...

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