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Triple aspect shadow warrior?

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 07:48 PM

I tend to use Speed Lore as a filler skill (when I've picked all of the other important skills, and still have a slot or two left over). If the choice is something akin to "Speed Lore vs. Toughness", then Speed Lore clearly loses.
However, I've found Speed Lore useful when it does get picked. Beyond the run speed boost (which probably works better on console, between the control scheme benefits and non-nerfed All Skills+ synergy), I've found the Attack Value bonus from Speed Lore extremely useful for keeping an extremely high accuracy. In exchange, I can use the sockets for other purposes (instead of accuracy boosting bonuses).

Also, remember that "overkill" in an earlier difficulty may become insufficient in a higher difficulty. For example: I noticed the gains of the Attack Value+ with the DW Seraphim that I've been posting the experience/second tests with. When she first entered Niob, her hit-rate dropped below 90%. However, when I pushed Speed Lore to Mastery, her hit-rate jumped above 95% (across multiple tests) and her kill speed increased drastically as a result. This particular character has little All Skills+, due to filling as many sockets as possible with Experience Per Kill+.

I'll leave the "Spell Resistance vs. Toughness" question for someone who has more experience with the PC version. On console, Spell Resistance is pretty much worthless.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:58 PM

The general consensus I get from PC players, particularly Ice and Blood, has been take both if you want to survive. Spell Resistance is needed for niobium and toughness is just an all around great skill to have. The other consensus I seem to get is toughness is preferable to combat reflexes as I see most willing to drop the latter and socket evasion items in favor of taking the skill itself.
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