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Horse.............only good as a steak ?

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Hey there.


I bought myself a horse today, and quite frankly was shocked and dissapointed !

Ok, I was pleased at the speed which I can now travel around the map, but, everything else is awful.

I did not notice that I lost all my buffs and was puzzled as to why I was loosing so much health in combat. Why o' why can't we have our buffs active whilst on horse back ?!

Secondly, as soon as I climbed aboard my horsie, I loose all 5 of my CA's !! What the...........


One of the stats you see at the horse trader is the affect on CA's, which is kinda ironic.

So, other than to speed movement around the world, the horse, IMHO, is more of a libility than a help. Not only that, but I paid ~400,000 for the horse and could only get ~21,000 back when I sold the darn thing back to the dealer. What a con. And they say that car dealers are ruthless, lol !

Hope I haven't hurt the feelings of any horse lovers out there (looks warily for Pevil !) But, you can keep yer horsie and I'll leave 'em munching grass !

Steve. :music:

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My first experience on console was about like yours, plus I also lost my regular attack. Needless to say, I am not a horse-lover.

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I last got my class specific mount back in 2009 or 2010 so I really can't remember whether it was any good or not, tbh.

Surely it has to be better than the horse ?!?!


Can't wait to find out though. I can just about remember going to an island and having to do some quests and or an arena fight....................though, knowing me, that is prbably from a different game all together, haha !! :wacko:


Bye for now.



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Yes, class specific mounts are a horse of a different color. :tomato: They increase your cooldown on your CA's but you can still use your skills.

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Yeah, they completely nerfed the horses in Sacred 2. It's one of the reasons why Pevil gave up the game so quickly. She'd become the resident equine expert on Sacred cavalry, and was able to knock back a dragon with a single horse!


They bascially split up horses into weaker versions and the class mounts. The horses are kinda cool...I guess...but you have to build up straight and proper from ground up.

Left click builds work well with them, and use the rarely used Alchemy.. with left click builds and horesback using alchemy you can create pretty good devestation...though if the game's to entertain, whacking things over and over with same boring animation cuz only left clicks work is kinda boring.

Alas, HC...





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Yeah, it can be done, but horses are just terrible in Sacred 2. I bet someone on PC could mod it you have more capabilities and power on horseback.


I am a huge fan of mounted combat in Sacred 2 however, using the special mounts. Every character I have has or will get their special mount, even if they don't always use it. All buffs and CA's available, plus boost to defense and hitpoints. They're especially good for single-aspect characters since you can get aspect mounts and you won't notice a big increase in your regen times.

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Sadly the horse combat arts have bugged regeneration times. I started modding the game when my daughters asked for a useful horse.
So the flame horse spits fireballs and has a fire aura and the unicorn has a healing aura a damaging aura fighting demons and undeads,...

But unmodded at higher difficulties,.....

I had a dryad who did temp buffs unmounted and then fought while the buffs were up...


Sauerbraten and not a steak is best.


Original recipe uses horse.


Edit: Added a link to my horse dryad

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