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My High Elf build

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#1 Gilberticus


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 01:58 PM

I haven't looked through all of the builds, so before I posted mine, I wanted to ask a) if this is just a rehash of previous builds on here and b) if there's any interest in me posting. I took a Delphic + Mystic spellslinger and combined it with a sword/shield melee idea. The reason why was because I liked the mob spells like cobalt strike and glacial thorns, but sometimes I still wanted to get in and chop away with a sword and shield. Plus, I discovered that Feel Cold and Frosty Breeze combined nicely with the Ice Flash sword. I don't have a build for people to be able to download, as I lost all my characters and can't get them back. I don't have an elaborate table of when and where you should sink points. Not only did I lose her, but I never follow detailed instructions. I'm the type of guy that likes to experiment and modify where I see fit. What I do have is a rough guideline of the mods and armor I used. This would probably be best for a person looking for a general idea, but doesn't want/like detailed instructions they have to follow to the letter. I also have no idea if this would be an easy build for someone with no experience in the game. By the time I made her, I had a maxed-out blacksmith and a whole army of shoppers at various levels. If there is no interest in this, or it's already been done,I take no offense at all if you tell me so

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#2 Gilberticus


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 03:34 PM

I sank all my attributes in vitality and strength. Skills I took were swords, shields, concentration, mystic lore and focus, and delphic focus. For Delphic Arcana Aspects, I modded Grand Invigoration with Mystic Stormite Expertise, Lfe Energy, and Resilence. For Cobalt strike: Chain Reaction twice, then Explosion. For Mystic Stormite, I modded Crystal Skin: Glacial Mirror, Feel Cold, and Frosty Breeze. Glacial Thorns was frost, devistation, and Fusilade. I never eally used Cascading Shroud, Expulse Magic, or things like that. I know the Guardians hit hard, but I never really had a problem. I did play on Hardcore, never died, but had about 30 health potions on me. I mastered armor and sword skills first. My main focus was melee, with the spells only as backup for when I got in trouble. I used the mutation set for a buff suit, but never had one set strategy for attack suits. Now jewelry,I had + skills and ice damage. The last thing that I can remember was I didn't put the cobalt strike in a combo with the thorns because it was effective as a combo only half the time.

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#3 chattius


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 06:35 PM

Do you plan to add magic coup to your build?
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#4 Gilberticus


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 07:05 PM

You know, I'm not quite sure. I might start her anew, since I lost her. If I did, I'd probably go with target focus, life leech, and stray damage. For the moderators that can delete posts (I don't know who can and can't) this can probably be deleted. I wanted just a rough sketch of her on here, because I thought I had something a little different, but now that I've looked through the builds, she's kind of  like Epox's Melee build, except for the fact that I use glacial thorns.

#5 Gilberticus


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Posted 08 October 2013 - 02:53 PM

Ok, I've started her anew. I think this build has merit. I've taken her to level 35, and she held her own quite nicely. She is indeed similar to other builds, but she does have a slight, unique flavor all her own. But I won't be able to work on her for a long time. I'm writing a book on the Mothman incidents and Indrid Cold, from the mass hysteria and psychosomatic point of view, in addition to what it takes for a small town to create hoaxes grand/bizarre enough to create a tourist attraction. If someone wants to flesh her out, that's totally cool, I call her the Mystic Flasher, due to the fact that I use mostly Mystic Stormite Combat Arts and her use of the Ice Flash sword. If no one's interested, I have no problem with it getting buried under other builds and sinking into obscurity

#6 Dragon Brother


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Posted 08 October 2013 - 03:37 PM

If no one's interested, I have no problem with it getting buried under other builds and sinking into obscurity

There's nothing wrong with people bringing us fresh ideas and new takes on things. Just because just about everything has been done, doesn't mean every combination has been done...if you get what I mean? :s


Anyway, feel free to update on this or not as you get time. It is always interesting to see how a someone develops a new toon that would typically be considered unorthodox. Of course with chattius already in the thread you have the master of unorthodox present!

#7 Gilberticus


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Posted 08 October 2013 - 08:03 PM

Thanks, Dragon Brother, I was worried that some might see this just as clutter because she's a slightly different spin on already existing builds. I can update this from time to time, but I'll never create the type of guide where you can print it off or bookmark it, or make a link to it on your phone. The reason why is I don't like following guides. I've never looked at a guide with Sacred 2, but I have with other games, and it's sucked the fun out of creating a build for me. It became like work, a blueprint that I HAD to follow. Instead, I'd like this to be more of a discussion rather than a guide. I have recreated my lost Mystic Flasher enough to fill all ten skills: Mystic Stormite focus and lore, armor lore, delphic focus, concentration, swords, shields, tactics, constitution, and Combat discipline. I can't recommend which to master first, or even where to sink the remaining points; it's all up to what you want her to do. By following the mods for the combat arts I mentioned above, you could create a High Elf that uses primarily a sword and shield with magic as a backup, or vice versa, or several other ideas. I liked Ice Flash with the mods because of the sword's built in ice damage. I wonder if the same type of deal could be done with the Pyro combat art and the Blood Dryad sword? I didn't go that route with her because I like the Glacial Thorns over the Pyro mob arts. I never did the Raging Nimbus/Frost Flare/Glacial Thorns combo because I already had a HE that did that. I also didn't go the e.p/bargainer route with her because I already had tons of bargainers. I discovered that it was too much to put my elves as dual bargainers/melee fighters for me. I'm sure others have, and that's awesome, but it's too much micromanagement for me. It meant switching out my combat suit/rings with my shopper ones, and stuff always got lost in the shuffle for me. Shopping for her And my other characters And maintaining her combat suit And buff suit all at the same time was like a chore for me. I think this is enough for now

#8 Flix


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 08:37 AM

Yeah, the more the merrier, man.  Even small variations on established builds are great to see.  No one's thought of every combination and strategy.  My only suggestion would be to maybe split up your info into chunks rather than one big ol' block of text.  It would be easier for readers to process that way.

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#9 Gilberticus


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 10:05 AM

I gotcha. I didn't put it in list form because I kind of wanted an unguide guide. But I can still have an unorthodox guide with info in chunks as you suggest. I will do that next post, thank you for the suggestion :lol: I don't have time to do some of the sweet, color coding and icons that some have, but I can put it in list format, and be a little silly with it

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#10 Gilberticus


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 12:57 PM

:: ominous, Terminator-type music starts:: Gilberticus Studios proudly presents:
The Mystic Flasher (a R.Thomas production)
I created the Mystic Flasher as a hybrid of my other builds. I had pure casters and pure melee warriors, so I made her to be mostly melee with a little bit of mob-dealing combat arts. I call her Mystic Flasher due to her Mystic Stormite emphasis as well as the fact that her main sword is Ice Flash, due to the fact that the sword combines nicely with the mods Feel Cold and Frosty Breeze.
Most of the time, I went with a 50/50 split between Vitality and Strength. On occasion, though, I sometimes sank points into Intelligence or other areas where I saw fit. This is supposed to be more of a rough sketch than a full-fledged guide that you have to follow to the letter. Where would be the fun in that? I encourage experimentation and free thinking.
Mystic Stormite Lore
Mystic Stormite Focus
Delphic Focus
Combat Discipline
As far as mastery, when, how much, and even if would totally be up to you. I chose Swords and Shields first.
Helmet of Perdition
Velaria's Garment
Sleeves of the Forgotten
Faladal's Cord
Greaves of the Heirs
Boots of Remembrance
Gauntlets of Revenge
It's totally awesome if you switch these out, this set is just what I liked.
Combat Arts:
Mystic Stormite: Crystal Skin: Glacial Mirror, Feel Cold, and Frosty Breeze
                             Glacial Thorns: Frost, Devistation, and Fusilade
                             Cascading Shroud: Faint, Inconspicuous, Steam
Delphic ArcaniaGrand Invigoration : Mystic Stormite Expertise, Life Energy, and Resilience
                             Cobalt Strike:Chain Reaction, Chain Reaction, then Explosion
                             Expulse Magic: Expansion, Pentagram, then Protection
Swords: My main sword was Ice Flash, due to the fact that it combined nicely with the Crystal Skin mods.
Shields: I had no special preference, it was just a matter of what I thought looked cool and had the most slots
Credits: Dragon Brother and Chattius for convincing me not to scrap this ( I thought it was too much like other builds to deserve her own topic after I had looked at other builds). Also, to Flix, because without his suggestion, I would have left this a jumbled mess. Also, to coffee, tea, Camel Menthol, and Ramen Noodles

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