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6 hours ago, chattius said:

At school I visited the brewery 5 times.

chattius, I must confess I don´t like the idea that you skipped school just to visit the next, nearby brewery! (;

Jokes aside, I personally prefer Karlsberg. Bitter in taste and only enjoyable if it´s icy cold. During my time in the army we gave it to the locals. It just took two bottles to make them drunk. In exchange we got a lot of homemade ham and sausages. A good deal for both sides!

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Naa, 5 different schools and each had another order when alcohol and how to make it was teached. And then the whole class visited the brewery, including testing the taste.

Once we visited and a class from a Lyzeum was on visit too. Lyzeum is a highschool just for girls. They had an old female dragon as a teacher who forced them to stay on non alcoholic drinks. Our teacher went in conversation with the dragon about different school systems, how she would teach chemistry, ...

And then he asked the person who served the drinks why the rest of HIS class wouldn't have a beer yet. The dragon was speechless but didn't protest ;)

And then our teacher gave a perfect show playing scenes from 'Die Feuerzangenbowle'. Sadly he passed away two years ago.


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Huh? An entire class full of girls visited the brewery:) They drank, sweared and watched soccer too you say? Errm, where did
you say is this brewery exactly? Just for the records of course. (;

But back to topic for a moment. Let me see your pancake recipes!

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