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New Uniques and Legendaries - Brainstorming


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Mod is complete and released! Community Items Mod v1.2 Download Thread. After releasing my Dragon Mage Sets Mod, I started thinkng about what direction I would take the mod next. At first this threa

Some time ago there was a mod update about torches. So it stands to reason there should be pitchforks somewhere too. This update would introduce new polearms, most of which are featuring trident-like

I investigated a possibility to make negative item modifiers, and some are possible, but I haven't seen a way to make negative health regeneration or "each hit draws own health" modifiers yet. Sacred

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I would love it there were cross-class Combat Art capabilities in Sacred (I loved when they introduced them in D2, and they're fun in Titan Quest as well), but no, sadly that can't be done. The closest thing would be just to swap them out. But "chance to cast on hit" just isn't doable, even for your own character class.


The thread might worth a read for you. If not, periodically I update the first post with what suggestions are new and what things are being worked on. :)

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I'll always update whatever the community sites for the cm but as far as suggestions that was my only idea. I'm not tech inclined so I play what we have but I can't help with programming. If I ever have time maybe I will try to go through the thread. But I can't help at all

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This whole discussion of LifeLeech set for a Dryad reminds me of a discussion thread for the Memories of the Trees that took place three years ago. This one: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17716-cm-patch-new-weapon-set-for-dryad/page-3 Back then it got almost to a flame, all because of a question of whether or not a lifeleech miniset would be warranted. In the end the set got other bonuses, and personally I thought it a bit of a pity, because like Thorin I never was a fan of either Detheya's or shurikens (other popular option for a life-leeching Dryad). Flix, if you missed this discussion because you came to DarkMatters after it was finished, maybe you should take a look.


And I agree that this bonus alone does not make a set overpowered, the overall game idea for balancing this modifier is to pervent you from stacking too much. It appears only on weapons (and mostly the ones that can't be dual-wielded at that) and for a completion of big sets. So I guess it's OK to use it for as long as we don't give it away at early completion stage.


As a side note - this thread about the Memories set mentioned Shadow Warrior's set Kanka's Relics. This set was implemented in CM, but was made too overpowered and later taken away from drop lists for tweaking and balancing. Anybody knows what became of it? Can it drop now? Have the stats changed? I just thought that if czevak never got to editing this set and allowing the drops, maybe it should become a part of the new items project. The set has interesting visual design, would be a pity if it would never drop normally.

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Alright, if you read my Dragon Mage sets development thread my brief discussion with Dragon Brother about my new rings/amulets sets, that was pretty much the extent of what I knew about how people felt about LL%.


Kanka's...had to double check whether it drops now or not. I'm using some of it on one of my Shadow Warrior, but I may have just nabbed it from a Darkmatters download. So it's definitely still implemented with latest CM Patch...hmm ok just checked drop.txt and it seems to be fully present on all the drop lists. So probably no need to take any action.

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Updated the first post with latest progress and suggestions. Children of Asha, Disgraced Gods, new green shield, Remnants of Glaurung, and some various other ideas here and there have been added to the lineup.

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There are some really slick sets in progress, I'm amazed. Just a quick question: is anything being worked on for the Temple Guardian? Not that I have any ideas or even requests, just curious. Most of the other characters seem to be getting at least one set of armor, is the T.G getting a little something something?

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Although the TG is my favorite character after the Dragon Mage, there's nothing planned. He seems well taken care of. I was looking into some kind of Egyptian set (he's got some armor that looks like mummy wrappings, and he's basically Anubis anyway), but that was before all this other stuff came into play.


Edit: One thing I do personally to my own installation is alter the Kendric's Archon set because they used the identical pieces as the Combat Modules set. But that's CM Patch territory so I'm not releasing changes to those items.

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Good to know. I did have one idea, but I don't think it's going to fly. I was thinking about a new mount for the Seraphim. I have a Seraphim in a full Endijian suit, and riding a tiger looks fairly strange for her. I was thinking about some type of motorcycle or hover-type of thing or a type of Mobiculum. However, I think I'll scrap the idea. I'd imagine it would take a heck of a lot of work to create a new mount, correct? On top of that, if my memory is correct, the general consensus isn't in favor of the the Endijian set to begin with. Heck, I hated it until I became such a huge fan of the movie "Dredd".

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Oh new mounts are in progress dude. Pesmontis and Dmitriy have both made some. Dmitriy's are all extreme armored versions of all 7 versions, Pesmontis is making some brand new ones (well, one so far). The idea of a new motorized mount was mentioned but not planned. The Seraphim is still riding a Tiger though.


It's unclear whether it will be in the next CM Patch, but if not, I'll try to implement and release them. It's at the bottom of my list due to the work involved and the overlap with the CM Patch.

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Yeah, it looks...exactly like a Cyborg Tiger. If you make a user name for the CM Patch Mantis bugtracker you can get the "inside peek" at a lot of the stuff that is/has been planned and worked on for the CM Patch, including the Tiger, the Dragon for the High Elf, etc. It's free to sign up.

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There was a plan to implement "Elite Mounts" for all characters with the CM patch - some creatures that would cost you a lot, but offer better bonus than regular mounts, maybe a special quest to get them too. But this idea is several years old and obviously got stuck in development. I guess it would be implemented sooner or later in one way or another, but judging by slowing down of CM development we would have to wait for quite some time to see the results in game.


Speaking of mounts, there was an old suggestion about improving the special I&B horses in some way (discussed in this ancient Mantis thread). The basic idea was to make the Flame horse and Unicorns differ from regular Charger in more than appearance to make a walk to the special trader in Blood Forest worth-while. From what I understand, czevak got swamped with other issues to solve and forgot about this little feature. Maybe you can take a look at these creatures? I don't know if it is possible to make them behave like aspectless special mounts (probably not), but assigning a different set of bonuses (maybe a better one than usually found on an average horse) seems not to be a hard task.

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Elite Mounts is what I was talking about. Their fate is uncertain right now, but work is continuing on them.


I may but not now. I can't try to put too many things on my plate at once.

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Updated the first post. Added a link to the Unused and NPC Items thread. As they get named and created I'll add them to the first post of this thread.


Also changed some images and made them smaller, in anticipation of adding many more in the future.

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Any chance of getting a guide on how to add new uniques/legendaries and how to name them? Also how do you add sets to the game? I know most of it is done in the blueprint.txt but how do you set the names of sets/uniques/legendaries?

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It's been quiet for a few days but I'm making an update to say that work is going strong. I'm in the process of implementing about 60(!) new unique weapons, shields and jewelry, not including some new item types added as random drops. So far all the basic work is done. Models, textures, icons and itemtypes are in place. I've got about half completed with names and and bonuses. Everything still needs to be added to drop lists and then tested of course.


Pesmontis is being a big help as usual. He corrected the Thunder of the Sereish sword model so we get another S1 item imported to Sacred 2! He also made a really big badass staff model that I will post after I perfect the textures.


I may post some items soon that need names or bonuses if I'm drawing a blank. When I post them, bonuses can be up for discussion too, since sometimes I get stuck on my "favorites" and don't always see all possible combinations and uses of bonuses on an item.


I'm also setting a release date: Sunday March 23 will be the first official release of the Community Items mod. Anything not done by that date will go into the next versions, but there should be a huge amount of content regardless.

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OK here's some things you can help me name. I want to make them uniques, yet feel at a loss for a good name or interesting concept.



RwURte7t.jpg k3BoVpOt.jpg ifS3u6et.jpg



Also, if anyone has a cool name for a new lightsaber please post them. Pesmontis is also making progress with a double-light saber wielded with two hands - any names for that would be welcome as well. Bonuses too.



I also have some dual wield sets only semi-complete. There's an axe one, a mace one, and one for fist weapons that all need some ideas for names, both for the weapons and some jewelry (I've got no pics yet but they're not wildly different looking from anything in-game, so even general ideas are fine).

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60+ new items!!! And that was something that you called "a small mod"... I'm already eagerly anticipating the release because even the items that were showcased before make your mod very interesting to try out, and there are many new goodies we haven't yet seen. You know, with such big update some players can be moved to go back to playing Sacred 2 to collect all the new stuff. It's also good that you set the release date for the first version, because you and/or the other members can always come up with new ideas, and if you wait to incorporate them all you might end up never releasing the mod at all.


Meanwhile I started playing my Jedi character again and quickly got tired of the fact that there is no real chance to get a weapon upgrade from drops. There is only one Unique lightsaber that seldom drops, it requires Sword Weapons Skill and lacks some modifiers on lower difficulties (I need to update the wiki page with its more complete stats). Here are some things I made for myself, so that I had some interest in weapon drops. If you don't have other plans for lightsabers and happen to find the following items interesting, I would really love to see them added to your mod. It's a good idea to have all item additions in one place and maybe others would find these weapons to their liking too.


The goal was to expand the lightsaber pool so that Willpower-oriented characters had something to look forward to. Also, as both Power of NIF and Bringer of Light have additional damage types scripted as Magic+Fire, I wanted to add some variety to damage types as well.


The Dark Side (only red in colour, additional damage set to fire and ice)
To match the name, this one is attack oriented and favours more aggressive playstyle. You can compare it to vanilla one-handers Vlandhar's Revenge and Barenet's Judgement. This lightsaber was given worse sockets than Vlandhar's in favor of having a yellow modifier.



Disturbance in the Force (comes in blue and green, additional damage set to magic and poison)
This lightsaber has defensive/supportive modifiers to be used by a dual-wielder and/or party tank character. As dual-wielders do not use shields I always felt that it might be useful to give them some other way to boost defense if such boost is needed. Better sockets were given to compensate the lack of actual fighting bonuses. Stamina bonus is on par with willpower bonus from NIF and less than stamina bonus on a legendary Magisil. RPH is on an average level found on unique weapons.





Windu's Mace (only purple in colour, additional damage set to magic and ice)
As the other two add to offense and defense, this one boosts CA usage. I wanted to have a normal fighting weapon that adds to CA range, so here it is. CA range is set lower than on Nlovae's Mystery and various set completion bonuses, but higher than on a Blade of Mages (because, honestly, Blade of Mages gives too low a value to have noticeable effect). Chance for secondary effect is of a great value for lightsaber builds, so I added it here, but values are not high in comparison to other items (though not so low as to be useless). Lower quality sockets were given to offset the useful modifiers.



If anybody is interested, I'll share the blueprints, though of course new blueprint numbers and nametags would have to be assigned.

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Sorry for the double post, but you posted a request for double lightsaber ideas when I was typing another lightsaber suggestion. There are some modifiers that I had in mind for lightsabers but did not get to use, as well as other ideas that would look better on two-handers. So I'll give it a try and you decide if you like the result:


Maul's Swordstaff (obviously a red double lightsaber, damage modified to add fire and poison)

Chance for Double Hit +X%

Opponent Level for Death Blow X%

Chance to Hit Additional Opponents +X%

2 gold sockets


This setup should not be too mighty because there is a one-hander with double hit, 2 gold sockets and other yellow and blue modifiers (Barenet's Judgement). As a double lightsaber (by the way, they actually were called swordstaves in some Star Wars games) leaves no room for a second weapon and/or shield, I think it is warranted to give it a higher chance to double hit (like Ancrid's Blade or Michel's Forging Hammer, but not higher than that because it would be pushing into legendary category). Double Hit and chance to hit additional opponents can be interesting to try together, because they can result in dispatching several opponents in one hit even without CAs.


Jedi Mind Trick

Survival Bonus +X%

Chance to Slow Opponents by 25% +X%

Chance to Evade +X%

Attack Speed +X%

2 gold sockets


You control the mind of your opponents to make them sluggish and clumsy and prevent them from noticing how you hit them. Fast.

But seriously, attack speed works in good synergy with chances to slow and/or stun, but these modifiers usually do not come together on one item. And there is no two-hander that increases Survival Bonus, so why not make one.

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Yeah, shoot me a PM with the blueprints, or post 'em, whichever you like. I'd be thrilled to add them. Lightsabers are in the category of "I want to add more but have no ideas whatsoever." This is a perfect response to recieve. I'll have to change the ID numbers no doubt though.


I'm curious to see if you add the additional damage through bonuses or with the "allotment pmpfi" line in the blueprint. I've been doing the former, but it seems like I could take advantage of the latter, except I think doing it that way is dependant on what types of damage come on the material.

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