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Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

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Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition by Flix

prQYX7Tt.jpg VvlKFZet.jpg o3rV7Q9t.jpg iFsTtP7t.jpg BDV2EFSt.jpg ciIrAYKt.jpg k1bmReBt.jpg

This evolved from my personal mod for playing Sacred 2. I decided there were enough improvements and interesting changes to share it with adventurous players. The mod is a combination of fixes, redesigned balance, and cosmetic changes. Some Combat Arts were also replaced with brand new ones.

S2EE is designed for the player to install one of two core modules: one with the original spells lineup, and another with the Enhanced Spells lineup. The player can then install some optional add-on modules:

  • Optional "Challenge Mode" patch. Install on top of the mod to play with significantly increased difficulty.
  • Optional "SuperSpawn" patch.  Install on top of the mod to play with significantly increased enemy spawn count.
  • Optional "Classic Icons" for the Enhanced Spells module.  Install to restore the aspect background and CA icons to the "classic" style.

Download the Mod: Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition.

Currently supported languages (Enhanced Spells version): English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

Original Spells version: All Languages.


This mod is built from and requires the Community Patch 1.60

General Changes and Fixes  (this only scratches the surface; complete changelog is packaged with the mod)

  • All weapon-based combat arts, hybrid combat arts, and almost all offensive spells now hurl enemies when they die. This is part of an effort to restore the older, more interesting death animation for most enemies that involves the corpses flying back rather than just dropping dead. This is more dynamic, exciting, and similar to other action RPG's. It should feel like hard hits make a major impact, rather than having the enemies simply falling down limp on the spot. Normal weapon hits will still make enemies drop dead.
  • All tooltips were revised and updated with uniform terms and more accurate descriptions of what the combat arts and modifications do. There were a fair amount of vague, confusing, or just plain wrong terms used in the old tooltips. For just one example, there should be no more cases of "Regeneration Time" and "Cooldown" being used interchangeably. Also notably all Energy Shields now use the same terminology for the same properties, and the terms match up better with the item modifiers that affect them.
  • Improved equipment variation for enemies and NPC's.  Reworked several quest enemies and bosses to be more unique and challenging.
  • Elite enemies (and some bosses) have greater damage, hitpoints, and chance to hit, and also grant more XP per kill.
  • Rebalanced the game to be overall more challenging.
  • Merchant stock is larger and can have slightly higher quality offers. Merchants will now sell Concentration Potions and Recovery Elixirs.  Blacksmiths will now sell shields.
  • Selection of normal/magic/rare items is more varied, and item appearance, quality, rarity are better matched. Added numerous new lore-friendly weapon and shield models to the game for increased equipment variation.  Some unused Ascaron designs are activated as well.
  • Rebalanced unique and legendary items.  2-handed weapons can now compete with a 1h+shield or dual wield setup.
  • Weapon icon size is standardized for all weapon types.
  • Legendary jewelry now spawns with an additional bonus at level 75+, typically unlocked by skill mastery.
  • High level rare items now have a good chance for an extra bonus or socket.
  • Unique items are now unique in appearance. They will not share models with one other. This will only affect items dropped after installing the mod.
  • Miniset designs are reworked to be more visually coherent. Set pieces match one other better now. Only affects pieces dropped after installing the mod.
  • Rare-tier damage converters may now have a Chance for Secondary Effect +% based on damage type. The player can now find unique damage converters which give additional Damage +% based on damage type.


Enhanced Spells General Changes

  • Most temporary buffs last much longer, but have longer cooldowns as well. There are fewer modifications that increase temporary buff duration and reduce cooldowns, but in most cases it will still be possible for the duration to catch up to the cooldown at high levels.
  • Every class now has at least one summoning combat art, and most have two or three. Some are temporary and others are buffs.
  • All Combat Arts, old and new, got updated icons and aspect backgrounds. The original icons are ok with their bright colors and simple, bold lines, but I found them too cartoon-like and often kind of "cute." Furthermore a lot of them got reused from character to character. These new Combat Arts are designed to be less monochrome and "icon-like" and more realistic, textured, and unique.
  • For the most part, weaker Combat Arts received boosts where appropriate. There is not much nerfing going on in the mod. However this is not intended as a cheat mod where you one-shot everything. Balance is still important.

Seraphim Combat Arts

Exalted Warrior

120NVCv.pngSoul Hammer - Silver Mod Disarm now gives 100% chance to disarm. In fact you will see all further instances of disarm modifcations now give 100% chance. This is because it only works on enemies with weapons, and furthermore (unlike Sacred 1) it doesn't actually knock the weapon onto the ground for the player to pick up. Therefore it could use a boost to be really useful.
opWdU3u.pngPelting Strikes - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
1AwXaSF.pngAssailing Somersault - Increased the jump distance from 7.5 to 10 meters.
Xc2fNDh.pngDashing Alacrity - Initial duration increased from 20s to 90s, but duration increase per CA level halved. Cooldown increased from 60s to 120s. Chance to block root increased from 20% to 40%. Delay Silver mod replaced with Vigor, a hitpoint regeneration mod. Reprisal and Ardor mods swapped places. Impatience gold mod now reduces the cooldown to 96s.
PSokVd0.pngcSjRQH7.pngBattle Stance (Buff) - No changes

Celestial Magic

jbgFgG8.pngArchangel's Wrath - has been moved to Celestial Magic aspect (replaces Instill Belief). No changes otherwise (except hurling slain enemies). It was moved here because it seemed better suited to Celestial Magic, and I needed room in the Revered Tech aspect for a more appropriate CA.
cg6VJS5.pngBaneful Smite - Bronze mod Disarm now gives 100% chance to disarm
OYZV97g.pngRadiant Pillar - No changes
BgPmcok.pngffClSJ1.pngSublime Guardian (Buff) - New combat art (Replaces Hallowed Restoration). Summons an angelic ally, a Seraphim who fights with sword and shield. "Five Buffs? This is madness!" True, it does bring the buff count up to 5, but the Seraphim's buffs are pretty specialized compared to those of the other characters. Battle Stance has not much use to a pure caster Seraphim. Cleansing Brilliance is not much use unless fighting Undead or T-Mutants. If you're not dedicated to the BeeEffGee then you're probably not using it much at all. Sublime Guardian is a more all-purpose buff. She uses Assailing Somersault, and can be upgraded to use either Archangel's Wrath or Instill Belief. Other modifications allow upgrading her armor, speed, damage, attack and defense.

zo9kdebt.jpg p2JFxJht.jpg

eMdoog5.pngaqOm8fP.pngCleansing Brilliance (Buff) - Boosted the hitpoint regeneration from 10 to 20 hp/s

Revered Technology

B9wT2lX.pngSonic Vortex - New combat art (Replaces Archangel's Wrath). Emits a piercing sound shockwave in front of the Seraphim that damages opponents, shatters their armor and lowers their defense. This new CA is an adaptation of Kraal's Sonic Scream for the player. It carries a powerful property that inverts enemy physical armor, that was previously only available to the player with the Dragon Mage's Mind Strike. Can be modified for knockback, fear, damage over time, increased range, deathblow, and removing enemy buffs.

qeTOqrrt.jpg 08yleXit.jpg

SQt6odH.pngFlaring Nova - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
dnC48xZ.pngDivine Protection - Initial duration increased from 15s to 90s, but duration increase per CA level halved. Cooldown increased from 60s to 120s. Bronze mod Capacity changed to Steadfast, a mod that increases the Seraphim's base Willpower attribute. Silver mod Boost now reduces the cooldown to 96s. Gold mod Improved Mirror changed from "block spells" to "reflect spells" to match the tooltip description.
c1gfezq.pngj84MIZw.pngWarding Energy (Buff) - No changes
M5bovKO.png8mfulaw.pngBeeEffGee (Buff) - No changes

Video of Sublime Guardian and Sonic Vortex


Inquisitor Combat Arts

Gruesome Inquisition

u9eJm6x.pngCallous Execution - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
881sMGk.pngRuthless Mutilation - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
Q5k42rH.pngMortifying Pillory - Much higher chance that more enemies attack the branded outlaw. Silver mod Expulsion changed to Punishment, a mod that debuffs the target's Combat Art regeneration
7jzLR46.pngFrenetic Fervor - Initial duration increased from 15s to 45s, but duration increase per CA level halved. Gold mod Relentless changed to Conviction, a mod that increases the Inquisitor's Willpower attribute.
ccKk2CY.pngC8vD6Mu.pngPurifying Chastisement (Buff) - increased the wounded threshold to 35% of hitpoints, and made silver mod Merciless raise the threshold to 50% of hitpoints.

Astute Supremacy

xj4gy2X.pngLevin Array - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
YKxCWwW.pngEruptive Desecration - has been moved to Astute Supremacy aspect (Replaces Raving Thrust). Base range increased from 5 to 7 meters. Silver mod Danger Zone's range increase is now boosted to match that of the Apocalypse gold mod.
wNds7EK.pngClustering Maelstrom - No changes
ct9LuGP.pngZealous Doppelganger - Duration increased from 30s to 90s. Gold mod Determination changed so that it adds to the Doppelganger's resistances instead of increasing duration.
Can Be Upgraded To:

JOfj6SM.pnghJhNOrX.pngZealous Doppelganger (Buff)

COuJZSs.pngnLgrcL7.pngReverse Polarity (Buff) - No changes

Nefarious Netherworld

FEZssgP.pngDislodged Spirit - Duration increased from 6s to 8s. Bronze mod Spite changed so that it Disarms the target (100% chance) rather than increasing duration.
SnX33Yx.pngInexorable Subjugation - Minion lifetime increased from 30s to 50s. Hits per second increased from 1 to 1.25/s. Gold mod Probation increases minion lifetime by 15 seconds (formerly 10s). Now has "Minion Lifetime" text in the tooltip.
mkjveSA.pngHarbinger of Death (Buff) - New combat art (replaces Eruptive Desecration). Summons a powerful enslaved daemon warrior to assist with melee attacks and the spell Raving Thrust. Modifications allow upgrading her armor, damage, speed, attack and defense.


YSovydo.pngParalyzing Dread - Initial duration increased from 20s to 45s, but duration increase per CA level halved.
o1vRXYE.pngaX8VJJ3.pngSoul Reaver (Buff) - No changes

High Elf Combat Arts

Arrant Pyromancer

99JwM8t.pngAncestral Fireball - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)

QyXvkS8.pngBlazing Tempest - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
rgTT7cp.pngIncendiary Shower - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
KGrPuxR.pngmljkIuM.pngFire Daemon (Buff) - Demon now starts at level 2 and gains 1 full level with each level increase. His health regeneration is doubled and now scales with CA level. His Fireball is now more powerful and he now casts more spells (Eternal Fire, Eruption). I found the little fire monkey to be too weak to kill anything and also easily killed in the vanilla game. He should be properly powered up now.

PsOKI2Lt.jpg EwcknoVt.jpg

enyoyQm.pngJzlzlA7.pngIncandescent Skin (Buff) - No changes

Mystic Stormite

joL5S67.pngFrost Flare - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
cdk56Jz.pngGlacial Thorns - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
bBtWTyR.pngRaging Nimbus - Duration now slightly increases per CA level.
a1k9TPq.pngCascading Shroud - Duration increased from 20s to 45s, but duration increase per CA level is halved. There is evidence in the game files that at one point Cascading Shroud was designed to be upgradeable to a permanent buff, however I opted to keep it temporary and rework the duration instead.
SEMdmRK.pngdPasDQt.pngCrystal Skin (Buff) - No changes

Delphic Arcania

M0tfT2e.pngCobalt Strike - Chain Reaction mods now give a 90% for a chain strike (formerly 80%). Explosion gold mod now gives a 60% chance for causing area damage (formerly 50%)
FAtWAcn.pngMagic Coup - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
tuZJmJM.pngThaumaturgic Nova - New combat art (replaces Shadow Step). The High Elf conjures a shockwave blast of magical energy that radiates outward in an intense nova. The burst slows enemy movement and causes lingering damage. This spell plays something like a cross between Flaring Nova and Energy Blaze. Can be modified to increase the magic damage, increase magic DOT, debuff enemy attack speed, enemy attack rating, increased range, and chance to stun.

eAtaaSzt.jpg CAHc2WGt.jpg Zm9bU7Yt.jpg

rrEh9qf.pngExpulse Magic - Initial range reduced, but range now scales with CA level.
uNnzxhJ.pngeJlveo0.pngMage's Familiar (Buff) - New combat art (replaces Grand Invigoration). The High Elf conjures an ethereal Familiar which strips enemies of their magical power, and in turn causes her own hitpoints and spells to regenerate at an increased rate. Combines the properties of Grand Invigoration with my idea for the "lost" High Elf combat art Familiar, presented here as a summoned spell wisp that buffs the High Elf and assists with some offensive lightning spells. Modifications remain the same as vanilla.


Shadow Warrior Combat Arts

Death Warrior

OjnS5yX.pngDemonic Blow - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
IKNnpBu.pngScything Sweep - since all weapon CAs hurl enemies now, gold mod Hurl is changed to Inflamed, a mod that adds fire damage to Scything Sweep.
TPsl9NE.pngRousing Command - duration increased from 20s to 45s. Cooldown increased from 60s to 75s. Bronze mod Persistence changed to Readiness, which adds to the Shadow Warrior's base defense value.
BL3jpjj.pngUyFiF5V.pngLabyrinthine Warlord (Buff) - New combat art (replaces Ruinous Onslaught). Summons an ally in the form of a raging minotaur lord to aid the Shadow Warrior in combat. Attacks with melee weapon attacks and uses a "Stomp" special move that causes stun. Can be modified to increase the minotaur's damage, armor, attack speed, and attack and defense.

J9eg3s8t.jpg JLmMbQUt.jpg

mAuXwyW.pngc1MEBoU.pngGrim Resilience (Buff) - Silver mod Readiness replaced with Guard, a mod that adds resistance to all secondary damage effects.

Malevolent Champion

irckwDk.pngFrenzied Rampage - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
XFbd2Mw.pngBelligerent Vault - Jump distance increased from 7.5 to 20 meters. Gold mod Unbound has its chance to break roots increased from 50% to 75%. Spell control type is changed to "eCAtype_m_move_go" to allow for more freedom in choosing target areas.
xqH7K0G.pngAugmenting Guidon - Range now slowly scales with CA level. Silver mod Tutor replaced with Aegis, a mod that reduces detrimental magic effects.
00HxGw3.pngKilling Spree - Duration increased from 20s to 45s. Cooldown increased from 60s to 75s. Silver mod Perseverance changed to Shockwave, a mod that increases the range of the discharge.
fheu8XJ.pnggN6B3TK.pngReflective Emanation (Buff) - No changes

Astral Lord

x6GEr7T.pngSpectral Hand - No changes (except hurling slain enemies)
gTScbhp.pngSkeletal Fortification - No changes.
fgUeckY.pngRallied Souls - Summoning range now increases per CA level. Values for both Silver mods have been boosted.
K0iDYxW.pngShivering Miasma - New combat art (replaces Shadow Veil). The Shadow Warrior emanates a chilling aura of death. This cold from beyond the grave causes ice damage and slows opponents' attack and movement speed. (45s duration, cooldown 75s). Can be modified to increase the ice Area of Effect damage, lower enemy armor values, reflect root effects, debuff enemy defense, or fire immunity. This is a reactivated unused CA from the game scripts.
Can also be upgraded to become a permanent buff:

0nNKKva.pngDeathchill Aura (Buff)

t3NnDEXt.jpg PjDn0get.jpg

8yLsyMR.png5rvbvY9.pngNether Allegiance (Buff) - Starts with 3 skeletons as a base.

Dryad Combat Arts

Capricious Hunter

PFWK2js.pngRavaged Impact - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
QyMRDTA.pngDarting Assault - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
loIwRoz.png Venomous Entrapment - New Combat Art (replaces Forest Flight). The Dryad sets a poisonous trap for her enemies that damages any who pass over it. It seeks enemies and will slowly chase after them if they move. The trap inflicts physical and poison spell damage as well as poison DOT. Can be modified to increase the poison damage, chance for poisoning, chance to stun, debuff enemy defense, chance for critical hits, and deathblow. This adds to the small list of spell-based combat arts that are boosted by Tactics Lore.

es7yd65t.jpg wKjRzQMt.jpg t5HF8jct.jpg

V7amuyf.pngDust Devil - Duration increased from 15s to 18s. Range now slowly scales with CA level. Silver mod Elongate replaced with Obscure, a mod that adds a chance to block missiles.
XZpldif.png0b0NhNJ.pngSinister Predator (Buff) - The innate attack rating boost now applies to all weapons instead of just ranged weapons. Bronze mod Rapid Fire now increases the attack speed for all weapons, not just ranged weapons. I wanted to rework this CA somewhat to allow a boost for a Dryad using melee weapons.

Cabalistic Voodoo

BKEO9LL.pngTwisted Curse - New combat art (replaces Twisted Torment). Causes spell damage (equal parts magic/poison), slows movement speed, and lowers attributes of the target for a brief period. Enhanced effect against opponents who correspond to an equipped shrunken head. Increases the chance for victims to drop shrunken heads when they die of Twisted Curse. Basically I designed this spell to combine the best properties of Twisted Torment and Black Curse. Neither CA was very impressive on its own, Twisted Torment with its headhunting ability but pitiful killing power, Black Curse with its good debuffs but no damage. The spell fx remain the same as Twisted Torment. Modifications are now: Lower enemy movement speed/lower enemy physical armor, add more magic damage/increase duration, and increase poison damage/shutdown enemy buffs.
N2hIDGB.pngViperish Disease - Inflicts more base damage. Duration and cooldown are both decreased. Initial range decreased but now scales with CA level. Increased chance to infect more opponents.
oRn516S.pngMalicious Totem - Cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s.
xVIAAab.pngXloNnoO.pngPriestess of Doom (Buff) - New Combat Art (replaces Black Curse). Summons an ally in the form of a Blood Dryad shaman who assists with spells and staff attacks. She casts a totem pole, a root spell, and a lightning spell that causes life leech. She also attacks with her staff when her Combat Arts are on cooldown. She can be modified for enhanced armor, increased health regen, higher weapon damage, increased chance to find shrunken heads, higher summon level, and to boost the player's casting speed.

xm2nIMFt.jpg qXcMLdrt.jpg

6ezEeuo.pngNHSbhDs.pngMoribund Animus (Buff) - Increased hireling's physical damage from bronze mod Malice.

Nature Weaver

8bO6M6v.pngEdaphic Lances - Base density of thorns is increased (from 0 to 100)
i2bHCL6.pngTangled Vine - Increased the range boost from the Encroach mod (from 2 to 3 meters)
CVTKAXs.pngGoldenglade Touch - Redesigned it to be long term with light healing as opposed to very brief with massive healing. Duration increased from 8 to 45s. Cooldown increased from 10s to 60s. Hitpoint regeneration decreased from 30 hp/s to 6 hp/s. Bronze mod Flow hp regeneration decreased from 22 hp/s to 6 hp/s. Gold mod Diligence now adds 10 seconds to duration rather than 4.
daDclU2.pngAcute Mind - Duration increased from 15 to 45 seconds, but duration no longer increases with CA level. Bronze mod Proficiency and Gold mod Easiness are swapped places. Proficiency is changed so it increases duration of Acute Mind by 10 seconds.
2WhCRXx.png1ESgupE.pngAncient Bark (Buff) - Hitpoint regeneration slightly boosted from 3.0/s to 5.0/s.

Temple Guardian Combat Arts

Devout Guardian

HEr8i9U.pngDedicated Blow - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
6WqEAmf.pngBattle Extension - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
YO7wavD.pngDeathly Spears - Can now strike multiple times by default. Number of jabs scales more quickly with CA level. Gold mod Jab changed to Impale, which adds a chance for deep wounds.
Tq4iO5m.pngCombat Alert - Duration increased from 15 to 70 seconds, but duration increase per CA level is halved. Cooldown increased from 30 to 100 seconds.

NxZNFRw.pngE6laYsd.pngBattle Aura (Buff) - When converted to Permanent Buff (Battle Aura), values are no longer halved, but are at approximately 2/3 the original values instead.

KIR8z4I.pngbPGYvnZ.pngT-Energy Shroud (Buff) - No changes

Lost Fusion

hv8UtAZ.png Ampifying Discharge - Now has a mix of physical/ice as an innate damage types. Bullets now home in on enemies, so they can't miss. Now has an 80% chance to bounce to 2 other enemies (formerly 70% chance to bounce to 1 additional enemy). Ricochet mods now each give a 60% chance to hit one additional opponent (formerly 20% chance). Damage from Ice Bullet mods slightly decreased.
cjQLnFP.pngFurious Emblazer- Increased base fire damage and hits per second. Increased chance to burn from Immolation bronze mod (from 25% to 35%).
AQlu5N9.pngJolting Touch- Hits per second now scales with CA level.
JX93a2n.pngArchimedes Beam - Hits per second now scales with CA level. Changed damage types from magic/physical to magic/fire and increased base damage. Now has a 75% chance to pierce, 75% chance for knockback, and will hurl slain enemies. Fight distance is tripled, allowing use from greater distances.

7CcGpjJt.jpg 8m4lGSat.jpg 6H8rJH6t.jpg

FK8q4Eg.pngkQ5aoqE.pngSentinel Construct - New Combat Art (replaces Propelled Levitation). A buff that creates an allied Temple Guardian for combat support. He attacks with melee attacks and also uses Primal Mutation and Dedicated Blow. Can be modified to increase the construct's damage, armor, attack speed, and attack and defense, and lowered regeneration times for the Temple Guardian.

whbltPpt.jpg y3KNWiMt.jpg

Source Warden

nCc07uN.pngPrimal Mutation - Has been reworked and given a somewhat different description to emphasize the toxic, radioactive aspect of mutation. Damage types changed from magic/physical to magic/poison. Modifications are now: Chance for Critical Hits/Chance for Poisoning, Chance to hit additional opponents/Lower enemy attributes, and Additional poison DOT/Lower enemy attributes.
Eg005u7.pngPositronic Overload - New Combat Art (replaces Fiery Ember). The Temple Guardian overloads his system with T-Energy and discharges the excess power in a concentrated laser blast that damages and stuns enemies in the target zone (fire/magic damage mix). This spell is a an adaptation of Kraal's laser attack for the Temple Guardian. Can be modified for: Additional Magic DOT/Additional Fire DOT, Chance for Critical Hits/Chance for Knockback, and Chance to Weaken/Chance for Burning.

kzG2DrQt.jpg azRopiOt.jpg qUinIJ0t.jpg

TPyMiWS.pngIcy Ember - New combat art (replaces Icy Evanescence). Causes fire and ice damage to opponents within a certain radius, while providing the Temple Guardian and allied players with increased resistance to these elements. Basically it is a combination of Icy Evanescence and Fiery Ember. However, it no longer debuffs enemy resistance to these elements without modifications. Modifications are: Increase fire damage/Debuff enemy movement speed, Increase ice damage/Debuff enemy attack speed, and Lower enemy ice resistance/Lower enemy fire resistance. The spell graphics are the ice crystals of Icy Evanescence, but when combined with the fire damage's chance to burn, there will be a lot of flaming enemies, so there is a nice mix of fire/ice visuals going on.

9H6VTRet.jpg f442BxRt.jpg

7vCgg2i.pngCharged Grid - Cooldown decreased from 30s to 20s.
C9dBpwN.pngLyMOdSV.pngUntouchable Force - Chance to stun increased from 10% to 15%. Magic damage from Field Damage mods increased slightly.

Dragon Mage Combat Arts

Dragon Magic

8yVTEDE.pngDragon Berserk - The Dragon Berserk now has scaling multi-channel damage mitigation, extra base fire and physical armor, and scaling bonuses to attack, defense, armor, and health.

At the beginning, his raw power is a bit higher than vanilla Ice & Blood, but lower than with the CM Patch 1.40. The main thing keeping him from being OP in early levels is a shorter duration, and a nerfed extension of duration from hits. However, the power scales much better now, so he will be viable all the way to endgame.

I removed the two Frenzy modifications (that makes hits add to duration of the form) and replaced them with modifications that add to armor % and damage %. The Concentration mod no longer increases duration but adds a chance opponents cannot evade attacks.

The bonus of Life Leech % from the Steal Life mod (added by CM Patch) is changed back to flat Life Leeched per Hit, and scales better with CA level.

V3cgmnW.png Lacerate - LL % was moved to the Lacerate CA. Lacerate now has a scaling chance for deep wounds, double hit, stun, and splash damage. The damage, attack, and bleeding chance are lower initially but scale much better now.

FFQyRRI.png Frenzy has become Blood Frenzy, now has a higher wounded threshold. I cut the cooldown in half and lowered the duration by 4 seconds. The attack speed bonus is higher, and the spell now grants a chance to disregard armor and a chance to reflect close combat..

0NqxxLL.pngEternal Fire - No changes  

3gOgxSa.pngDragon Strike - Range now slowly scales with CA level. Fire damage now scales slightly better with CA level.
mwyrBRH.pngDragon's Wrath - New Combat Art (replaces Dragon Form). Temporary buff (90s, cooldown 120s). The Dragon Mage channels draconic power to enhance his weapon damage (adding fire and magic damage) and attack value %. Also raises the attack speed limit and adds a chance for weapon hits to strike multiple opponents. This is a temporary buff designed to help Dragon Mages who want to attack with weapons. Can be modded for additional ice damage/chance to disregard armor, chance for critical hits/life leech, and chance to hit additional opponents/chance opponents cannot evade.

iXY0tEEm.jpg L2Nh2KWt.jpg

xAy6xhD.pngZvnRb8S.pngDraconic Ally - New combat art (replaces Familiar). Buffs the Dragon Mage in the same way as Familiar, but also summons an allied dragon who is a fighter in its own right (unlike the Familiar, which just hung out). The Dragon casts a Fireball and Blazing Tempest. Can be modded for boosting the Dragon's armor/increased hitpoint regen for the Dragon Mage, fire mitigation/increase attack & cast speed, and increase max hitpoints/regeneration time -% (the silver and gold mods all affect the Dragon Mage, not the summon).

GMqs0sRt.jpg 6EYPzT9t.jpg BOOGLSkt.jpg

Elemental Magic

GBWekcs.pngElemental Strike - New Combat Art (replaces Magic Wall). The Dragon Mage channels the raw powers of fire and ice through his weapon and hurls an elemental bolt at enemies (hybrid combat art). In essence this is a modified version of Archangel's Wrath for the Dragon Mage. For a while I had this CA execute as a melee hit, like Magic Coup. But after experimenting, it seemed like a magical projectile was more suitable for the Dragon Mage. Modifications are: add chance to hit additional opponents/increased damage, add life leech/make projectiles seek their targets, and chance for burning/chance for freezing.

GWM0Xurt.jpg vzzRZoJt.jpg wAQGIqdt.jpg

v8t5w5r.pngGust of Wind - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
h2MUv8P.pngTornado - Range now slowly scales with CA level. Now does more damage, a mix of physical and ice damage by default (formerly only physical damage). Disarm gold mod now has 100% chance to disarm enemies (was formerly 20%, then changed to debuff enemy attack in CM Patch).
vaToD2t.pngDestroyer - Destroyers are now 25% larger. They now do more damage, a mix of physical and fire damage (formerly only physical damage) and have a 50% chance to knock back enemies. Gold mod Explosive is now Volatile, which increases the Destroyers' fire damage.


uZPyGIa.pngxr79yIg.pngProtector - Now summons 2 Protectors by default. Values from all Bronze and Silver mods are increased (summon level, health regeneration, attack and defense, armor). The "Familiar" modification that summoned an extra Protector is changed to one that lowers the regen penalty from the buff. Protectors in vanilla had AI that did not allow them to cast their combat arts - that is now changed. Protectors now cast a temporary self-buff, a root spell, and a dirt spray attack.

DW5HxGrt.jpg EIHb4ALt.jpg 45Hgf1at.jpg


uWRUGK9.pngMind Strike - No changes (except for hurling slain enemies)
rM58tnX.pngEnergy Blaze - Range now slowly scales with CA level
e66NMnO.pngMaelstrom - Range now slowly scales with CA level
nZE5Sk7.pngCombat Trance - Initial duration increased from 15 to 90 seconds, but duration increase per CA level halved. Cooldown increased from 60 to 120 seconds. Silver mod Experienced now reduces the cooldown to 96 seconds.
cKwFzY1.pngQalhA6F.pngRunes of Protection - Chance to stun enemies increased from 10% to 15%.

Horse Combat Arts
The idea here is to make riding horses more appealing, and hopefully encourage more people to consider the Riding skill.

  • Leap now has a scaling 50% chance to break roots, and will slow movement speed of enemies at the starting location.
  • Charge now buffs the rider with defense, damage mitigation, and light healing during the charge. The charge damage also scales better and can hurl enemies away.
  • Rear Up now has better damage scaling and can hurl enemies away. It also now has a scaling 40% chance for bleeding damage.

The icons are unchanged from vanilla.

Divine Gifts
The idea here is to make the god spells more appealing, and hopefully encourage more people to consider Divine Devotion because it will transform these spells from great to fantastic.
5zzCKil.png Dazzle - damage boosted, duration increased, cooldown lowered from 900 to 750s
uUL0gEm.png Sakkara - duration boosted from 20 to 90s, cooldown lowered from 1800 to 750s
3uUt9DF.png Will-o-wisp - duration boosted from 10 to 11s, damage boosted, cooldown lowered from 1200 to 750s
VFPn6Yo.png Infusion - duration doubled from 10 to 20s, cooldown lowered from 900 to 750s
AbWS9rd.pngKuan's Breath - raised max level of enemy affected (to avoid the spell no longer working when survival bonus raises enemy levels too high), decreased cooldown from 1200 to 750s
h4MTgGf.pngInspiration - increased duration from 15 to 25s, lowered cooldown from 900 to 750s

Unfortunately there's not much I can do with Combos, such as making them function more like Sacred 1, so I just upgraded the icons.


Skills and Attributes

Improved tooltip description text for all skills and attributes.

  • Attributes' effect on weapon damage is increased.
  • Dragon Mage can now learn the following skills: Dual Wield, Hafted Weapons, Ranged Weapons. Spell Resistance is now secondary skill.
  • Dryad can now learn the following skills: Hafted Weapons, Toughness.
  • High Elf can now learn the following skills: Hafted Weapons, Combat Reflexes, Toughness. Constitution is now primary skill.
  • Inquisitor can now use shields and learn the following skill: Shield Lore.
  • Shadow Warrior can now learn the following skill: Magic Staves.
  • Seraphim can now learn the following skill: Hafted Weapons.
  • Temple Guardian can now learn the following skill: Magic Staves. Concentration is now primary skill.
  • Damage Lore is now a primary skill choice for all characters, so that a pure spellcaster doesn't have to take a weapon skill to access it.
  • Pacifism skill removed from game.
  • Alchemy skill now unlocks temporary DOT mitigation on Recovery Elixirs.
  • Trophy powers now scale better with the Alchemy skill.
  • Improved the efficacy of the Enhanced Perception skill.
  • Decreased the efficacy of the Toughness skill.  Armor and Damage Mitigation granted by Toughness are now at 85% of the former values.
  • Increased the efficacy of the Speed Lore skill.  Attack, Defense, and Run Speed granted by Speed Lore are now at 140% of the former values.
  • Increased the efficacy of Blacksmith Mastery's chance to extract items without destroying the other socketed items (now caps around 97% at highest skill level). In return, Blacksmithing costs are not reduced as much by the skill.
  • Blacksmith Mastery now unlocks a third powerful bonus on each Blacksmith Art.

Challenge Mode Features:

  • Critical hit damage increased from 1.2x to 2x times damage.
  • 20% increase of T-Energy damage against the player.
  • Chance for T-Energy to mutate enemies increased by 25%.
  • Max speed in the game quadrupled. The player isn't faster by default, but will benefit from more Run Speed +% gear. Enemies will move faster as well.
  • Enemy aggro range tripled.
  • Aggro range for white (much lower level than player) enemies doubled.
  • Boss aggro range increased by about 10%.
  • Range for clearing the fog of war on the map is tripled (results in more enemies).
  • Cooldown for healing potions is doubled.
  • Slightly lower chance to get runes.
  • Enemies gain greater damage from attributes.
  • Overall intensity of enemies increased by 25%.
  • Enemy weapon and spell damage and armor significantly increased (from about 40% on bronze to over 300% on Niobium).

The challenge patch is OPTIONAL and is only for players who feel that Enhanced Edition could use a greater challenge.

New Player Portraits and Brighter Health Bar


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Though Propelled Levitation and Deathly Spears had a better original design of symbolizing a jetpack and spikes.


What makes you think you're looking at Propelled Levitation and Deathly Spears? ;)

Edited by Flix
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Though Propelled Levitation and Deathly Spears had a better original design of symbolizing a jetpack and spikes.

What makes you think you're looking at Propelled Levitation and Deathly Spears? ;)


Is that a rhetorical question? Does not compute...

Or are you also changing up the CA in some drastic way to go with the icons? Run Probability that Flix is making a mod with more than just icons >>>>>>>> over 70% >> Run Personal Evaluation >>>>>>>>>>>>> "Idiot"

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The visuals are striking. These icons make me wonder how different the CAs behind them are from the original versions. I understand that in cases of icons that do not match the original CA the answer is "Completely". But what about those that look fitting? Adjusted innate properties? Different modifications? I guess it's possible, but when did you find time to make a complete spell overhaul? Or maybe some are still the same but just received new icons so as not to stand out as poor relatives? Of course, we'd find that out soon enough. Consider my questions rhetorical.


I think I recognize three CAs you mentioned making when you posted a topic about unused and deactivated spells. Sound-related CA for debuffing enemies which you might or might not named "Sound Vortex" probably would make an appearance in Celestial Magic, considering the icon which features a battle cry of sorts. And looks like you made a buff for SW's minions into a replacement for Shadow Veil just as you planned when you described "lost" CAs (the icon to the left of what is probably a modified Nether Allegiance looks like a prefect match to the visual effect of this deactivated buff). And a Venomous Trap for the Capricious Hunter tree, instead of Forest Flight.


Another immediate thought is that one icon in the modified Lost Fusion tree makes me thing about Summon TG spell from Llama's mod. Maybe you did something similar here? Maybe not. But if I was remastering Lost Fusion, I'd probably put a buff of sorts into it.

Edited by Silver_fox
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These "enhanced" icons look cool. I do recognize some of them from Guild Wars 2, and I don't think that is a problem.

Edited by Flooxim
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Thanks guys. I'll let the interest and speculation grow for a day or two while I test the next CM Items Mod release. I actually just had a last minute idea for a new Dragon Mage spell I want to try out before I start posting all the details.


@Silver Fox: This has been in the works for over a year. I just never really considered it for release, just a personal mod. The only really recent things were the icon overhaul, working in some of the "lost" Combat Arts, and an overall quality check.

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As this may `possibly' be `slightly' more than just a graphics enhancement, I have a question about compatibility. Will this be safe to use with existing saves, or will the results be undesirable or even potentially disastrous?


I will start the speculation with the Seraphim :D

Soul Hammer has an icon of... a hammer, so it is probably much the same. Pelting Strikes shows multiple blades, so it is presumably still a multi-hit attack. Assailing Somersault shows a jumping Seraphim, so the basic mechanic seem unchanged. Dashing Alacrity has speed lines (?) so possibly the same, but seems more open to interpretation. Battle Stance has a battle-like icon, so presumably similar mechanics.

Baneful Smite has a Zeus-bolt icon, so probably a similar spell. What used to be Radiant Pillar looks more like a Zot (perhaps the returl of the Sacred 1 Lightning Bolt?), while what used to be Instill Belief looks more like Radiant Pillar. The location of Hallowed Restoration looks pretty open to interpretation: it could be a heal still, but it could be a buff (ie CRPG term buff, not Sacred 2 term Buff). Cleansing Brilliance still shows a light, so I am guessing the basic mechanic is unchanged.

Archangel's Wrath looks quite different, more of a lightning-type spell than fire? Flaring Nova still looks like a circle-Area of Effect, so perhaps pretty similar. Divine Protection looks like, well, a divine protection, so probably unchanged ;) Warding Energy is clearly a T-Energy shell, so obviously the same basic mechanic, while the BFG is clearly a large blast of energy, so obviously retained.

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This is definitely more than an icons update. It will be technically compatible with old saves. But it will be best to start a new character, otherwise you may find yourself wanting to use the save game editor to change your CA's. Nothing will be broken or glitched, but you may find yourself with new CA's you never heard of, possibly with modificaton points spent in them.


Some things are swapped, and right now you can't tell what was swapped out just by looking at the icons. The arrangement of the icons in the aspects windows means nothing to gameplay (don't worry), so just because something new is sitting in Baneful Smite's old spot doesn't mean I swapped out Baneful Smite (I actually just moved it over to the second spot -a display change only). All Seraphim that formerly had Baneful Smite will still have it and (since I barely changed it) will be able to use it just the same.


On the other hand, some old CA's are intact but switched aspects, and some CA's are just gone, meaning you'll have a brand new one in its place and you wont see the old one anywhere else. I kept the swapping to a minimum though, so if you think you recognize a CA icon and it's still in the same aspect (the vast majority of CAs), then it's still in the same spot in the scripts and will still be intact for your character (though the properties and modifications may be changed).

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I updated the first post with an introduction and general information about the mod. Specific Combat Art changes will be posted soon.

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Flix, you is genius. Thiw looks awesome. Hands down, hat down

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I added the Seraphim and Inquisitor combat arts to the first post. There's a few pictures and a video as well. I'll try to add the rest over the next few days.

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Alright I've updated the first post again with more info. You can now find all the combat arts for the High Elf, Shadow Warrior, and Dryad listed, so scroll back up and check them out.


When you're done, here are some "outtakes" from those characters:


These are the 2 lightning spells that I eventually gave to the Mage's Familiar. It's hard to get pictures of the wisp casting them, so here are pictures of my Dragon Mage testing them out on Thraconians. They have some neat effects, but I couldn't justify replacing any player Combat Arts with them, since they have that kind of "generic" enemy spell feel.

Bp3iKqlt.jpg vEKRJTmt.jpg VBd29rdt.jpg zvdrDpxt.jpg


Here I am testing out the lightning attack that the Priestess of Doom uses. It's the same spell that those awful flying eyes cast in the Cursed Forest. It causes life leech, but she doesn't cast it all that often.

nYHQetKs.jpg Uq2fM6Es.jpg YzZHR9Rs.jpg


This was an early design for the High Elf's new CA Thaumaturgic Nova. I borrowed the spell effects from the Gar'Colossus's nova attack. However, aside from not looking as impressive as the electrical storm effects I settled on (it looks and sounds more like a water attack), it also put a heavy hit on my framerate, so I couldn't really use it without performance suffering too much.

t9COjpat.jpg GYoKv84t.jpg


This is the "Ice Monkey." I found him by accident in the game files while I was editing the Fire Daemon.

26AFk0Zt.jpg ssdofSHt.jpg

Apparently it was intended to be a quest enemy in the Crystal Plane that never got added into the game. I contemplated making him the "Ice Daemon" buff, a Mystic Stormite equivalent of the Fire Daemon, but decided against it since it seemed too similar, and I couldn't find a good way to remove any of the existing Mystic Stormite CAs. it might be fun to add him back into the game if I ever make a mod for bosses and enemies.


I also tested out shapeshifting extensively with the Shadow Warrior. Depending on what was possible, I had an idea to make a whole aspect of shapeshifting abilities. I tested it out, building off of the Dragon Berserk, and I was actually able to successfully transform into several monsters. Probably almost anything was possible, you could probably crawl across the land as the Octagolomus if you wanted.


Unfortunately the major flaw was the player's skills are totally wrecked upon changing back to human form. Luckily a save and reload fixes it, but the player shouldn't have to do that every time they shift back to human form, it would be maddening. I didn't take any pictures of it, since it was a failure. Still, I had a lot of fun stomping around the Swamp as a Werewolf and Minotaur.

Edited by Flix
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You seem to have it out for teleport skills. Any reasons why?


Also, good call on the Cabbalistic Voodoo aspect. Twisted Torment really needed a function beyond shrunken head farming. I assume it does meaningful damage now as well.


And if you leave Ancient Bark as is, are you doing anything about it's gfx?

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It would be good if we could put 4 identical combat arts into one Combo

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You seem to have it out for teleport skills. Any reasons why?

Well, out of 4 movement CA's I've posted so far, 2 were replaced and 2 were improved, but I guess I see what you mean. The reason is that since I can't add more combat arts, something has to be replaced to make room for new ones. Typically what happens is I evaluate which, if any, CA's are most expendable. Shadow Step and Forest Flight fell into that category. They are exploration CA's, with limited combat use. If I had released the mod a year ago, all the movement CA's would have been intact, with huge range boosts, and all spellcontroltype's changed to "move_go" to allow jumping to almost anywhere you could stand. But I realized that's all I used them for, was jumping to places I was too lazy to walk to. When I realized I was happy as could be with me Inquisitor, who has no movement CA and has to walk everywhere, I realized I had an "expendable" type of CA that I could consider replacing. Assailing Somersault and Belligerant Vault I kept because they're more combat intensive, often functioning as good combo openers.



Also, good call on the Cabbalistic Voodoo aspect. Twisted Torment really needed a function beyond shrunken head farming. I assume it does meaningful damage now as well.

The damage is increased 6-fold. It's now around the same damage values as most other hard hit spells. I don't know why it was so low by default.



And if you leave Ancient Bark as is, are you doing anything about it's gfx?

Does anything need to be done? I usually play with buff display turned off, but I know that the visuals were changed with the CM Patch already, and I though I had no problem with the old graphics, the new ones look fine to me.



It would be good if we could put 4 identical combat arts into one Combo

I don't think it can be done.

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I am so excited for this. This will completely transform some of my builds. For instance, I have a few.....what are they called here, "now you see me, now you don't" Shadow Warrior builds, in addition to a few that utilize Ruinous Onslaught. I'm not complaining at all, in fact quite the opposite, I get to figure out how to take them in a new direction now. You always breathe so much new life into this game, I'm going to be a sad camper when the day comes where you decide to hang up your hat

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I've added the Temple Guardian and Dragon Mage combat arts to the first post. I saved the best for last I think. Sorry I wasn't able to do any videos this time but there should be plenty of pictures.

These two characters got big overhauls in Llama's CM Patch Mod, and I took some inspiration from that mod, in a couple cases directly adapted some features. So I'm not trying to take credit for the original idea of Dragon's Wrath, a summoned Temple Guardian, combining Ice Evanescence and Fiery Ember, or adding elemental damage to the Elemental Magic combat arts. But nothing is copy-pasted from Llama's Mod. I think I've reworked most ideas enough to make them something else. Just getting that out of the way up front.

Here are some outtakes from this update:

I tried really hard to get this spell working for the Dragon Mage, as an addition to the Mentalism aspect. I probably would have replaced Energy Blaze with this spell, and added some Area of Effect damage to Maelstrom to make up for the loss of Area of Effect.
NxfXk5Ut.jpg hRmfyVBt.jpg

The cool thing about this spell is that it's not a quick zap, it's a sustained energy beam connecting the player to the target. The fact that it appeared like a psychic beam shooting from the Dragon Mage's head to the enemy's really struck me as cool. So my idea was that it would a kind of spell that froze the enemy in place (like Inexorable Subjugation) or at least tracked the target as it moved (like Archimedes Beam), and caused magic damage while leeching life and energy. Mods could have been further debuffs and maybe splash damage.

The problem is that the spell was designed to buff the caster (I think either Kraal or the Facetelleon casts it), not cause spell damage. I could not get the spell to cause damage of any kind. I experimented with every spellcontroltype the game had, and although I eventually got the kind of behavior I wanted, the visual effects disappeared if I changed it. In other words I had to choose between a functioning but invisible spell or a cool-looking spell that did almost nothing. So I had to abandon it.

This is my Dragon Mage trying out Frosty Lair, used by the boss Shelob (I think). It uses some pieces of the (now reactivated) Shadow Warrior CA Shivering Miasma and the gfx of the Ogre's Frost Field spell. I considered adapting it to be a good Area of Effect Ice spell for the Elemental Aspect, but with Tornado now doing Ice Area of Effect, I decided to leave it be.

This is a temporary buff cast by undead. It looks and sounds gross, and I couldn't think of any character for whom it would be appropriate, so I didn't develop it further.

This is the Octagolamus spell, that spurts water and knocks you back. It was interesting, but the visuals and sounds were ultimately too suited to that big marine monster for the player to use.

I also tried out the Gar'Colossus's Rock Avalanche spell as a candidate for the Elemental Magic aspect. It was cool with its barrage of falling boulders, but it seemed out of place when removed from the excavation crater battle site. Forgot to snap a picture of it.

For the next update I'll show the Divine Gifts and the new Combo icons. I would have liked to revamp the Horse combat arts, but I don't have enough interest to even redo the icons. Maybe if someone has some suggestions?

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I'm anticipating the reveal of TG and DM, because these two are the characters who look like they need CA rework more than the others. So far, I'd say that reading about all the ideas and changes (including the ones that did not work) is very inspiring. Looking at your work here gives me more understanding of what is possible within the game and I find myself thinking what I would do if I decide to make a spell mod.


As for my impressions of all the new and reworked CAs: There are many ideas here that I like a lot, but others are a very high-quality example of something that just is not my cup of tea. Not that you did something badly, but in some cases I see more use in the original versions of the aspects than in modified ones. When I read your descriptions, I often find myself thinking that I'd like to keep many of your changes but would like to make some of replacements and aspect switches differently. So I think I'd be trying out all new CAs and keeping bits and pieces for my setup, if you don't mind such partial use of your work.


I know that I won't be running this mod as a whole because some of the cornerstone concepts are not to my liking: I never much liked summons in Sacred 2, because their AI is not stellar and with my playstyle they are more of a hindrance than help. Some of the more unusual summons like Inquisitor's Doppelganger who can have your CAs and weapons are fun, but for most of the classes I just can't see the use of summoning abilities. It's just my personal opinion, and I know that there are people who would like having AI allies.


I like your treatment of Twisted Torment and Black Curse, and I'm curious as to how you changed Viperish Disease. This CA went through many changes throughout the official patches and was nerfed in CM, so I wonder where your version stands in comparison (I know you didn't keep track of all Sacred 2 versions, but at least in comparison to I&B and CM). A trap CA is an interesting idea - I'm not quite ready to trade Forest Flight for it, but Dryad has other things that look expendable to me (the same VD, unless your version of it managed to strike the middle ground between "useless" and "feels like exploit").


I really like your SW changes as well, though as a person who does not favor summons I'd probably try keeping Ruinous Onslaught. But all other changes look good and personally I won't miss Shadow Veil. SW is a very strong character by himself and invisibility makes him boring.


Same with Inquisitor - most of the changes are great, and I like the idea for the summoning spell that acts similarly to Divine Gift. Ker's gift was an unusual idea, but a prospect of suddenly having a new boss against you was never really attractive. In Inquisitor's case, tricks with Mortifying Pillory can make the summon into a moderately good meat shield after the time runs out, so it may be fun to try out. I don't mind adding summoning spells to Inquisitor, because with Doppelganger and Inexorable Subjugation he is the main summoner of Sacred 2 character cast already. Though personally, I'd prefer Raving Thrust over Eruptive Desecration. Neither is a major damage dealer, but at least RT does not depend on environment (corpses) and does not become useless in Whisperwood and nearly so in Swamps. Then again, it's just a personal preference and other people have different opinions, besides, Eruptive Desecration has more original concept.


With the Seraphim, my feelings are more mixed. Unlike you, I never felt that Archangel's Wrath fits into Celestial aspect. This CA has some synergy with BFG and with weapon-based characters, but none with magic aspect. In Celestial, Archangel's concurs with Baneful Smite, as both of them are single-target CAs. At the same time, without Archangel's Wrath, RevTech loses its main damage dealer and is left without sniping CA at all, forcing you to go Celestial unless you want to spend the playthrough boringly pelting everything to death. With this CA gone, Exalted/Revered hybrids would have to rely mostly on Exalted for offense, and go into Revered only for shields, making them much less fun to play. There is Nova of course, but without many points in Rev Lore, Nova does not do much damage, and for hybrids pouring a lot into the skill for the sake of one moderately effective CA does not make that much sense. The new Revered CA sounds interesting to try, but looks like an Area of Effect debuffer rather than damage dealer, so it's a useful thing to have but not a replacement function-wise.

If I was moving something out of RevTech aspect, it would have been Divine Protection, because having two shield-based defensive CAs next to each other looks a bit excessive, considering the lack of defense in other aspects (especially since you removed Hallowed Restoration). And its graphic effect does not even look technology-themed. With its red design, it might have been considered for Exalted Warrior originally. Though I know that other people might disagree with this point.


All in all, thank you for working on this mod. It would bring much desired variety to people who are not into modding themselves, and give new ideas to those who are. Now I'll be waiting for the changes in the last two characters' arsenal to be announced.

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It’s getting better and better. Finally the DragonMage gets a proper pet dragon.


I still think Deadly Spears needs more spikes in its icon.


Would you consider changing "Sentinel Construct" name to "Alpha Construct"? Because you are always carrying an alpha build of yourself. :)

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Thank you Silver Fox. I love summons, and I actually showed restraint in what I've presented here. So, I guess that's a caveat for prospective players of the mod: I hope you like allies and minions.


So I think I'd be trying out all new CAs and keeping bits and pieces for my setup, if you don't mind such partial use of your work.


I don't mind at all, after all that's what I did with Llama's Mod. I also feel more inured to criticism than with the Item Mod because I developed this for myself firstly.


I'd probably try keeping Ruinous Onslaught


Ugh, it's so crummy. I replaced it with glee. Enjoy yourself though. :)


But all other changes look good and personally I won't miss Shadow Veil. SW is a very strong character by himself and invisibility makes him boring.


Absolutely agree. Shadow Veil was exciting for about 10 levels. Then I thought, of all the characters who DOESN'T need to be invisible, it's the Shadow Warrior. You can build them almost any which way and they can take damage.


without Archangel's Wrath, RevTech loses its main damage dealer and is left without sniping CA at all, forcing you to go Celestial unless you want to spend the playthrough boringly pelting everything to death....The new Revered CA sounds interesting to try, but looks like an Area of Effect debuffer rather than damage dealer, so it's a useful thing to have but not a replacement function-wise.


I don't think I did a very good job presenting Sonic Vortex. This is essentially a powered-up Mind Strike but in a cone-shapped Area of Effect. It's designed to be the hard hit replacement. I just don't have a good leveled up Seraphim to show it off (mine is still a wimpy level 35 or so), but script-wise I predict this CA will annhiliate at higher levels.


I considered consolidating the Seraphim's two energy shields into one, but I think they actually managed to make them different enough that they would have different uses. So I kept them separate, but splitting them up into different aspects is not an idea that I like.


All in all, thank you for working on this mod. It would bring much desired variety to people who are not into modding themselves, and give new ideas to those who are. Now I'll be waiting for the changes in the last two characters' arsenal to be announced.


Thanks for reading. We must have cross-posted. Last two characters are up now. ;)

Edited by Flix
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It’s getting better and better. Finally the DragonMage gets a proper pet dragon.


I still think Deadly Spears needs more spikes in its icon.


Thank you. I played a trick on you making you think it wasn't Deathly Spears. The original design is a prime example of the "cuteness" factor of the original icons I wanted to get rid of. But honestly I looked high and low for some art or a photo that I could fashion into a new Deathly Spears icon. I couldn't find anything suitably mechanical and artistic enough that featured multiple spikes, just that one close-up spike that's in the new icon. Here's a suggestion (totally serious, no sarcasm), if you know of or can find a better design that shows something that looks like Deathly Spears, why don't you share it with me, and I may swap it out.


Would you consider changing "Sentinel Construct" name to "Alpha Construct"? Because you are always carrying an alpha build of yourself. :)


I kind of like that. It reminds me of the TG's class quest where he's talking to himself the whole time, and has to reintegrate with his "other" self - the hologram that is his memories. I will kind of miss "sentinel" though. I'll think about it.

Edited by Flix
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