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Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

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Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition by Flix Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition (S2EE) is the continuation of my work on older mods such as Enhanced Spells and the Community Patch, of which S2EE is meant to be the succ

Enhanced Edition 3.0 is released! Change Log: There are two files now when you click "Download."  I split the music mod into its own download because of file size. Use the versions o

While working on the portrait project, I noticed a several neutral "atmospheric" animals that were designed by Ascaron yet not present in the game.  I've been adding them to the game world. I think th

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57 minutes ago, Androdion said:

Is it possible for the Khral set to have a bonus at two items since it's possible for any class to get something out of the jewellery, same as with Charo's?

Mmm, well I hadn't planned on it. I was trying to stick to the mini-set template the devs set where 3 items = 1 bonus. With the Light Radius from Charo's, I was looking for something that I could combine with Stun that would make it feel overall like a worthwhile reward.  The idea to make LR available at 2 pieces was really just a thematic choice.  No character is going to set out to try to get that bonus.  The jewelry pieces themselves are worth more than Light Radius.

A very high Direct Damage on the other is reward all on its own.  Not to mention, Khral's jewelry are some of the few that spawn a third bonus at high levels.  As far as getting something out of the jewelry, they are also very rewarding on their own.

1 hour ago, Androdion said:

One other thing, why is the life leeched per hit bonus golden and not yellow?

There are actually three Life Leeched per Hit bonuses scripted in the vanilla game.

  • Blue - very low values, only appears on Inquisitor and Dryad runes, from level 1.
  • Yellow - high values, spawns on rare (tier 9) items or higher, from level 15.
  • Gold - medium-low values, only spawns on unique (tier 13) items or higher, from level 15, on silver difficulty or higher.

You can probably see the problem.  The Gold value, despite being much rarer and having more stringent requirement to spawn, has lower values than its more common yellow variant.  Also, even though the gold value is present in the bonus lists for most rare weapons, it would never spawn because it requires tier 13 items.

Anyway, I've reworked all this in 3.0 so that yellow is what appears on rares, and gold is what appears on uniques.  Obviously I've also made the gold bonus have higher values than the yellow.

So, that's why the Assassin's Daggers have gold LLpH.  :wink:

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Another thing I noticed: During the Blind Guardian Questline you're getting the Drumstick twice. I believe it was the CM patch which made the Drumstick drop before the end of the Questline, S2EE makes it drop again at the and but doesn't delete the first Drumstick quest reward.
Could be intentional, but I didn't find anything about that in the S2EE 2.4 Manual


Also the last questmarker does convert from grey to green after finishing the quest

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1 hour ago, Flix said:

Doesn't a drummer use two drumsticks?  :D


Point being, has the Drumstick always dropped from that kid or was that something that CM introduced? I'm thinking it was the later, and for consistency's sake it should be removed, given that the instrument's are the reward from completing that particular quest. Maybe the boy can give a book, like that other kid from the Benny Crop Circles does. More lore for the fire!

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1 hour ago, Androdion said:

Point being, has the Drumstick always dropped from that kid or was that something that CM introduced?

The second. I recall no drumstick from the elven boy in Thylysium prior to CMP. And given the rest of the instruments get stolen by Undead, ahem, how exactly does the boy half-a-region-away acquire the drumstick anyway? Do the Undead use him as a fence, or something?:lol: 

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By the way, I did find an interesting bug when doing my Inquisitor multi minions run ... THE ONE WITH THE DAEMON OF COURSE!!! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

As it turns out, in some cases (often during and after a boss fight), the daemon won't expire ... but, it will stay in the general area where it has been summoned.

I saw the bug several times before ... but without realizing the source. And there were times where I tried to summon the demon but to no avail. instead the counter came back roughly by 15%. 

it's only today after trashing the Mist in the swamp that I saw my Daemon had not expired from the fight (and it is a long with the multiple cooldown between wave, hence why I saw it there I suppose). 

Imagine my surprise when I saw that my cooldown had regenerated ... but my Daemon was still roaming around !! :twitch:

Of course, I tried to summon an "extra one" :P ... and this is when it failed to do so and instead turn the cooldown back on my divine spell by roughly 15%. 

It seems to be a rare bug and a simple reload will fix it hence why I did not saw it before even though it's my second toon past lvl75 using said daemon :P (even though my inquisitor has WAYYYSSS before mastering it). 

It's far from being an urgent bug to fix, especially since there's not so many people around playing with the daemon.

I just thought it was worth pointing out, even though I am not sure if this rare bug might actually be coming from the original sacred game (and realizing it now since build with daemons like mine aren't exactly common).

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52 minutes ago, Daedalus said:

As it turns out, in some cases (often during and after a boss fight), the daemon won't expire ... but, it will stay in the general area where it has been summoned.

You must mean the Sakkara.

I think I've worked out the kinks with the Sakkara AI in 3.0.  In order to get it right, there is a brief moment before his suicide where he is attackable by the player, but he will not / can not harm the player or allies.

3 hours ago, Lindor said:

Personally I don't mind that it drops twice, given that it's a 1h weapon and lore-wise as you said a drummer uses two.

Same here.  As far as I can tell, it was a deliberate addition with the CM Patch to add a second drumstick.  I have no issues with the decision so I'll leave it in 3.0.

I wish we still had access to the Bugtracker.  As it stands the only evidence and documentation that can be consulted for anything pre 1.60 is on these forums.

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56 minutes ago, Flix said:

Same here.  As far as I can tell, it was a deliberate addition with the CM Patch to add a second drumstick.  I have no issues with the decision so I'll leave it in 3.0.

Sorry to disagree here, but I honestly see no point in the boy dropping an end-quest reward without any shed of work. :dntknw: My two cents mate.

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15 hours ago, LuckBruck said:

Hello there, this is my first comment in this forum and actually I just want to express my appreciation and respect. This goes for all of you who have contributed to the incredible mods. Though I want to pay extra respect to Flix:

The amount of effort and passion you put into your work is incredible. I have spent hours reading through the forum to see just how much of the game's content I have enjoyed for the last days is actually from you. The last time I played Sacred 2 was about 10 years ago and I don't even remember what it was like without CM and EE mods, and I don't even want remember.

I'm looking forward to all the content still to come - reworked damage, graphics, animals and all the other ideas I have read about - and will try to make my contribution as well.


However, to make a real contribution to this thread's discussion, here is my insignificant opinion on the current topic:

I fully agree with that. If someone argues lore-wise it would still make more sense to drop two drumsticks at the end of the quest chain instead of one part already before. Otherwise both drumsticks would most probably drop with different item level and therefore not be used together.

I  think I saw your post over on Steam, we're happy to meet up here, welcome to DarkMatters!



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I guess that my main question then would be just how broken a saved char from 2.4 would become in 3.0?! I know it's advisable to start with fresh toons to prevent anything from being broken, but given the changes presented just how feasible is it to load up a 2.4 char on 3.0?

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On 10/6/2020 at 5:09 AM, Flix said:

I've been working on spell FX this week.  I have a much better understanding of how to alter spell FX now than I did in the old days.  Some have bugged me for a long time, other changes were inspired by Dmitriy's mod.  The idea is keeping a consistent color scheme across each character's aspects.


Purifying Chastisement - The color scheme of Gruesome Inquisition is (generally) red, like most of the "first" aspects for each character, but this buff previously had a blue color scheme. Now the casting and persistent FX are red instead.


Reverse Polarity - Astute Supremacy is the violet aspect. Previously the buff was bright green, which in Sacred 2 is the color of poison or the astral summons.  This buff is neither, so its FX are now violet.


Inexorable Subjugation - Nefarious Netherworld is the blue aspect.  Previously this CA had bright orange FX, which brought to mind life leech, or fire.  This CA does magic damage and enslaves spirits, so the ghostly blue is more appropriate.


Shadow Warrior

Belligerent Vault - This CA is getting more than just an FX change. I decided to change this CA to become weapon-based rather than spell damage.  This means that although you will no longer benefit from Ancient Magic or Combat Art Range +%, now all your weapon effects like life leech will carry over into the hit.  It will still do "splash" damage to enemies around the target, so it still has a (smaller) area of effect.  I think this is balanced by the potential to do much greater damage to a smaller group or a single target.  You must target an opponent to use it normally, but you may still use CTRL+Click to target the terrain and use the Vault for exploration purposes.  The animations and modifications remain the same as before.

http://i.imgur.com/OY94cRGm.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/eFyFpqym.jpg

Augmenting Guidon - Yellow is the color of the Malevolent Champion aspect, yet previously this CA had a bright pink glow.  Now the FX matches the rest of the aspect's CA's.  The flag also carries the Shadow Warrior's sigil rather than a generic sun.

http://i.imgur.com/s8GXhAYm.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/aesctfQm.jpg

Skeletal Fortification - The theme of the Astral Lord aspect seems to be green, with the Spectral Hand and the spectral soldiers from Nether Allegience sporting a ghostly green glow.  But the Skeletal Fortification was previously a drab pile of bones with a red glowing border.  Now it has taken on a the same otherworldly green glow as its sister CA's.

http://i.imgur.com/2nlBYMum.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/2GDSxBBm.jpg

Rallied Souls  - With the same rationale as above, the previously yellow summoning FX and pentagram are now green.



I will have more updates for the other characters soon.

Is it possible to learn this power?

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My favorite part is the atmospheric addition of animals...and in fact all the upgrades to the portraits in game.  It was very rewarding seeing you progressing with the hundreds of new images you had to feel out and choose



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11 hours ago, Flix said:

Should be all right I guess?  If you don't mind random gear being re-rolled, and if none of the quests mentioned by name are currently in progress.

If that's it then I'm bound to try it with my running char. I'm currently occupied with other games, but I'll be sure to give 3.0 a spin.

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With so many other set changes, I forgot to document the Mutation set adjustments.

Mormorin's Band is now Dryad-exclusive and is part of Mormorin's Garments of Mutation set.

This ring now has boosted modifiers since it is a higher tier now.

HNf1I4s.png   8G4P5aF.png

Glimborin's Hoop is now High Elf-exclusive and is part of Glimborin's Garments of Mutation set.

I boosted this ring's modifiers as well. I added "Casting Speed" unlocked by Armor Lore. If the skill is kept up the Cast Speed will stay abreast of the Attack Speed.

hSuxax9.png   iqqOsXI.png


You may notice there's an extra set bonus now.  The mutation sets were all originally scripted to have 4 bonuses, awarded at 3/5/7/9 pieces equipped (All Skills is the final bonus).  The problem is there's only 8 pieces in the sets.  I adjusted them to being awarded at 2/4/6/8 now, since the High Elf and Dryad have the same number of pieces as the others.

Seraphim bonuses remain at 3/5/7/9 since she has the extra wings piece.

To balance the extra set bonus (and the overall power of these sets), I made some adjustments to the drops.  Previously they dropped from level 20+, in Bronze or higher.  In 3.0 the Mutation sets will only drop from level 70+, in Gold difficulty or higher.

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