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chattius    777

Rain, storm,...and a weekend at firefighters. So we were discussing a possible roleplayed Ninja build:


Throwing shurikens while invisible

Killing bosses with just fists in niob

Trained in mixing poisons (= alchemy)

Able to create special weapons (= smithing)

Dressed in black (Kanka's set)

Able to fight with every weapon



Somewhere on the harddisc at the firefighter computer was a long forgotten smith, played in the time before CM-patch, hell, even before the Add On. In a time without reg per hit and without x% life leech on a set. He was played with an x% life leech two-handed weapon but no weapon skill.

The reg time of demonic blow was trimmed down with a 100% chance to half reg time. Demonic blow has a hidden base attack value which was pushed with alchemy throphies with a +x% attack value. I was writing an alchemy guide for the german sacred forum at this time and added alchemy to test the usefulness of alchemy for a shadow warrior.

2 buffs and concentration was kept at level. One reason was to reduce reg times not having reg per hit. Another was to play with a third buff for some undead minions for a different option to remove boredom from keeping the same playstyle. The character was level 78 when it was stopped.


Resurrection after 3 years and having AddON and CM-patch:

Sorting out the mules and giving him a full kanka set.

This added dressed in black and able to kill with fists.

He needs 20 more levels to have modifying points for the invisibility buff. No astral lore however so no experience if it will work or not.


He is a smith, not boring because he can play melee, ranged, with minions, ....Has very nice magic find in the CM-patch. Every one who uses him for smithing gives unused trophies to him. And a glover leaf trophy boosted with alchemy adds a lot to magic find and it lasts long enough for all four guardians.

Now I can't wait to turn this beast into an invisible killing machine.

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