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implementing combat quotes link under Character's "See Also" section  

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  1. 1. Should we open a page including Combat Quotes for all characters?

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Adria was saying it whenever you click the shop.Diablo 1 was kinda limited with sound db.Sacred 2 has much more.

About the English part,Sacred is originally a German game.This project is English because it is universal language.I'm not a native English speaker too.Hardly average,so I too mishear/misunderstand some lines

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Strange to hear the angelic Seraphim repeating to say: 'Keine Gefangenen!/No Prisoners!'

Made me think about the scene we discussed at military school. Wellington gets reports that his soldiers run out of ammunition (1:48:30). Napoleon is outflanking Wellington, shooting with guns into the carrees (not in the movie) and was sending his elite troops to destroy Wellington's centre.

Then the prussians arrive (1:50:00). Blücher is leading the attack (strange because he was wounded the day before) and saying: No prisoners, I will shoot anyone who is showing pity. (*)

Then Wellington's troops who were out of ammunition shooting salvo after salvo...

None of Wellington soldiers is speaking german, dutch, ... while only a third of Wellington's soldiers spoke actually english.


(*)Was discussed if he said it. Fact is that when Blücher surrendered near Lübeck Napoleon's troops raided the neutral town and raped the women for days.





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