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Postcards from Aetherra - The Plains of Gaihaen - Sept 21st

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From: http://www.unbended.zone/en/postcards/




Only few places on the continent of Aetherra are as much clouded in secrecy as the Plains of Gaihaen, and certainly, those mysteries nowhere else become manifest as openly as here. Geographically speaking, the plains are the junction between the first foothills of the Tharian Heights and the deserts of the southwest. There won’t be many travelers to meet here, and those that we do come across won’t have made this journey voluntarily. It often are escapees that took the way from Sedhannia over the plains, knowing that their apprehenders stay clear of this region.

Though not a desert, the Plains of Gaihaen are still regions of death. Neither plant nor animal can be found in the plains. A constant twilight lies over the land and even though they never are lightened by the rays of the sun, the ground is burned and dead. That alone doesn’t explain why the Plains of Gaihaen are this tremendously terrifying. The reason for this lies in what is here sometimes released by the earth. It are the mortal remains of enormous creatures that are of such dimension that alone the thought to come across a living example of these monstrosities strike even the boldest discoverer with trepidation.

The creation chronicles of Eloysion have it that long before the first humans walked the earth, Aureth had created a race that was depraved from the beginning. This was at a time long before the creation of the Aether Seas. These creations have been called the Gaihaen. But the souls of the Gaihaen were dark and soon the Creator had to watch how they destroyed and devastated everything he had made. And so in the end, he killed his own children. It filled his heart with so much sorrow that he never again entered these plains and left them in darkness.

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