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Post cards from Aetherra - God's Summit - Nov 7th 2014

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From Unbended





Goetterkuppe-242x300.jpgWe can hardly deny it: on our recent trips through Aetherra we’ve introduced you to places where you seldom hear a happy song. That’s not least due to the fact that our continent’s history is a bloody one and that the creatures of the beginning, those that roamed this world back when the Creator himself was still inexperienced, have left their mark on it. But – there are on Aetherra also places of the light, of healing and of knowledge that no darkness, no matter how deep, has to this day managed to cast into its shadows. And it are those places that teach us that light and darkness are in the end two sides of the same coin, that one causes the other and that we shall never loose courage – no matter how bad things are. Because there will be another day.

One of these places is God’s summit, and this postcard is dedicated to it.

God’s summit – or Ayel Theara, which means “High World” in the old language – is one of the most extraordinary places you can find in Aetherra. That this special mountain is not the result of natural geological processes is for experts clear beyond doubt. Already the almost indestructible rock with its smooth shiny surface that parts of God’s summit consists of is a mystery as something similar has never been found anywhere else in the known world. The ascent to the top of the summit that is formed by a peculiar plateau and that according to the oldest legends contains some kind of immense altar is potentially a fatal undertaking. Not only is known that the path climbing up to the summit, cut into bare stone, seems to deceive the sense of travelers so that they eventually for no conceivable reason and apparently on their own volution throw themselves into the deep. There are also accounts of huge birds of prey that circle the heights of God’s summit and often attack those that could withstand the trials of the cumbersome path with their lethal claws and beaks.

There are only speculations on what exactly can be found at the top. It is known, however, that the few that found their way back into the world had stopped to talk and, finally, would completely disappear. Others are said to have from that time talked in a foreign tongue and been unable to understand the common languages of Aetherra. One thing that the stories about travelers to God’s summit have in common, however, is, that each one of them was surrounded by a gently gleaming aura and that everyone who saw one of those returnees was suddenly filled by a feeling of complete bliss and happiness that lasted for days.

What is the truth and what is legend? You probably will have to find out yourself. We wish you from our hearts that you make the ascend safely and that, one far away day, we can talk about it, sitting at a campfire somewhere in Aetherra. No matter in what tongue.


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Somehow, somehow...that long trailing zagging path up the mountain just screams "sacrifice" to me... !


Just saw Apocalypto..




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