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Starting game in any difficulty.... again.

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I have a question.

Is this a possibility to start a new game in any difficulty with no game finish?

I don't find this option.

I want to do it, because my actual save is bugged.

Sorry for my English.

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To be able to start the game at difficulties that are not supposed to be unlocked yet, you can do the following:

- Open balance.txt script that can be found in the "scripts/server" subfolder of the main folder where the game is installed.

- Find the string that says:

 LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140}, 

and change all numbers to 1. That would allow any character to create and enter Multiplayer games of any difficulty.

- Go to Multiplayer lobby and start the LAN game with the character you want, teleport to Sloeford, save at the monolith, and exit to the main menu.

- Now, if the character you have was made for Singleplayer, you can go back to Singleplayer and press Continue with the character - it would start a new Singleplayer campaign at the same difficulty at which you started in Multiplayer before. If it was a Multiplayer character, this step is not even necessary, you can continue playeing after the previous one.



Alternately, you can get the Character Editor tool here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6dnJV_74z7jTU9oajlPa2s5NlE/edit?usp=sharing open your savefile with it, set the "Difficulty reached" parameter to Niob, save and exit. However, if your character's save is already bugged, editing it with this tool can make the situation worse, so it's better to backup the savefile before trying.

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