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Is Mentalism a good aspect to take?

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is the mentalism a good aspect to take and what should I mod after RoP (runes of protection)

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I can only repeat what I wrote in another thread:

Of any pure single aspect characters I played, this is my best.


A sort of diary to my single aspect mentalist is here. It is no guide however.



A pure mentalist is a bit weak early on. So it is best to use destroyers and dragonstrikes, even unmodified, before you get a good regeneration time for the mentalist spells. I usually do energyblaze second for attacking groups and delay boss fights till I have a weapon with x% life leech.

If it is not planed as a single aspect character and you have the CM-patch it is a nice difference to start with dragon magic focus and play as a dragon form berzerker. Solves any problem with bosses in silver difficulty and you have time to work out the mentalism tree with less early problems.

Also the dragon magic focus helps a lot to boost the level of the companion = more damage because of extra intelligence.


If I would have to restart the hardcore mentalist I would replace ancient magic for dragon magic focus.

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