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Diablo III - Reaper of Souls -> Hardware recommendation!?

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Hey there!


I hope, I'm at the right place for asking that but lately I started to play Diablo III - Reaper of Souls in parallel to Sacred and as I do so, I have no problem with it as a I'm playing on my PC.


But from April on I will be on a Sabbatical Year which I will spend in Japan. Because of that my PC has to stay at home. As my notebook has already come to age, I'm wondering if it still would be usable for to play Diablo III or if it would be better to search for something new. The thing is, as always, I don't want to spend too much money for it!


First what I could find out:

Requirements for Diablo III:

Win XP / 7 / 8

Intel Pentium D 2,8 GHz or higher -> recommended is a Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz

AMD Athlon TM 64 X2 4400+ or higher -> recommended is a Athlon TM 64 X2 5600+ 2,8 GHz

Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT or higher -> recommended is a GeForce 260 GTX

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro or higher -> recommended is a Radeon HD 4870

1 GB-Ram or higher


My old notebook runs on:

Win XP Home Edition

Intel Pentium M 1,73 GHz

GeForce Go 7600

1 GB-Ram


Alternately to a new notebook I was thinking of if a barebone, cube or mini PC could also do the trick!? Anyway, it should be something which is transportable and affordable as I don't want to spend more than 400,- € for something new.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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