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Disable elemental effects on weapons? (Fire swords, poison staffs, etc.)

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Hello all!


Is there a way to remove the elemental animation that appears when a weapon has a secondary damage type added? I like to see my sword instead of the giant flash of fire floating around it.

Any config settings to change in order to remove these effects?


Thanks :)

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Yes you can, but the files seem to be in different folders or you have to apply other changes in some other way. I found in the folder grapchis1/hq/particles/multi-fire_wpn.dds - poison_wpn.dds - poison_wpn2.dds - poison_wpn3.dds

I edited them in photoshop and this was the result. That blue flame of lesser intensity remained and the poison it was completely eliminated.


I can not find the files to remove the animation to the effect of ice and magic and that blue flame.

If you have found the way in these 5 years, please share it, I want to do the same, thank you very much. :D

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