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Single Aspect Delphic HE (Ice & Blood HC)

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Daniat    57

I know there are many useful guides about High Elf, but most of them focus on Pyro or Stormite, with Delphic as secondary aspect, Schot's He focuses on Delphic but also on Stormite and Chattius Delphic build and mine are almost the same in CA, but we go with different skill ideas.

So I've always wanted to try out a single aspect high elf, cause Delhpic Arcania is a self-sufficient aspect(like Exalted Warrior) and makes it pretty good on its own.

Before getting started with my build I have to say that you will need yes or yes a good shopper (bargaining level 4 times char level at least, yes it is possible) to get the best of this build.

Im running this build on single player,Ice and Blood (HC Gold), with CM Patch 1.50 and Elite Mounts mod and I have not changed anything like drops,merchant,spells, etc.

You can try out my build here.


Intelligence.gifIntelligence // All points to this, its simple

Skills (order is up to you)

delphicarcanialore.gif Delphic Arcania Lore // Mastery at level 75

delphicarcaniafocus.gifDelphic Arcania Focus // Mastery at level 75

armorlore.gifArmor Lore // 5th skill to master, before level 100

constitution.gifConstitution // 4th skill to master, before level 90

spellresistance.gifSpell Resistance // 6th skill to master, before level 120

shieldlore.gifShield Lore // 8th skill to master

ancientmagic.gifAncient Magic // Mastery at level 75

magicstaffs.gifMagic Staffs // 7th skill to master, before level 135

speedlore.gifSpeed Lore // 10th skill to master

riding.gifRiding // 9th skill to master

Why to pick Magic Staffs?

Increases chance to hit (very important against bosses like Griffin or Nameless), Intelligence only boosts magic staffs damage, and at mastery it will give us a nice chance for double hit. No need to say more

Why to pick Speed Lore?

Not only increases both attack and deffense but also increases speed, together with Magic Staffs will give us a nice chance to hit, so we wont need to waste sockes to increase our chance to hit. Underrated skill like Damage Lore

Why to pick Riding?

Mount increases hp and defense, allows you to move faster(with mastery even faster), which helps to gather large amounts of mobs for Shadow Step, at high levels it will even decrease your regen time. Its a must for this build. Not to mention the new cool mounts from Elite Mounts Mod.

Why not to pick Combat Discipline?

We will only use 3 combat arts for attack, each one for different purposes and their regen times do not interfere each other, so combos are pointless and the damage boost even at level 200 is ridiculous compared to the Magic Damage +X% boost (see below)

Magic Damage: +X%

Im making a single section only for this modifier, this is the base for our build, it can incredibly boost our magic damage, and it makes a perfect combination with Delphic Arcania and Will-o-Whisp god spell

Unlike other characters with aspects that cause different types of damage (Temple Guardian and Inquisitor also Revered Tech or Mentalism) Delphic Arcane and Will-o-whisp "only" use magic damage. Thats an important point.

To boost properly our magic spells we are mainly looking for yellow rings with double magic dmg, they are very pretty hard to buy/find (chances are 1 / Num of modifiers for rings * Num of modifiers for rings * your chances to find yellow rings) thats the reason you will need a very good shopper.

If you cand find some of them you can easily reach +500% dmg at level 50, that means your spells will inflict five times more damage at the same level, just insane.

If you cant buy/find them, you will have to look for rings with magic damage and all skills, magic damage and Aspect: Delphic Arcania

Using Damage+%(all channels) will decrease a lot your overall magic damage.

At level 90 in gold difference is 9% per ring, if you socket 20 rings with damage the difference will be 180%, futhermore physical damage boost is useless for shadow step and will-o-whisp, and it is also less efficient for cobalt strike with heavy dmg mod

In my case I managed to get +619,4% Magic Damage at level 75Gold(Platinium rings)

Cobalt Strike(level 43, no boost) inflicts 1460-1460 damage

Cobalt Strike(level 43 boosted) inflicts 9200-9200 damage

Combat Art Mods (order is up to you, mine is coup, step, cobalt, expulse and invigoration)

12.gifCobalt Strike: Heavy Damage(Bronze), Chain Reaction(Silver), Explosion(Gold)

11.gifMagic Coup: Target Focus(Bronze), Life Leech(Silver), Stray Damage(Gold)

13.gifShadow Step: Phase Shift(Bronze), Vanish(Silver), Explosion(Gold)

14.gifExpulse Magic: Strength(Bronze), Pentagram(Silver), Protection(Gold)

15.gifGrand Invigoration: Stormite(Bronze), Replenish(Silver), Resilience(Gold)

CA usage strategies

The three offensive spells will do Area of Effect(Area of Effect) damage, but you may use it in different ways:

Cobat strike is the one you will use the most, against single targets and small groups, both against small fry and bosses, regen time should be below 2secs

Magic Coup will be mainly used against bosses, thats why you need a nice chance to hit, but also if you are surrounded by many mobs, regen time 0,5-1sec to make it spammable

Shadow Step is your main Area of Effect spell, its less powerful than other Area of Effect spells with no cooldown or multiple hits per time, so its very important to boost this spell with Magic +% and CA Range +% if you want to see big green stacks of experience


Glimborin's Garments of Mutation, there is no fun in just downloading it, I've only found one mutation set item in the last years though, their drop rate should be increased a bit, cause they are even harder to find than legendaries

Mage of Spectrum( I will try to post this set as soon as I complete it)

Adorment's of the ancestors is a nice choice against bosses cause LL%

Velaria's Garment, Trinity's Cage (Range Array) and Vestement's of Innocence are also nice choices

For Magic Staffs, the best ones are Nlovae's Mistery, Wyvern Charmer and Delior's Holy Staff

Best choices for shields are Kufferath's Defender(CM Patch), Glacial Defender, Eternal Block, Kira's Wall or any bought shield with nice defense attributes and two gold sockets will do.


Damage: Magic +%, the most important one, at level 200 you could have around +3000,0%, multiplying by 30 your base damage.

Combat Art Range +%: KilThemAl sigils is a must, also Nlovae's Mistery

Spell Intensity: No more than 100,0%, cause all attribute points go to Intelligence

+All Skills and All Combat Arts, having a single aspect build gives us an advantage, Aspect: Delphic Arcania modifier can be found on rings together with magic damage :drool:

Damage Mitigation(all channels) is the best defensive modifier: try to have this at least at 10%

DoT: very important to decrease it, specially in niob, on gold DoT -30% is enough, -60% at least on niob

No need to increase spell resistance or decrease hostile magic effects cause Delphic Arcania is the best aspect agaisnt spells

Chance to find valuables must also be increased, via sigils(YerLuvun), amulets, exploring the map also helps together with SurvivalBonus

Here is one video of my build, I dont know why the image moves and zooms in and out during the video, I was using Fraps but problem might be on the software used to edit the video or youtube edit options


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gogoblender    1,630

Nice work on the build Daniat, details like formatting and great explanations always make builds that players want to try out.

Regarding the saved files, you can add them to our uploads section here at DarkMatters whenever you want, for others to get quick access to your work and try out your build




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Legosp    14

Great Idea using shadow step as area of efect CA.

I never try it because that CA have low Dmg, what is your dmg on this CA. So you raising your SS dmg using +% magic damage ring or whatever what adds +magic dmg?

In fallen mod that can be very great build because Shadow Step does not have cooldown, and teleport works instantly.

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gogoblender    1,630

Great Idea using shadow step as area of efect CA.

I never try it because that CA have low Dmg, what is your dmg on this CA. So you raising your SS dmg using +% magic damage ring or whatever what adds +magic dmg?

In fallen mod that can be very great build because Shadow Step does not have cooldown, and teleport works instantly.

I'm curious about this as well

Can Shadow Step actually be played out to end game levels as damager?





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Daniat    57

yes, in order to get the best out of shadow step you need to multiply its base damage by forging all items with damage magic +X%, all yellow rings and amulets can have the same modifier twice, that means double damage at the same level in one single socket, if you use them in gold sockets increase bonus will be also double higher. Here are some screens (files are too big, so im only showing the important stuff, items forged at level 75)




Problem is the time you need to spend in order to get those rings, I spent more than 7 hours in Thylisium and its sewers with my shopper(4 ratio bargaining/level) to find them I guess at level 200 shadow step with magic damage increased by 3,000.0% could easily reach 80 000-80 000, or even much more magic damage, I dont know, my char is still level 79.

I am preparing a video against some ice & blood bosses like queen of spiders, abishai, succubus, I will post together the video and my save files

Edited by Daniat
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Daniat    57

I ve just uploaded my save file and a video(it sucks), so now you can try it out and see the damage boost I was refering in my guide

I will post in the future the whereabouts of my char probably at level 100

Edited by Daniat

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