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Played for the first time in over 3 years

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Hey Lujate, great to see you are still here.


Thanks, I will try out the CM patch later. The game runs surprisingly well, way better than it used to. Is there any way of getting the MP side working other than third party software? I guess it's the same as S1 in that the lobby has gone.

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Dobs ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


man it's really cool seeing you in here :) :)


Ever tried Grim Dawn? I know our playing times are a little out of whack but I could make time on weekend if you were to pick it up and MP

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a "new/old" face! :D

Welcome back!


Grim Dawn is an alternative, if you liked Titan Quest. Same developers, same engine, same feeling only a different story/setting. MP is running via Steam and without problems with up to four players (tested by our TQ-group ;) )

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Hi all, it's been a while, hope you are all well?


I just started up Sacred 2 for the first time in over 3 years since the Closed Net going away party and boy did it bring back some good memories.


It's still such a beautiful game and I wish the MP side was still going. Is there any mods you guys can suggest? I'm running the Steam version of Sacred 2 gold(couldn't face trying patch up an old boxed version). Does the community patch work with the Steam version?


It's good to see some familiar names still around, hopefully Unbended can fill the whole that Sacred left.


Awesome seeing you back here on the boards. Yes, I know you wanna give yer ping pong build a go? ^^ I know a lot of peeps have tried to get mp games going, but so far looks like tuungle is the only stable way of seeing this happen, and I know some members here do post looking for players.





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Hey Gogo and Knuckles, not seen you guys for a long time :)


I'm enjoying a bit of SP Sacred 2 but sadly not being on the closed servers just doesn't feel the same :sob:


I'm mostly playing Grim Dawn but only on single player just getting builds up to 50 and hunting for the rare loot whilst waiting for D3 patch 2.3 to come out.


As fun as all these games are, nothing has scratched my Sacred itch yet. What are you guys playing at the moment?

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