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Logen Schok

Saturation of Colors =)

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Hey everyone. I remember reading a while ago about a mod that desaturated the colors of Sacred 2 because people here found them to be a little too cartony? I can't find the link to the mod or anything, but I know for certain that it exists.

Well... last week I bought myself a colorimeter to use for my displays since I wanted to.. well... you know.. calibrate them to a standard that most/everyone in the professional content creation business should use.

​I used freeware software named ArgyllCMS with DispcalGUI to create calibration profiles and things and came across the ability to create a 3D LUT for ReShade, an injector of many effects. Well ReShade has the option to use a png texture file to "fix" the colors for games. This is pretty awesome, because I've read around that many games that use DirectX have a special type of "call" that will reset the "curve" of the display and force one the developers wanted, typically something absolutely linear.

​Anyhow, I don't entirely understand all the terminology or aspects of it, but what I do know is, with the ReShade injector, I can apply my 3D LUT (Which is more like a 2D gradient texture) to fix the colors.

​Point of this topic is, with a calibrated display and the 3D LUT, the game actually doesn't seem to be so cartoony, like at all. Problem is, I can't exactly screen cap and show you guys the difference, since it's a local thing, but I did some quick tests around a few places near the beginning of the game. That super vibrant green grass is actually supposed to be duller and more of a mix between green and yellow, almost as if the grass is dying or something. The general landscape is browner and so many other things. It's really pretty awesome to see how different the game looks.

Felt like sharing this information with you all =). Thanks for reading.

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