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Cascading Shroud As A Permanent Buff

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I recently queried Flix about the possibility of creating a modification for the High Elf's temporary Cascading Shroud that would make it permanent, as it always seems to fade out at the most inopportune times. Well, good news fellow High Elf enthusiasts, one may merely modify the spells notepad file to accomplish this stunning feat and roam the lands of Ancaria with the ability to be totally undetected, much as the Shadow Warrior with his Shadow Veil after it is "upgraded" to a permanent buff. This opens so many new possibilities, now that one needn't select so many skills that aim at protecting this most vulnerable (squishy) character; now skills may be selected which before may have seemed eccentric or even cavalier.


There now follows, at least a word or two of caution. One must be mindful of collateral damage to the High Elf from nearby opponents who are fighting among themselves or are aiming at the nearby Fire Demon and their combat art misses the target and heads her way. I have personally played an HE through the Silver level to Gold (only doing the main quest in the course of a few hours) with no close calls. Otherwise, I would not be offering this as a doable option. You may also wish to save your character files regularly and store them on an external drive for safe keeping. This is a boon if you lose a character, want to save one or more for later, or have to reload your computer or transfer the game to a new one.


Instructions for use:


1) Copy the spells notepad file to your desktop and name it "amended spells notepad file" or whatever you prefer. It is located (in Windows 7) in your game files Saced2Gold/scripts/shared.

2) Open the file and use the EDIT feature at the top and then select "find" and paste in: "he_st_nebelform" and search by selecting "find next". You will be directed to the section in question where you will (carefully, please) paste the following:


mgr.defineSpell( "he_st_nebelform", {
eiStateName = "cSpellCast",
fxTypeCast = "FX_HE_NEBELFORM_C",
fxTypeSpell = "FX_HE_NEBELFORM",
fxTypeCastSpecial = "FX_HE_CAST_L",
duration = 10.000000,
animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM11",
animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID",
animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID",
animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM03-SPECIAL",
causesSpellDamage = 1,
tokens = {
entry0 = {"et_self_prone_fir", 500, 0, 0, 37 },
entry1 = {"et_chance_evade", 60, 3, 0, 41 },
entry2 = {"et_damping_phy", 300, 2, 0, 41 },
entry3 = {"et_chance_evade", 40, 2, 1, 41 },
entry4 = {"et_damping_phy", 200, 2, 2, 41 },
entry5 = {"et_chance_block_root", 495, 5, 3, 37 },
entry6 = {"et_invisible", 10, 5, 4, 41 },
entry7 = {"et_damping_fir", 100, 4, 5, 41 },
entry8 = {"et_addwalkspeed", 200, 2, 6, 41 },
entry9 = {"et_invisible", 25, 10, 0, 41 },

fightDistance = 525.000000,
aspect = "EA_HE_STORM",
cooldown = 0.000000,
soundProfile = 0,
cost_level = 350,
cost_base = 350,
focus_skill_name = "skill_HE_storm_focus",
lore_skill_name = "skill_HE_storm_lore",
spellClass = "cSpellHeRegenerationskraft",
spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_t_buff",
sorting_rank = 4,



3) Backup (for your own peace of mind) the original spells notepad file and place it in a safe place. You may wish to leave it right where it is and create a new folder naming it (original spells notepad file) and then move the file there for safe-keeping.

4) Now, move the newly amended spells notepad file into the "shared" folder and then start the game. (Please do not tell me that you were doing all this with the game running and minimized). You should be able to place the Cascading Shroud as a buff into a buff slot and use it as early as you "eat" the first Cascading Shroud rune. You may wish to ingest more runes to a level which is the most appropriate for your High Elf's Mystic Stormite Focus level. If you are not seeing the change to Cascading Shroud from an ordinary Combat Art to a Permanent Buff, try repeating the process of replacing the old file and be certain that you deleted all of the original content, replacing it verbatim with the new text (above in gold), including every character, comma, and bracket.

5) Have fun, we (Flix and I) hope that you enjoy this. Feel welcome to post any queries and experiences here. Cheers.

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After using this to repeatedly have a "chance" in HC to take down Guardians sweatlessly, the value of the CA could not over stated. Course, it just seemed to run out on the toughest Guardian with the most HP... still this is great, makes her eminence miss uber squishy a more wonderful creature to play in Ancaria





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Thanks Hooyaah. The tiny buff icon for Cascading Shroud was already in the game files, which suggests Ascaron had intended at one point to make it a buff.

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You are certainly welcome Flix and thanks again for providing for us all the specific changes for the spells notepad to make the permanent buff work. I used Cascading Shroud and Grand Invigoration as my two primary buffs until my test High Elf mastered Concentration and then I added Crystal Skin for safe measure. My High Elf achieved Niob difficulty at only level 62 with no real difficulty. I have had great success also with increasing the Combat Art Range using the recommendations made by Chattius in this thread: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/19514-underestimated-item-modifiers/?hl=%2Bcombat+%2Bart+%2Brange..



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