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Sacred 2 Downloads -Labrys the Star-Axe

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File Name: Labrys the Star-Axe

File Submitter: Flix

File Submitted: 22 Feb 2016

File Category: Community Patch Shadow Warrior Items


Name: Labrys the Star-Axe

Type: 2h Axe (Shadow Warrior only)

Class: Unique

Requires: Community Patch 1.50


This axe was found incomplete and deactivated in the game files. It was completed and reactivated in CM Patch 1.50.


Socket Types:

Gold : 2

Silver : 0

Bronze : 0

Element: 1


Item Modifiers:

Chance for Weaken +X%

Chance for Burn +X%

Chance for Poison +X%

Chance for Freeze +X%

All combat arts +X

Casting Speed +X%

Opponent's chance to evade -X%


Item Levels:

Silver: 20, 40,

Gold: 60, 80,

Platinum: 100, 120,

Niobium: 140, 160, 180, 200


Wiki Page: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Labrys_the_Star-Axe



Be sure to back up your existing chest.sacred2chest file before doing anything! Installing this file will overwrite your Shared tab in your player chest.


For XP, it's located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


For Vista and Windows 7:

C:\Users\<userID>\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


Extract the Chest.sacred2chest file from this Zip file and place it in your Saved Games folder.


Click here to download this file

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"One night a farmer found a strange large chunk of metal in a smoking pit in his pumpkin fields. It was greenish in hue and seemed to emit an ever-so-faint glow. The blacksmith who bought it couldn't identify the ore - it seemed unlike any he had ever tested, strangely pliable yet incredibly resilient. Mere days after having acquired it, he began to work on forging a weapon from it. Day and night, he labored feverishly over his work, forging, drawing, bending. All other work was cast aside. He claimed he could "see the shape" and that it wanted to be "let out." His close proximity with the metal seemed to make him appear strangely weak and sallow, while the glow of the metal seemed to only intensify. On the very day he finished the work, he looked around in confusion for a few moments, and gasped his last breath. No one ever purchased the axe, however, and as everyone who came near it grew faint or nauseous, his nephew eventually locked it away in a cheap forgotten warehouse."




This stunning find is my favorite result from searching the game files for unused and unlockable items. It was an Ascaron creation that was just sitting there, waiting to be added to the game.



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unbelievably elaborate staff... a great find...is the head a kind of deamon?




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