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[REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

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Hello !

Just discovered the mod yesterday, and I think It is awesome !

I played 3 jours straight, with no crashs.

But, today it crashes like crazy.

I've reinstalled, put the CM 1.60 hotfix version, put the mod again, and then the game usually crashes around 2min after entering the world. Never used the F7 key so much ^^

I'm using win10 64bits, tried every option possible I found on the internet, nothing works.

Has anyone any ideas why this behavior occurs?

win10 64bits, up to date gaming rig, I'm in the orcish territory with a necro, and the more I progress in the story the more it crashes frequently.

I maye have noticed this: this morning, the music froze 3 times, and had to kill the game in the task manager. I don't know if this is linked, but then I have CTD over and over.

Thank you !

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