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Gods of Diablo 2 Fallen: Helgrotha - The First Amazon


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For more detailed info on Helgrotha and her Divine Gift Salvation, check her SacredWiki page.


Lore of the Nephalem

Book 3: Helgrotha - The First Amazon


Helgrotha was a female nephalem and the progenitor of the Amazon race. She was dark and very beautiful (as were allegedly all nephalem), and protected the animals active during the night, presumably owls and other nocturnal creatures.



Helgrotha was amongst the first generation of Nephalem to walk Ancaria. What powers she had is not known, but allegedly she was nearly as strong as Rathma when she lived. She watched over those creatures who lived during night as opposed to the day. She had been kind, but also fierce in her protection of those for whom she had cared. What is meant when it is said that she "watched" over those creatures isn't made clear. Perhaps she, much like Bul-Kathos, acted like a sort of deity.


She was probably killed by Inarius after the rogue angel had banished Lilith and altered the Worldstone to diminish the powers of the nephalem. Those of the nephalem who protested against that act were destroyed. Helgrotha's spirit first accepted Mendeln as a Keeper of the Balance, giving up one of her bones to act as a spiritual focus.



After her death, Helgrotha's daughters ended up retrieving a powerful artifact called the Sightless Eye and went on to form the basis for Askari society on the islands of the Jade Sea. The girls grew, and upon hearing tales of the Sightless Eye, vowed to recover it. Finding the Eye on Dyr-Lain, they discovered that while they could not use it to communicate with Heaven, they could use it to see the future.


So it was that their culture grew with the Sightless Eye at the heart of their society. From the more stalwart sister, the Amazon Caste descended, while from the more ethereal one would come the Oracle Caste. Until recently the outside world knew little of the Oracles, and so came to identify the more itinerant and well-known Amazon warriors with the Askari culture as a whole.


Despite later adopting the pantheon of gods of the island natives (such as Athulua, Zerae, and others), in the modern day Helgrotha still remains at the core of Amazon mythology.



Divine Gift: Salvation


Helgrotha's protective hand shields the hero from damage, while her firm retribution stings all who would dare attack those under her care.


50% chance to reflect all types of attacks

50% damage mitigation (all types)

Duration: 12 s

Cooldown: 400 s (~6.6 minutes)


Like many of the new Divine Gifts, Salvation was originally a Paladin aura in D2. It added high resistance to all the elemental damages. The D2F version looks and plays like Forens' Inspiration, with the addition of Damage Mitigation and slightly shorter duration.






Clicking on Helgrotha's statue will partially regenerate her divine gift, Salvation. As shown previously, a version of Helgrotha's armor (which is itself based on the iconic D2 Amazon look) will be available in the mod at some point.

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