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Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

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New Creatures Update #1

One of my "works in progress" has been changing up enemies and bosses. Dragons have got a few retextures and rearrangements in Diablo 2 Fallen. Ascaron actually did a great job in giving almost every dragon a different skin, however there are a few duplicates. So now they are all more unique.


Grunwald Cave Dragon
This dragon was originally identical to Magmadur (yellow and black). Now it has a new skin based on the original Dragon Strike texture. The first pic is his normal look, but he likes to cast the Iron Skin buff on himself, so the second and third pics show how he'll look for most of the fight.

jgOaC2Jm.jpg yHeXNUZm.jpg G4cKaqum.jpg

Originally he was identical to the Grunwald Cave Dragon. In fact he shares the same creature entry ("Dragon_huge_mountain"). I think this was an oversight because there is a totally unused creature entry called "Dragon_huge_fire" that has its own set of spells and red textures. I suspect this was intended to be Magmadur and it got a little mixed up during development. So I switched Magmadur to use the "fire dragon" creature entry, and while I was at it I gave him some more sinister textures. The fire dragon red textures were almost identical to Mer-Kil, just a little brighter and without the black lines. So they'll remain unused and Magmadur will have a new black and red look. Magmadur is a wicked dragon, perhaps the most evil of all dragons since he's a Seraphim-slayer. His look now reflects that (texture by Wardust).

MSMaE6sm.jpg Wl6FFF4m.jpg  1W6HQG7m.jpg


You may wonder since I changed both of the yellow and black dragons, will any dragon have that texture anymore? Well, the Gyvrim Island Dragon actually has that texture too, plus some cool armor.


Bengaresh Desert Dragon
This dragon was originally a washed out red-orange. It was essentially identical to Mer-Kil but with a more drab palette. Now it looks exotic and majestic. This texture is the old Dragon Form skin from Ice and Blood, since the Druid's Dragon form has a new unique texture.


x1U0tQCm.jpg AnwnXYdm.jpg  5iNXiKcm.jpg

Loromir and Nimdruail
These two friendly dragons are actually identical (green with red stripes) but since Loromir only appears to the Barbarian and Paladin (class quests), and Nimdruail only appears on the Shadow Campaign, I left them alone. Only a shadow-path Barbarian would ever run into both of them.


Xanthiar, Ordaurcil, and Orphas
These are the three blue dragons (all actually a single creature). Xanthiar appears on the Light campaign and Ordaurcil on the Shadow. After some thought, I decided to combine these two into one character. They are actually the same creature in all but name (same itemtype, same creature entry, they even ask you to do the same thing - hunt down 20 slaves). For story-telling purposes I made this a single dragon named Xanthiar who you just deal with differently depending on alignment.


Orphas was the quest giver Dragon for the Dragon Mage's class quest. He no longer exists, since the Druid gets his quest from the Elder Druid Cathbad.


Finally, I changed up the spells and buffs that all the Dragons can use. All of them still use the fire breath and flying fire breath, but otherwise the spells are more varied. Some examples:

  • For Dragons that have fireballs, they now home in on you (just like the little dragons), so beware.
  • The Swamp Dragon has more poison oriented spells and can root you.
  • The Grinch now has an ice nova.
  • Xanthiar can cast the red lightning attack that leeches life (like the Flying Eyes).
  • Magmadur now has a Flameskin buff.
  • The Grunwald Dragon now casts a Blazing Tempest-like spell.
  • The Desert Dragon casts Meteor showers.

And so on... be prepared to face different challenges according to the Dragon you're fighting, instead of just fighting the same Dragon over and over in a different skin. :)


So there you have it. Dragons with more unique designs and spells. In the future I plan to revise all the bosses somewhat and eventually add even more bosses and unique monsters. There are many inactive spells that could be adapted for enemy use to make the game more interesting and challenging.

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New Creatures Update #2

When I explored the game files looking at weapons and shields, it resulted in the Community Items Mod. When I explored the spell files, it resulted in Enhanced Spells and, ultimately, this Diablo mod.

Now I've explored the files for creatures and monsters, and I shouldn't be surprised that once more I found all kinds of cool stuff to bring to you.

Kobolds = Devilkin
This idea started when I found a very evil, unused texture for the kobold warrior:

I didn't end up using it, but it inspired me to make new textures transforming the little gnomes into Devilkin, the classic enemies from the Diablo series.

These are the standard Devilkin. Weakest of the group with no special abilities.

Fallen One
Warriors with better armor and weapons. Dangerous in large groups.

These hunters prefer to pelt you with rocks, but are not afraid to try to skin you alive.

Dark One
The elite fighting force of Devilkin, these monsters cast a fanaticism party buff that increases the damage and attack of all allies.

Fallen Shaman
Fallen Shamans shoot poison missiles and are known to conjure small earth elementals to aid them. As a new feature, all shamans can now resurrect fallen allies, so you will want to target the shamans first if you don't want to be overwhelmed.

Venture to the DragonSea Islands and the cave system underneath, and you will see all kinds of new enemies.

Dragon Berserk
Roaming among packs of Dragon Cultists, you may now see a Dragon Berserk leading them. These champions are extremely deadly. They can use the Berserk abilities Blood Frenzy and Lacerate.

Young Dragons
The young dragons got some modest texture improvements, as well as a size increase. No more are they little things you can stomp underfoot. They are now man-sized, with seeking Fireballs. Champions are even bigger and can cast a Flameskin buff that causes pulses of fire damage to you.

Small Dragon
Formerly a neutral NPC, these small dragons will now attack you with magical spheres of energy.

Dragon Cultists
Dragon cult members now wield a wider variety of weapons besides that one halberd.
k6JgoSnt.jpg JdUPO5et.jpg

Lizard warriors will now wield more than just the same bone club. They may also have a bone sword. Many of the creature skins are darker and more sinister as well. This goes for Lizardmen in the swamp as well as the jungle.

Swamp Creatures
It turns out that the developers made swamp versions of all the enemies like spiders, turtles, and bats. These creatures were completed and ready to go, but were not placed on the map! Instead the same generic versions of these wild animals appear instead. I have now turned them into their intended "swamp versions."

Rather than same standard vampire bat skins, Mudsuckers now have a more reptilian design. Champions can leech your life and cause bleeding.
TAgNenCt.jpg XEHjbBht.jpg PLSpUL9t.jpg

Weaving Spider
Rather than being copies of the Spitting Spiders, Weaving Spiders now have their own toxic green skin. Beware their poison spit (slightly decreased in power) and the Champions' webs.

Mud Snapper
They are no longer the same as the tropical Snappers. They now have muddy skin and green, viny shells.

The creature of Skull Rock is no longer a tiny trash mob. He is now a formidable boss named Father Dagon. He can cast versions of Twisted Torment and Black Curse, as well as a poison hard hit.
gU435KYt.jpg NZMLvhLt.jpg mXlroKbt.jpg

I'm still considering more changes to the swamp, such as adapting small versions of the Octagolamus to become Stygian Lurkers, and possibly adding more Hydras and/or a Hydra boss.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have lots more to show in future updates!

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Update #3 on New Creature Designs


More Swamp Creatures

Swamp Rat

No longer identical to the brown rats, they now use a kind of a gross dirty green unused texture I found.



Swamp Demon

Not quite the Bog Demon of Diablo 2 but pretty close. :)

Slime_Prince_%28Diablo_II%29.gifVA6Yh7xt.jpg 8mhuT3kt.jpg

Found this creature skin unused in the demons folder. Set him loose in the swamp. He's a champion, and can cast a version of Twisted Torment as well as a hard hit w/ poison attack. Approach with caution.


Stygian Watcher

Inspired by the enemies of the same name from D2.



The Stygian Watcher lurks in the water and pops up to hit you with tentacles and other attacks. An ink spray that roots and a water spray that pushes you back (usually into Weaving Spider or something else you don't want to anger).



Demons and Monsters in the Cursed Forest


Since the Sakkara demon summon is no more, I reused the creature to make the Balrogs from Diablo 2's hell level.


The Balrogs can be found in place of the Flaming Horses in the deeper parts of the Cursed Forest near Diaanja's retreat. They are all champions who use a hard hit attack and can cast a fire spray that roots you.


Vile Lancers and Demon Imps

Dark_Lancer_%28Diablo_II%29.gifveOdskht.jpg ZwFtAyvt.jpg


These demon women come in the variants Vile Hunter and Vile Lancer. They wield more demonic weapons than their Sacred 2 counterparts. Champions have a hard hit attack that can cause bleeding.



You will see they are often assisted by Demon Gremlins and Demon Imps. In Diablo 2 they were notorious for teleporting around and hitting you with fire, generally making themselves a huge nuisance. These enemies now have those abilities in the mod.



This was my most exciting find. I found a completely unused creature in the game files that was a huge red spider that had a saddle and a demon rider! It had already had a name encoded and everything: "Gargantura." Seriously, how awesome is this thing?

wtyaPMQm.jpg pAeP3kom.jpg  Ojj5pHMm.jpg B1V7fZVm.jpg   PjXa6Num.jpg

They can be found around the Tomb of Many and in between the first two burned down villages.


Misc Demons

Flame Sprite


The old fire demon summons are now Flame Sprites that will torment you in the desert. The have a flameskin buff, a fireball, and can open volcanic vents under your feet. They are found around the same areas that have scarabs (northern and eastern sections).


Frost Imp


Another unused creature design I found, these ice demons can be found in the snowy parts of the Crystal Plane. I'm thinking about putting some on Christmas Island as well. They can cast an ice missiles, ice ball, and use a freezing buff that slows you.


Monkey Demon


Yet another unused creature design. I placed these poisonous imps on the Dryad Island. They like to hang out near Willowisps. Don't follow them around thinking they're cute and funny, because they shoot a poison missile, use a short range poison nova, and have the terrible venom spit also used by spiders.


Fiends (Flying Demon Champions)

Ascaron made skins for champion flying demons but never put them in the game. Now the normal ones have the usual look, and champions have these new designs:

Jungle champion Fiend



Wastelands champion Fiend



Death Mauler (Elite Armored Red Demon)


A creature design for champion Demons that was never used. He appears in the Bloodwood and also in the Wastelands.

This is the biggest, baddest version of any of the "alien" looking Demons. He hits very hard and very fast, he has a devastating life leech hard hit, and he can resurrect fallen demon corpses. Destroy immediately without hesitation or run fast.


Other changes: Blood Drinkers are now called Blood Divers after the Diablo 2 flying enemies, and the champions can now leech life from you. There are a few less Kerbos (mini-hellhounds) and normal Flying Eyes because the density was too great in many areas.


I've also decided to scale back the raw number of enemies on the map from previous versions. I decreased the default visibility range and enemy aggro range a bit too, as I think I increased them too high (they're now about double instead of triple. There was too much swarming going on. I'd rather have the challenge be due to enemy power rather than sheer numbers. Inferno version will remain unchanged as the point is to overwhelm you.


Tons more updates to come.

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Update #4 on New Creature Designs

I'm making changes faster than I can document them, but I'll try to keep up.


Wild Cats

I found 3 unused creature designs for panthers, so I rearranged the lineup of big cats somewhat to accommodate them.


Black Panthers (Jungle Region)

Here you can see a new design for elite panthers that I unlocked, among the normal black panthers.



Hell Cats (Cursed Forest)

Here is another unlocked design for elite panthers, amongst the normal versions. They only appear in the "green" parts of this region, making them very rare.

frAa8Mkt.jpg ABS6TSrt.jpg


Night Tigers (Crystal Plane)

Formerly "Felons," the name was changed to a D2 enemy name, mainly because "felon" is a word in the English language for a criminal. When a Seraphim asked me to "go kill a felon" I thought I was being ordered to hunt down a criminal.

The elite design (right) is a new unlocked skin I found.

VXW90l4t.jpg 4FmA9MRt.jpg


Other big cats remain in the same places, with the same designs. Spotted Jungle Cats on Dyr Lain, Snow Leopards in the Northland, and Lions in the Bengaresh Basin.


Thorned Hulks and Bramble Hulks

Ents have been beefed up and made a bit more menacing. Bramble Hulks (1st pic) the normal versions of the enemies, are bigger but with no special powers. Thorned Hulks (2nd and 3rd pics) are the elite enemies, they are even bigger and they have a hard hit attack and a stomp Area of Effect attack. The 3rd pic is a new design I found unused in the game files. The Forest Guardian (4th pic) is even bigger still, and has a new Edaphic Lances attack.

hOaiAKRt.jpg NLwF7Ixt.jpg NIIJqlgt.jpg kT6HFOzt.jpg


The leader of the "Former Christmas Trees" on Christmas Island is no longer called "Ent Opponent." He is now a bit bigger and stronger and called "Lord Tannenbaum." :)


Wolf Riders

In a previous post I mentioned finding some unused Kobold textures. I realized they were intended to be used for variants of the Kobold Wolf Rider, so after some tweaking I added them to the game world. From left: Devilkin Wolf Rider, Wolf Rider Scout, Wolf Rider Hunter.

WggawDnt.jpg Wk99iXnt.jpg RzHKC7Kt.jpg

The scouts sometimes have magic wands and can cast poison balls.


Misc Enemies

Elite Spiders

Ascaron made a texture for elite Spitting Spiders that was never used until now.



Heavy Turtles

It looks like Heavy Turtles were intended to have their own skins, instead they wound up being identical to tropical Snappers. Here is the unlocked design:


They appear on various coastlines across Ancaria (Artamark, Jungle, a few other places).



Formerly there were three variants, but Ascaron made an extra green one so it's now unlocked. The designs were further altered thanks to Wardust's textures. Here they are for size comparisons. The champions (on the right) have a poison hard hit attack that is very dangerous.



Elite Griffins

My friend Pesmontis made a very cool Griffin skin that may someday go onto a Griffin mount. For now it can be seen on elite Griffins in the desert basin.




General Changes

  • Most elite enemies (champions) who use melee attacks now have a "hard hit" attack. There are variants of this attack which are "poison hard hit," "bleeding hard hit," and "slowing hard hit." Don't underestimate champions who close in on you.
  • Most elite enemies who use ranged attacks have a "multi-hit" attack that sends out multiple projectiles at once.
  • Ranged enemies of all kinds who use throwing stars and throwing daggers now also have a chance to use throwing potions.
  • Magic using champions now have at least 1-2 extra spells compared to their normal counterparts.
  • Most shamans (Devilkin, Blood Valkyrie, Human Cultist, Goblin, Orc, Ogre, Jungle Lizard) can cast Heal on injured allies and Revive on fallen allies. Take them down first.
  • Champions are generally a little bigger than normal enemies, especially for monsters and wild animals. In cases where the skins are the same for normal/champion, the size difference is more pronounced.
  • These changes go for many friendly NPC fighters as well, so they don't just get slaughtered by enemies. It will also make fights between NPC's more interesting to watch.


Tons more creature updates to come.

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Update #5 on New Creature Designs

The Dryad had three special undead types that were summoned by her CA Moribund Animus. Since no such CA exists for the Amazon, I wanted to put those designs to use in the game. I used them for normal versions of some of the Swamp Undead: Hunter, Mage, and Lich. The elite versions of these enemies use the more familiar designs.

Normal variant on the left (with new texture), elite variant on the right. In this order: Hunter, Mage, Lich

dID4UHot.jpg aRavLnnt.jpg DqSVWoFt.jpg

Skeleton Mages can cast a blue lightning strike and root. Elite Mages can additionally cast a Frost Fog Area of Effect ring and Teleport.
Liches can cast Frost Fog and use a freezing hard hit attack. Some can also summon more skeletons.

Moldered Undead, Zombies, Ghouls
I found 4 unused zombie skins: 2 for the human-like zombie, and two for the elf-like ones. So there is more variation for all the swamp undead.
This shows a Ghoul (new texture courtesty Wardust) and then the three elf zombies. The second shot is the normal Moldered Zombie (previously the only type in the Swamp, identical to all others). The third (elite version) and fourth pics are the new designs. The fourth design is mainly seen only in quests.

These are the two human-like Moldered Zombies. Previously they were identical to all other Zombie enemies (this guy). But now Swamp zombies are different. Waterlogged, darker and more rotten.

Ghouls can cast a poison cloud. Elite Ghouls also have a poison hard hit attack. Elite Zombies have a short range poison nova.

Undead Legion
I didn't include any texture changes to the Undead Legion. However I resized some of the smaller skeletons so they're not so tiny. The main change is new spells. Terus's troops have some new tricks up their sleeve.

Battle Standard
Elite Undead Tribunes can raise up an unholy battle flag that powers up all nearby enemies in its influence.
Effects: enemies receive boosted attack and defense, health regen, and attack speed. Your attack rating will be penalized while near the banner.

Skeletal Fortification
Elite Undead Legion Mages can summon this gruesome device that pelts you with arrows.
Effects: Mix of physical/ice damage. Can shoot up to 3 projectiles at once (if you have allies nearby). Shoots once per second. Lasts ten seconds.

As always, all Legion Mages can also cast a weak fireball attack, and elites can summon more skeletons.

Other Spells Used by the Legion
Group Damage Boost - if you see any enemies with crossed swords graphics swirling around them (like this), then they have a party buff that boosts weapon damage and attack rating for them and allies. Undead Centurions and Elite Undead Auxillars can cast it. In addition elite Auxillars have a multi-arrow attack and all melee elites have a hard hit attack.

Fire Shield - if you see enemies with a ring of flames around their feet they have a fire shield buff active that adds to their fire armor and a significant amount of fire mitigation. It applies to all their nearby allies.

--Remember there are a number of spells in D2F that can be modified to give you buff-removing powers. Use them to your advantage--


Orcs & The Lost "Yellow" Clan
We all know the Grurag tribe as the blue clan and the Ore-Thag tribe as the red clan. Good and bad. And the rest of all the goblinoids are just green neutrals.

I found several striking textures however, that suggested Ascaron had also planned a powerful "yellow" clan at some point. When I looked through the texts, I even saw they had a name: The Nur-Trak Tribe.

Where the Nur-Traks were to be located, or what their role was to be in the game, I have no idea. I do know that the designs are too good to be ignored. I ended up using them for elite versions of familiar Goblin and Ogre enemies.

Elite Goblins:
Nur-Trak Goblins are bigger with yellow skin and red eyes. I put them next to normal green goblins for comparison where possible. From left to right: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Leader
dHqWN32t.jpg qGkUtVct.jpg 6Y2JVhBt.jpg a3DV5fVt.jpg

Elite Ogres:
Nur-Trak Ogres are bigger with more golden hues and fancy armor designs. From left to right: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Champion
ZLDPGJct.jpg jHrbFmjt.jpg wcR122tt.jpg nVUitGpt.jpg

And here are the comparison shots between normal and elite:
Zx8MiVLt.jpg 9TkhLJlt.jpg JHfg7D5t.jpg gLMT0R4t.jpg

Grurag Goblins
There are plenty of red Ore-Thag Goblins roaming around Ruka but no blue Grurag Goblins in Entruag, or anywhere for that matter! So I made use of these unused designs, putting them in some of the battles nearby Entruag. They'll either help you out or fight you (on the Shadow path).

Ogre Clan Champions
Unlike Goblins and Orcs, who have red or blue colors when they have a clan affiliation, all Ogres are neutral colored. Ascaron made red and blue Ogres too, but never used them. I have tried to place them where appropriate. Quest giver Ogres who are obviously affiliated with one tribe or another will bear the colors of their clan. I also tried to place amid some of the random clan battles, like those in the Blade Fields.

Goblinoid Spells
Here's a quick run down of Goblin, Orc and Ogre abilities in D2F:

  • Hard Hit: Most elite melee units except Goblin warriors
  • Freezing Hard Hit: Elite Ogre Warriors and Champions
  • Multi-arrow: Elite Hunters
  • Heal, Revive: All Shamans
  • Speed Scream Buff: All Goblin Leaders and Shamans. When you see the Fanaticism buff on enemies (see pics above), enemies and their allies have boosted attack rating, movement speed and attack speed.
  • Attack Scream Buff: Elite Orc Champions. Temp buff (red nova casting fx) that boosts allies' attack rating, attack speed, and casting speed.
  • Meteor Shower: All Orc Shamans
  • Root: Elite Orc Shamans
  • Blue Lightning Strike: All Ogre Shamans. There are two "lightning strike" enemy Combat Arts in D2F: blue and red. Blue causes physical damage and magic DOT, disrupts your CA regeneration briefly, and has a 50% chance to turn off one of your buffs.
  • Summon Orc Ghost: Elite Ogre Shamans
  • Frost Ball: All Ogre Hunters. A weak ice attack that will freeze you.
  • Frost Fog: All Ogre Warriors and Champions. This is the ring of ice on the ground Area of Effect attack.
  • Lightning Blitz: Elite Boar Riders. A ranged nova attack that causes magic damage and magic DOT.
  • Spawn Goblin Soldier: Elite Boar Riders.

I'll cover Bosses and T-Mutant versions in separate posts.

Lots more updates to come. :)

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Thanks for the support friends.

Update #6 on New Creature Designs

Christmas Island
Arctic Wolves
I found a white "snow wolf" texture that wasn't used anywhere in the game. I put them in the Northland, so there will be about a 50/50 split between Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards.
tv2bx8Rt.jpg dqNXhfat.jpg
They have no special abilities and no elite versions. I may try to give them fur in the future. EDIT: Yep, just added fur. See second picture.

Not so long ago, Walther, Haenir, and The Guardian were all identical Yeti Chieftain bosses. Now they are all different. Walther had some "Christmas Troll" clothes that Ascaron made but never used. So I dressed him to be more fesitve.
Walther's abilities:

  • Freezing Hard Hit
  • Expulse Magic
  • Magic Trap
  • Levin Array (this will cause magic and magic DOT, and slow your movement and attack)


The Ice Hydra
The Ice Hydra is now a boss. It's bigger and has been powered up. It will only appear as part of the Christmas quest now (no longer part of The Northland Expedition).
YJfgRgGt.jpg bjaUW6Tt.jpg NhLxQMBt.jpg
Ice Hydra abilities:

  • Freezing Hard Hit
  • Blind (black cloud around your head, lowers your speed and attack)
  • Ice Cloud (cone-shaped mist attack)
  • Arctic Blast (Gust of Wind-like attack that knocks you back)


The Fury Broodmother
Previously, you would kill the Ice Hydra for both the Northland Expedition and Christmas quests. This meant you would kill it and then possibly go back and kill it again, or fight two at once if you timed the quests right. However, it seemed weird to me that the "Fury Broodmother" was a Hydra. Now it's a huge Fury (Harpy) that I created. I found an unused Harpy texture that was called "harpy miniboss" so I suspect it was intended for this creature all along.
WZpZR88t.jpg SensVEwt.jpg YTVsguFt.jpg

  • Freezing Hard Hit
  • Frost Flare (ice damage and freezes you)
  • Chain Lightning (ice damage and debuffs you)
  • Icy Evanescence (Area of Effect ice attack that lowers your ice resistance)


Thanks to the latest CM Patch, Haenir (Northland Expedition boss) is no longer a Yeti chieftain. He is now a big Thraconian boss, as the quest always suggested he was. All Thraconians in general are a bit bigger now, and Haenir is towering.

I forgot to take any pictures, but his design isn't unique. I may give him a new skin in the future to make him more exciting.
Haenir's abilities:

  • Hard Hit
  • Freezing Hard Hit
  • Damage Buff: crossed swords buff, boosts his attack and weapon damage
  • Expulse Magic
  • Magic Trap

The reward for defeating Haenir and completing the Northland Expedition quest is the unique mace Braggis's Law.


Master Bruin
Master Bruin the polar bear is no longer a boss. He's now an elite enemy, but still tough. He has a hard hit attack and a bleeding hard hit attack.


Christmas Gnomes

Due their appearance, the Kobolds in the Northland aren't called Devilkin. They are now Gnomes. Otherwise the same cute little creatures.


Crystal Plane
Elite Lupan
I activated an unused texture for elite Lupans. They are dark blue whereas the normal versions are red. They can cast a poison cloud attack.

Elite Ursaron
Another unused texture. They are red whereas the normal versions are white. They have a freezing hard hit attack.

The Guardian
This yeti chieftain boss is bigger and meaner. He also has a new buff that makes him look more frightening.

  • Crystal Skin (adds to his physical armor and ice mitigation, chance to reflect your spells, and slows your movement if you get too close)
  • Expulse Magic
  • Magic Trap
  • Freezing Hard Hit



Elemental Lords

All elemental lords are a bit bigger now, and each will give a perfect gem as a reward.

Earth Lord

This boss got a new appearance using the now unused earth elemental skin from the Dragon Mage CA Protector. The old skin is now found on elite earth elementals (Dragon Caves). The Earth Lord also summons two of them to help him.

8br3YQ5t.jpg 3LgrI5mt.jpg Zi87Nh8t.jpg


  • Summon 2 elite earth elementals
  • Dust Cloud (Area of Effect attack causes physical damage, gives him good chances to evade and block spells)
  • Fire Trap
  • Slowing Hard Hit

Poison Lord

Appearance is the same as always.


  • Poison Hard Hit
  • Poison Spit (same as spitting spiders)
  • Poison Trap
  • Poison Torment (uses Twisted Torment fx, slows you and causes poison damage over 4 seconds)

Flame Lord

Appearance same as always.


  • Flame Skin Buff (causes pulses of fire damage)
  • Hard Hit
  • Meteor Shower
  • Blazing Tempest

Ice Lord

Appearance same as always.


  • Frost Aura (causes pulses of ice damage and freezes you)
  • Icy Evanescence
  • Ice Missile
  • Glacial Thorns





I put a few more Hydras in the swamp. The few that were there were quest-related; none spawned randomly. They can be found in the southwest parts of the Swamp, but still rare, in accordance with the lore. They are bigger than before.

YH1sQ62t.jpg vxSE9zZt.jpg

Normal Hydras have an electricity attack that causes magic/physical damage and has a good chance to stun and weaken you. They also have weakening nova attack that debuffs your attack and physical armor. Elite Hydras additionally have a poison hard hit attack.


Wild Earth Elemental

I created this elite enemy for the Druid class quest. I intend to have a "fight, then talk" encounter, but for now, it's just "fight." He uses the old Destroyer elemental skin. No special abilities.




More updates to come!

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Update #7 on New Creature Designs


Jungle Inhabitants

Garema are now the Fetish tribes of Kurast. Fetish_%28Diablo_II%29.gif


Fetish are the basic warriors of the Jungle tribes. They come with a variety of armor and weapons. Elites have a Hard Hit and can use a "Ghost Walk' buff that makes them very hard to hit.

grnOlL2t.jpg dNuVPZqt.jpg



Flayers are stronger than normal Fetish. They have a have a Hard Hit attack and a party buff that increases their attack rating and attack/casting speed. Elites can also use the Ghost Walk buff.



Soul Killers

The hunters of the tribe. They use blowpipes but will also attack with daggers if you get too close. Elites have a Poison Hard Hit attack.

Ny507jUt.jpg hFua9fAt.jpg


Fetish Shamans

They like to attack with throwing stars and throwing potions but also have katanas to defends themselves. They also revive fallen allies and have an electricity attack that can stun you. Elites additionally can teleport.




Blood Valkyries

The Blood Valkyries are powerful Amazon warriors who have been corrupted by demonic forces, much like the Corrupt Rogues from D2.


Flesh Hunter

These warriors are the most common variant. They can now have a random combination of three different demon swords and shields, including the new smoke shield we made for the Item Mod. Elites have a bleeding hard hit attack and a teleport melee attack.



Black Rogue

Black Rogues are dual wielders and natural leaders of the troops. They all have a group buff that increases damage and attack. Elites further have a bleeding hard hit attack.



Dark Ranger

Dark Rangers are the archers of the Blood Valkyries. They have a multi-arrow attack and a Frenzy buff that makes them more vulnerable to physical damage, but increases their attack speed and damage as they lose health.



Blood Valkyrie Shaman

Shamans can cast a poison root spell, a totem pole, and can revive fallen allies. Elites can also teleport.




Cybernetic Assassins


These have new skins, and wider variety of weapons. Elites have several combat arts: an Area of Effect weakening attack, a slowing hard hit attack, and an Untouchable Force buff.

uGwWHtpt.jpg Ss8TRjTt.jpg



Hunters have new skins, and a wider selection of guns and swords. They can also cast Deathly Spears and a magic trap. Elites have a different seeking trap that disrupts your CA regeneration, and can cast a version of Archangel's Wrath.

HX0p8pXt.jpg 5fxlYazt.jpg xd2FzFwt.jpg 4ozZHiit.jpg Y0ViFR7t.jpg





There are now a few undead roaming the Desert sands. Burning Dead are in the east and mummies are found in the west.

SL6makJt.jpg NGq2SUmt.jpg


Shifting Stone

These enemies have a new unused stone creature skin I found.




More updates to come!

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Update #8 on New Creature Designs

Foul Crows
Foul_Crow_(Diablo_II).gif Harpies are a little smaller now and named after the various flying bird demons of D2. From left: Blood Hawk, Cloud Stalker, Black Raptor, Desert Wing
7Kq6an8t.jpg rrHjlzht.jpg

Various spells used by Foul Crows are: Wind Cone attack, Fire Shield buff, Electricity Shock, Bleeding Hard Hit, Blind debuff.
Cloud Stalkers additionally have a few new spells: Levin Array and Storm Cloud
UqfBl3Mt.jpg hTOFoG4t.jpg

T-Energy Soldiers
Daloriel the Depraved now has a shield that matches his equipment. He can also use Primal Mutation on you. The 4 guardians of energy (Ancient Secrets) share these changes. Daloriel's elite companions have lightning attacks. One has the blue lightning (energy leech, debuffing, magic DOT), while the other has red lightning (life leech, magic DOT). They can also heal Daloriel.
4EuHwRxt.jpg 25hhcd3t.jpg

Thranak the Mad Ogre
Thranak is bigger and stronger now. He also has a weapon now: a T-Energy staff that we added in the Item Mod.
eKgH37yt.jpg 2wSNBXBt.jpg UPHjRxat.jpg
These are Thranak's abilities:

  • Attack Scream buff: red nova casting fx, orange lightning aura. Increases attack rating, attack & cast speed.
  • Damage Boost buff: crossed swords fx, boosts weapon damage and attack rating
  • Primal Mutation: Magic attack that can't be dodged
  • Spawn T-Bear and T-Wolf: mutated animal minions

Other enemies without weapons or abilities have some now:

  • Gambling Den Owner: has a dagger now, and various Hard Hit attacks
  • Black Seraphim: wields the Soulflay Fork and actually has abilities now. Bleeding hard hit, Archangel's Wrath, Energy Shield buff, and burning skeleton summons
  • Human cult mages have magic staves now and can revive fallen allies.
  • Some enemies can use Spectral Hand now: Sinister Prince, King El-Leigh and elite mummy priests, elite armor suits (Cursed Forest), Du'Rach boss
  • The Banshee and the Evocator have some new spells: Ice Missile, Frost Ring, Mind Strike, Blue Lightning Strike, Teleport
  • Other enemies can use Mind Strike now: elite Flying Skulls and the Scaron boss (the latter can also use Primal Mutation)
  • Furious Emblazer will show up a few times: Fire Tower traps can use it, and so can elite fire elementals
  • There's a couple more unused textures I made use of : a red flying eye and an elite albino rat
  • I gave Haenir Kaldur's Legacy and a new skull shield design to wield



Well updates are winding down with this creatures sub-project, but I just figured out how to place new unique monsters on the map, so expect new updates on Diablo 2 unique enemies and bosses coming soon.

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Update #9 on New Creature Designs

No updates for a couple weeks but I've been busy with lots of new stuff!


D2F now has recreations of Diablo 2's Super-Uniques: Elite enemies with unique designs and names, that are less powerful than bosses but stronger than any standard/champion enemy.


Super-Uniques always spawn in the same place, as they are hand-placed on the map. Some are tucked away in remote places or as "dungeon bosses" while others guard familiar well-trodden paths.


I tried to be faithful to the originals. For example, if an enemy was cold-enchanted or extra fast I added those properties. I'm hoping to recreate most or all of them.


I'll start simple but some of this stuff we've got cooking up is going to be really exciting. I've recruited my friend and fellow modder Pesmontis to contribute some designs and that means amazing things are being made.



Rakanishu is an exceptionally poweful Carver. Get too close and he will zap you with Charged Bolts. You can find him in Seraphim Valley.




A fanatic Dark One with the powers of both a warrior and a shaman. Can be found in a Devilkin camp in the Copper Peaks on the road to Noriath Temple.




Corpsefire is an elvish zombie who lurks in the Thylysium Cemetary.



Dark Elder

On the mountain range in the northwestern-most part of Artamark is a dark cemetary. Beside a mysteriously open sarcophagus you can find the Dark Elder.




Find this giant Thorned Hulk living in the Marigold Fields of the swamp. As his name suggests he is a master of lightning.

Thorned_Hulk_%28Diablo_II%29.gifJRNkb2lt.jpg xIwUs9ct.jpg


Flamespike the Crawler

A humongous fire-rat living in Thylysium's sewers.



Eyeback the Unleashed

Eyeback the Unleashed guards the entrance to the Great Machine. Do not underestimate him, and steer clear of his attack that sends thorns shooting through the ground at you.



Icehawk Riftwing

This is an unusually large Fury living in the Crystal Plane. He greets you when you pass through The Portal (southern entrance).



Infector of Souls

In the old abandoned swamp fortress S'Suil lives a demon that is the essence of all that is poison and toxic.




Lots more updates to come, building up to a new release by the end of the month! :)

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Update #10 on New Creature Designs: More Super-Uniques


Creeping Feature

This ghoul lives in a swamp cave. There are only 4 caves in the Swamp so I'll let it be a surprise where you find him. Don't let his slow speed fool you. He's extra strong and cold enchanted.




A gigantic scarab beetle roams near the path leading up to the great tomb just south of the Sands of a Thousand Antennae. His main tactic is to chomp you and zap you with Charged Bolts.



Ventar the Unholy

This Balrog demon can be found in the Wastelands, deep in the canyons near a dragon skeleton.



Snapchip Shatter

The Hucin are now known as Frozen Horrors. Snapchip Shatter is a huge Frozen Horror who blocks your way across the Bridge Spanning Nothing. He has an array of ice attacks and buffs at his disposal.

Frozen_Horror_%28Diablo_II%29.gifXF4djrzm.jpg uTkC40qt.jpg



Turns out Ascaron also made a "Yeti Hunter" creature that was never implemented. He's lurking outside the southern entrance to the yeti cave on Christmas Island.



Bonus: Yeti with fur. I added fur to the normal Yeti fighters.


Bone Ash and Bonesaw Breaker

In my old thread about modding new enemies, I dreamed of making a pair of skeleton bosses who inhabited the lowest room of the Jail Island dungeon. Now that's a reality as these two super-uniques can be found there.

Burning_Dead_Fire_Mage_%28Diablo_II%29.gBone_Warrior_%28Diablo_II%29.gifqBxFap5t.jpg vAHicxrt.jpg bcwYD8At.jpg

Both skeletons are damage-resistant and have a hard hit attack but the real danger is their auras. Bone Ash will burn you and Bonesaw Breaker will freeze you.


Sszark the Burning

Another wish of mine was to put a spider boss in the desert. I had thought to try a retexture of the Shroud Spider, but when I discovered the Gargantura enemy type I knew I had found my spider boss. Sszark is a true boss-class enemy, so I'll let you track him down (he's in the middle of nowhere west of Khorum). Needless to say get ready to be webbed and burned.



Hephasto the Smith

Underneath the Orcish city of Za'Zuruik is a system of mines. Apparently they delved too deeply and greedily. You can find Orcs battling fire elementals all throughout the mines. At the lowest level is a demon-possessed Ogre blacksmith, still wielding his hammer, who no longer recognizes friend from foe.




No super uniques here, but I wanted to note I've converted Trolls into the Wendigo, similar creatures from Diablo 2. They have more earthy skin tones (no longer purple-pink) and are a bit bigger, but otherwise they're not much different aside from the names.




More updates to come! Next time you will see new models imported from other games, including a blast-from-the-past: creatures returning from Sacred 1! :)

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Update #11 on New Creature Designs

I want to give HUGE thanks to my modding partner Pesmontis, who has helped me immensely by working to get these new creatures in the game. It's because of him that you'll get to fight against these monsters!

Treehead Woodfist (super-unique)
Treehead Woodfist was a green leafy Wendigo-type character in D2. He returns in the mod with a new look. Remember the tree-men from Sacred Underworld?
If you're in the Grunwald Forest and see glowing mushrooms along a path, follow the trail to the clearing where Treehead Woodfist makes his home.
Minions of Baal
Baal is the demon god worshipped by the Dark Cult in the Grunwald Forest. Baal's demon minions now patrol the forest and nearby areas. While none of them have any spells to speak of, they will absolutely shred you if you give them the chance. This is the Frazzler from Sacred Underworld. :)
Slayer_(Diablo_II).giftZJgASJm.jpg b9wUafhm.jpg

Eldritch the Rectifier (super-unique)
A particularly powerful minion guards the dungeon where the cult hides its secret machine. He can blind you, and cause bleeding and life leech with his claws.
Tainted & Misshappen
These dog-like demons from D2 now appear in the mod. The various trolls from Sacred 1 donated their bodies to make these creatures.

Tainted are the poisonous species and they come in two varieties: normal and elite. Normal Tainted are small and use a poison skin aura that damages you. The elites are bigger and more scaly and they use a poison nova attack. They can be found in the Thylysium Sewers, as well as most dungeons and caves in the Human Realm. They also appear in the northern-most parts of the Swamp.
Misshapen_(Diablo_II).gif6Rusr29m.jpg RmYlp1Qt.jpg

Misshappen are the fire-variants. Being fire demons, they like hanging around the Dark Army, almost like pets. They also appear in the lava caves under Za'Zuruik alongside fire elementals.
Afflicted_(Diablo_II).gifInybR0pt.jpg JH5zTN8t.jpg

Pitspawn Fouldog (super-unique)
This vile hairy creature hangs out with T-Energy creatures just south of Teardrop Hamlet on the road to the Desert. He's cold enchanted and has poison attacks as well.
Disfigured_(Diablo_II).gifXs5mN53t.jpg JIDf2aVt.jpg
Sabre Cats and Slingers
Cat-like humanoid inhabitants of the Desert now appear in the mod. They spawn in the Bashade Plains as well as anywhere west of Khorum where there were formerly Du'Rach (all Sand Raiders are east of Khorum now).

Sabre Cats are the normal variants with melee attacks.

Slingers are the elites, who prefer to attack with throwing potions.

Bloodwitch the Wild (super-unique)
Bloodwitch the Wild bars the way south from the Desert into the Jungle. She conjures up dust clouds and can heal herself. When she casts the berserk aura her scythe melee attacks are faster and do more damage as she loses health.
Vampires now appear in D2F as a new type of Undead. These creatures were exclusively mages in D2 but now there are a variety. Vampires spawn throughout the Whisperwood and the nearby dungeons and caves.

Normal Vampires have no weapons, attack only with their claws, but can still cause bleeding.
Elites have a sword and can also leech life with their hard hits.

Banished are the vampire mages. They have very dangerous life leech spells: a red lightning strike, and a bloodcloud that seeks you and suck out your lifeforce.

The Bloodlord (super-unique)
The Bloodlord haunts The Last Watch, the cemetary in perpetual darkness. He has the powers of elite Vampires plus an aura that means his mere presence leeches the life from you.

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Update #12 on New Creature Designs

Achmel the Cursed
This greater mummy abides in the final room of the tombs where you find the Scroll of the Devil's Fire. He can cast Black Curse on you, summon up Moldered Skeletons, use Spectral Hand, and cast a trap that disrupts your CA regeneration.

Blood Raven
Blood Raven is a corrupt Amazon hunter (a Flesh Hunter). You can find her in the Arkenmark's Refuge graveyard. She summons undead to do her bidding and shoots multiple fire arrows that seek you out. She's very quick and evasive and highly resistant to cold and fire spells.
Blood_Raven_(Diablo_II).gifryuPl7ot.jpg XSipF1Rm.jpg

Goat-Men and Bull-Men

Big thanks to Pesmontis for helping get these models into the game.
"Moon Clan" goat-men appear throughout the central core of Artamark, mostly in place of all the boars and wild animals. They are classified as monster-type enemies. They have no special powers but the elites are bigger and darker and have a hard hit attack.
Moon_Clan_(Diablo_II).gifuTLw3mtt.jpg N26N3dht.jpg

"Night Clan" goat-men appear in the snowy parts of the Crystal Plane, in place of the stone monsters you've been fighting throughout the rest of the region. They are white and furry compared to their lowland counterparts. Elites are bigger and have a hard hit attack.
Night_Clan_(Diablo_II).gif889Res7t.jpg 07USzDtt.jpg

Gharbad the Strong

Gharbad the Weak was an enemy in Diablo 1, part of an amusing quest. His cousin Gharbad the Strong is not such a push-over, with a Blind debuff and a hard hit attack. He guards the entrance to the Legendary Pirate Treasure quest room.


"Moon Lord" (normal) and "Night Lord" (elite) are the new designations for Minotaurs in D2F. These bull-men are slightly more common now, appearing throughout the southern-most valley surrounding the Minotaur cave in east Artamark.

A Black Rogue stalking the road leading to the port of Bulutuz. She has cold-enchanted weapons and a frost aura. Her hard hits can cause bleeding and freezing.

Witch Doctor Endugu
This Flayer Shaman bars the way across the eastern bridge into Ciria Delith. He has a fire shield buff and an Inferno attack. He can also cast Black Curse. You'll know you're hit with Black Curse when you have a glowing green infection clinging to you.
Witch_Doctor_Endugu_(Diablo_II).gifQmLnuZrt.jpg euKZbgnm.jpg 3cNwsl5t.jpg

The Summoner
At the very lowest level of a cave system south of Gargahok's Destiny, the Summoner makes his lair. He has some powerful Area of Effect attacks: a weaken debuff, shock nova, and frost nova. He is also highly resistant to spells. Despite this, his weapon attacks are weak and he is vulnerable to weapon attacks.

Colenzo the Annhilator
I decided to make this super-unique a Goblin rather than Devilkin. He likes to hang out around the gate that gives passage from Artamark to Nor Plat. His FlameSkin buff damages you and protects him from projectiles. He can also heal himself and others, summon up a goblin fighter, and resurrect fallen allies.


Dac Farren

This demon gremlin made a real nuisance of himself in D2, teleporting around and pelting you fireballs. He is the same in the mod. He can be found near the bridge leading across the Red River in the Cursed Forest.



Champion Flying Eye

I didn't see this enemy documented anywhere on the Wiki, but it seems it was intended to be spawn as a quest target for the quests that have you hunting Flying Eyes. It looks there was a little scripting mix-up so it didn't appear as intended. Now it can be seen in the Cursed Forest. They have the same dangerous red lightning attack as normal flying eyes, plus the ability to cast Twisted Torment on you.




More updates to come!

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Update #13 on New Creature Designs

Zakarum Zealots
In D2F, the Elven religion in Tyr Lysia is now that of the Zakarum, the religion of the Light. Just like the state religion of the vanilla game, it has been corrupted by dark powers. In addition to Inquisitors and their guards, there are also fantical followers of Zakarum. In a perfect world, they would be Paladins and Holy Priests, but corrupted as they are, they have a twisted appearance and are half-mad with zeal.
Normal variants have no special abilities but they can dual wield. Elites are called Zakarum Fanatics. They carry big scythes and have a hard hit and a fanaticism buff that increases the speed and attack of allies.
There are no more brigands and thieves east of Thylysium. They are all replaced by Zealots now.
Faithful_(Diablo_II).gifjwZ1re5t.jpg X7ze2LXt.jpg jRt7Unam.jpg

Zakarum Priests
The Zakarum mages accompany the soldiers, healing their wounds and casting other sinister spells. Cantors cast a magic ball, heal, and use a buff that disrupts your CA regeneration. Heirophants are more powerful. They can resurrect fallen allies, cast chain lightning that can deactivate your buffs, and use a reflection spike shield.
Sexton_(Diablo_II).gifGW6h2DNt.jpg mK0rYTTt.jpg

We've got three new giant-type enemies that serve as variants of this D2 brute. The first is the Blunderbore, a hill giant that lives in the areas of north-eastern Nor Plat. They're allied with the goblins and fight against the raiding Thraconians. They are elites so they have a hard hit and a "stomp" attack (causes stun).

Gorebellies are cyclops-like monsters who are allied with Devilkin and Wendigo. They fight against Orcs and Ogres if they encounter them. Normals have charge and stomp special moves. Gorebelly Elders have a hard hit and an area weaken debuff.
Gorebelly_(Diablo_II).gif0As4IoSm.jpg JDMCcIct.jpg

Urdar are the ice giants of the frozen north, smaller than their southern cousins but no less dangerous. They appear in the snowy parts of the Crystal Plane. They are elites with a stomp attack and a freezing hard hit.

Infernal Sirens
These demonic witches spawn in the Cursed Forest. As normal-class enemies only, they act as "little sisters" to the big Balrogs and can always be found nearby them. They don't have much in the way of powerful attacks, but they can Blind you (debuffed attack rating and speed) which can be a real hindrance.
Hell_Witch_(Diablo_II).gifgSHzi3Cm.jpg S68IYAFt.jpg

The Succubus enemy can be found in the Dragon Caves. They are spell casters who have two attacks: Charged Bolts which fire relentlessly (but only if you get too close), and a seeking orange magic orb.

Witch Moon (super-unique)

Witch Moon was a unique Succubus from Diablo 1. Unlike the normal variants, she is armed and has an energy leech buff. She can cast a seeking Fireball and Archangel's Wrath (also target seeking). She hangs out near the road to the Scorpion Temple.

Succubus_(Diablo_I).gifM8Y1IlZt.jpg sSH0EIVt.jpg

The Countess
This super-unique vampiress makes her lair in the lowest level of the dungeon underneath Black Oaks. She can summon up lesser vampires, use a dangerous life-leech buff and hit you with bleeding attacks. As an undead she can resurrect herself.
The_Countess_(Diablo_II).gifpa7UtgGm.jpg QwFRZocm.jpg

This undead fighter lurks in the secret passage between Tyr Lysia and Artamark. He has a buff that boosts his damage and a hard hit attack.
Reanimated_Horde_(Diablo_II).gifNKoalrKt.jpg bBIhTiwt.jpg

Ancient Kaa the Soulless
A powerful mummy priest that can cast an array of spells. He casts Black Curse and his buff disrupts your CA regeneration. He can also cast Spectral Hand and a close-range "slime nova" (same as used by zombies and ghouls). He's in the crypt wing of the Ancestor's Chambers (Dyr Lain).
Achmel_the_Cursed_(Diablo_II).gif732b6gKt.jpg JvgGaIOt.jpg

The Lord of Hatred makes his debut in D2F as a boss at the summit of the Temple of Tears. He has a powerful life leech buff and can cast Charged Bolts and Chain Lightning.
Mephisto_(Diablo_II).gif7V3JxRDt.jpg X7fW9Gmt.jpg Evgmk79t.jpg

The Maiden of Anguish is the new boss at the end of the Lost Crypt quest in the Cursed Forest (rather than an elite Harbinger of Death). She has Andariel's familiar traits, such as a Poison Nova and a sensitivity to fire. She can also root you and use some powerful hard hits that cause poisoning, bleeding, and life leech. Despite wielding a sword in these pics I decided to make her attack with her claws instead.
Andariel_(Diablo_II).gifEg8NvdFt.jpg AuuBD9Kt.jpg toSjSs9t.jpg

Immunity System: I'm trying to emulate the D2 system whereby most enemies have immunity to certain damage types at the highest difficulty level. The method is by adding high damage mitigation to enemies. Since the game automatically scales bonuses based on enemy level and difficulty level, at low levels it will be less obvious, and at high levels it will close to full immunity. I'm going to start with obvious enemies, such as elementals, and see how that goes.

I also noticed the Elite Harbingers of Death (now called Dark Stalkers) are scripted to dual wield two swords, but because they lack the skill they only have one sword. I gave them the skill so now they are a bit more deadly due the the increased damage and attack speed.


Lord de Seis

The Lich at the end of the quest "The Lich" is no longer an anonymous lich, he is now Lord de Seis. The appearance is the same but he has more spells: Frost Area of Effect, Freezing Hard Hit, Summon Skeletons, and Frost Flare.


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Update #14 on New Creature Designs


Jungle Hunter

Originally ape-like beasts in D2, these creatures are more humanoid and can use weapons in the mod. They appear throughout the Jungle region. Elites have a rage buff that makes them faster and do more damage as they lose health. The models were the Hell Golems from Sacred 1.

Jungle_Hunter_%28Diablo_II%29.gifJKk9dMZt.jpg 1ggruQGt.jpg



Fire Eye (superunique)

This superunique barbarian monster is allied with the Du'Rach and guards their desert city of Sulinar. He has a fanaticism buff and bleeding hard hit attacks.

Fire_Eye_%28Diablo_II%29.gifysDN3OYt.jpg wMkxnhYt.jpg



Battlemaid Sarina (superunique)

I'd originally thought to make this enemy out of the playable Dryad, but customizing a Blood Valkyrie design worked out better. She can be found in the Ancestor's Chambers on Dyr Lain, just after the room with the arena. She has an attack buff and hard hit attacks.




Radament (superunique)

This unique mummy lurks in the caves underneath Khorum. He spawns waves of undead, many of which have their own powerful spells and buffs (some can even summon skeleton of their own). Normally there is nothing but a few scorpions in this cave, but Radament can fill it with skeletons quickly. He also has a damage buff that boosts all his minions.

Radament_%28Diablo_II%29.gifHXYUUZ2t.jpg vHIrlcut.jpg LlL48Vlt.jpg



Kujin (boss)

Where her homeland is, no one knows. Returning from a raid on the mountain trolls, an Ore-Thag orc raiding party brought back this strange barbarian female. Riding her great raging bull, Kujin dominates the gladiator games in the Ruka arena and litters the floor with bones. She has charge and stomp special moves as well as bleeding hard hits.

tlqMnrUm.jpg djPFxxVm.jpg



Thresh Socket (superunique)

The only Siege Beast appearing in the mod, Thresh Socket is found in south-east Nor Plat near a cave entrance. Though he has no special abilties he packs a punch and has a lot of hitpoints.




Elite Scarab Riders

Pesmontis made a new "wasp" skin for elite sand raider scarab riders in the desert.

2zf4F28m.jpg 2U7vbkxt.jpg



Oblivion Knights

These humanoid monsters appear in the latter half of the Cursed Forest, alongside the Living Armor suits. Their appearance is the Diablo 1 version of the enemies. They can use the Barbarian abilities Bash and Stun.

Blood_Knight_%28Diablo_I%29.gifzltrpbwm.jpg kRcOmi3t.jpg



Lachdanan (superunique)

This golden Oblivion Knight guards the southern path leading to the Field of Eternal Pain. He can use the Barbarian abilities Howl and Concentrate. He can also cast a seeking trap that causes physical damage with a chance for Mortal Wounds (serious open wounds).

Black_Knight_%28Diablo_I%29.gifvF1wH4im.jpg d0vz1K3t.jpg


Nihlathak (boss)

This Necromancer is the new antagonist of the quest "The Missing General" in the Blood Forest (formerly it was a run-of-the-mill lich). He can use the Necromancer spells Bone Armor, Bone Spear, and Lower Resist. He can also use a summon undead spell that spawns two elite Flayed Ones (now classified as undead in the mod), and three Ghouls.

Nihlathak_%28Diablo_II%29.gif7CpbjeGt.jpg Ew8zkFlt.jpg



Diablo (boss)

The Lord of Terror will make his debut in v0.4. His lair is in the lava room in the Gyrvim cave system underneath Dyr-Lain. He has several spells at his disposal: a flame nova, a red lightning attack, a freezing touch, a poison root spell, and a fire Area of Effect attack.

Diablo_%28Diablo_II%29.gifCKefVpjm.jpg gmhxHzyt.jpg

s3ljj4Rt.jpg iVDsN3Zm.jpg



More creature updates coming soon

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Update #15 on New Creature Designs


Huge thanks to Pesmontis for getting all of these off the ground.


Dark Elves

I can't pretend these are Diablo-related. This is strictly an instance of "wouldn't it be cool if...?" in which case we brought back an old enemy from Sacred 1. They can be found in the northwestern parts of Tyr Lysia, around the Noriath Temple/Copper Peaks/White Griffin area.


Dark Elves have 4 varieties:

Regular Dark Elves wield lightsabers, while the rare elite Dark Elves have saberstaves and use a fanaticism buff.

oSylB5ot.jpg i4uMKuSt.jpg ESNX6OJt.jpg cQu6O13t.jpg


Dark Elf Hunters use bows and daggers, while elite Dark Elf Hunters prefer to attack with fist weapons that cause bleeding damage.

kHazmZSt.jpg zYG4r8st.jpg R6jEBikt.jpg esv3maJt.jpg




Angels in D2 seem to be all male, while in Sacred 2 they are all female. So I compromised and made a mix for the mod. Angels all have organic wings. The Paladins sometimes wear armored wings in imitation and reverence of the High Heavens. By the time this mod is complete no one will be confusing their Paladin with a Seraphim.


Seraphim - these are the most common angels, female in form. They are the guards on Seraphim Island and Crystal Plane, as well as many of the Seraphim quest-givers.

m7mytbgt.jpg o1eTBZ1t.jpg


Archangels - far less common, these are male in form. You will see this design twice on Seraphim Island: Seraphim Nicole, who asks you to kill Magmadur, is now Archangel Nicolai. An archangel also stands next to Sophia at the tower. The design also appears twice in the Crystal Plane: Seraphim Mara, who asks you to hunt down Narmul the ice phoenix, is now Archangel Marius. And cowardly Seraphim Pistachia, who asks you to kill a Felon for her, is now Archangel Sachiel, who asks you to hunt down a marauding Night Tiger that is attacking travelers.

Tyrael.gifgtH7Slot.jpg Oe7IbEpt.jpg


Sophia - the only female archangel in the game, Sophia is in her usual places and says the usual things (for now).

xGGZdhSt.jpg 6Zc5snJt.jpg


Tyrael - archangel Tyrael only appears twice in the game. He can be seen standing next to Sophia at Seraphim Tower, and he appears again in the Great Machine at the end of the main quest, wielding an angelic axe. He takes the place of the nameless Seraphim who fights an Inquisitor npc on the long bridge. Light path characters will avenge him, Shadow Path characters will fight him. He knows Cleasning Brilliance and Archangel's Wrath.

zUUBzRFt.jpg 70Gkgp6t.jpg


Corrupt Angel - this enemy takes the place of the Inquisitor who fights the Seraphim on the bridge in the Great Machine. Now the battle is Tyrael vs. Corrupt Angel. Light Path characters will fight this enemy. He has a berserker aura and an ice chain lightning attack that can debuff you.



Dark Seraphim - this is the redesign of the antagonist of the Paladin's class chain quest. She is a formidable boss when you do fight her. She has an energy shield, Archangel's Wrath, hard hits that cause bleeding and life leech, and can summon burning skeletons. Be prepared.

V3J7dumt.jpg HzzLTxst.jpg


Izual - Izual is a corrupted being, more demon than angel. Izual got a gender-swap for the mod. She lurks in the lowest levels of the Dragon Caves, not far from the Carnach's Lair. She has an energy shield, a freezing hard hit, and knows Assailing Somersault.

Izual_%28Diablo_II%29.gifk3ch0J2m.jpg fxf9LJot.jpg



The Council Members

There are six Council Members that appear in the Jungle now. They are named such because they were once wise and just members of the High Council of Zakarum that have been corrupted and twisted by Mephisto's evil.


These three appear in the Temple of Tears near Mephisto:

Ismail Vilehand, with a poison skin aura and rooting tendrils; Geleb Flamefinger, who uses a fire shield and meteor shower; and Toorc Icefist who has a frost aura and glacial spikes

x1AS2hJt.jpg yvpTyz4t.jpg Ajuwjhut.jpg


These three appear in Ciria Delith near Kraal:

Bremm Sparkfist uses Untouchable Force and Levin Array; Maffer Dragonhand has a flame skin buff and seeking fireball; Wyland Voidbringer is the most deadly of all, uses a life leech aura and Primal Mutation

S28NLNUt.jpg spqZCQ0t.jpg nJMuttnt.jpg



The Ancients

These three Barbarians can be found in Crag Rock Valley. As the Thraconians are the Barbarians of Ancaria, it makes sense that the Ancients would be found among them.



Korlic the Protector - Korlic wields a huge axe and use the Barbarian ability Leap Attack

Korlic_%28Diablo_II%29.gifKGh8qpxt.jpg na0TDAYt.jpg


Madawc the Guardian - Madawc dual wields axes and can use the Barbarian ability Shout, which boosts the defense of himself and his allies

Madawc_%28Diablo_II%29.gif8sqtvpNt.jpg mOcMuW6t.jpg


Talic the Defender - Talic wields a shield and fiery sword and uses Whirlwind

Talic_%28Diablo_II%29.gifyQT0jBRt.jpg RmArGa4t.jpg




The Lord of Destruction will make his debut in v.0.4. He can be found invading the Great Machine, just after the bridge where Tyrael and the Corrupted Angel fight. The room has been cleared of all other enemies, except for two special Minions of Baal.



Baal has many of his old tricks up his sleeve: he casts a Lower Resist curse, sends poison tentacles from the floor to attack you, and casts a gust of wind-type blast that knocks you across the room

l3uqLACt.jpg 7Uylo5Ft.jpg ZFbpdmPt.jpg


Baal can also spawn an identical clone of himself. The clone is weaker and has no special powers though, and it does not give XP or loot.


I also gave him a teleport ability but the AI is such that he doesn't use it much.



This is the last creature update before v0.4, and probably the last batch of creatures for a long time, as I've accomplished almost everything I wanted with monsters.

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Creature Update #16
Looks like there was room to squeeze in a few more monsters after all. With this, almost the entire D2 bestiary is now recreated. These are mostly oddball monsters who were just too bizarre to find models for, so there's some creative liberty taken here with how similar they look. Huge thanks to my modding partner Pesmontis for making most of these possible.

Maw Fiend
These monsters can be found on the Jungle islands as well as the smaller islands of Dyr Lain. Elites are bigger and their bites can make you bleed.
Corpse_Spitter_(Diablo_II).gif4JY9Hmet.jpg wXtWHXjt.jpg V1akFbCt.jpg

Putrid Defiler
These groteque creatures haunt battlefields where corpses are found, such as the battlegrounds of the Undead Legion. They are creatures of putrescent poison and have been seen resurrecting corpses for torment.
Putrid_Defiler_(Diablo_II).gifbw7nyFXt.jpg 7S0sow5t.jpg 0WMV67wt.jpg

Fangskin (superunique)
It's difficult to recreate snake men, and in a game with lizard men it's not really necessary. So Fangskin is a powerful Jungle Lizard fighter who guards the entrance to the dungeon on north Jungle island.
Fangskin_(Diablo_II).gifVAVkeNbt.jpg OQZaOwPt.jpg YjdB9cAt.jpg

Sharptooth Slayer (superunique)
This demon can be found lurking in the ruins of Logaeiar on Dyr Lain.
9ePGnRZ.gifUI0nqtgt.jpg i6OzrXUt.jpg KDVtKItt.jpg

Frozen Horrors (new design)
Previously I announced the part of the Frozen Horrors would be played by the Hucin, but now their model has been replaced with one that resembles the original D2 creature more.

Snapchip Shatter

This superunique Frozen Horror also got a model update. He can still be found guarding the Bridge Spanning Nothing.

tWufWnst.jpg BdE6y9It.jpg

Ventar the Unholy (new design)
This superunique Balrog was previously identical to all others. Now he has a new unique model and is more powerful.
Balrog_(Diablo_II).gifCclRzDtt.jpg 1Wt6kQKt.jpg 3y7IjlRt.jpg

Grand Vizier of Chaos (boss)
A new demon boss who dwells in the big cave in southwestern Bengaresh Desert.
Strangler_(Diablo_II).gifuF2gDszt.jpg GF4xLSJt.jpg

Duriel (boss)
The Lord of Pain makes his debut in v0.5. This battle, like the original, takes place in a tiny desert cramped cave. Duriel moves fast and will slow you to a crawl with a frost aura. Good luck.
Duriel_(Diablo_II).gifpzFmTM1t.jpg NFvMNY9t.jpg QcT3kFGt.jpg

Mother Hydra (boss)
Not strictly Diablo-related, but a boss I always wanted to make. Mother Hydra is in the watery western part of the Swamp. She can summon young Hydras, each with their own powers.
CgZxTdmt.jpg JdvOZP0t.jpg G1Zfkx4t.jpg 6tr5c55t.jpg

Necromancer's Golem Summons (new designs)
I had wanted to have multiple golems, and I figured out a way to do it. I've rearranged the modifcations somewhat, and for the gold mod, the player can choose between upgrading to Iron Golem or Fire Golem. This coincides with some new models, both for the original Clay Golem and the upgrades.

Clay Golem - no longer a shrunken Gar'Colossus, now has a unique model (same powers)
Iron Golem - has massive physical armor and damage, plus a high chance to reflect close combat
Fire Golem - has substantial additional fire damage and fire immunity, with a high chance for burning

Nessa (friendly Druid class quest character)
Though she's just a minor player in the Druid's class quest, she gets a unique design. I'd like to make her play a bigger role if I'm able to extend the quest beyond its current stopping point.
Yic5153t.jpg XbWogZlt.jpg

Bonus creature: Griswold
Oops, looks like I forgot to include this guy in my last creature update. I remade the old blacksmith from D1, who returns as a tough-as-nails zombie in D2. He's slow but packs a huge punch. He can be found in Fortress Reikenstein's dungeon. And yes, the Gladiator from S1 donated his body for the monster.

Edited by Flix
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Presenting all the creature updates of Diablo 2 Fallen. Any future creature updates will be posted here. I hope to put these on the Wiki soon for somewhat easier browsing.

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I almost don't want to post in here and ruin the thread lol.....but what you and Pesmontis are doing is nothing short of incredible....the amount of time and effort must be huge...I'm simply amazed


I thought I would never play Sacred 2 again...but this may just bring me back...If I do, I'll help you in the Wiki if you want


Take a bow....and have a beer (and maybe some of Gogo's poutine), you guys deserve it

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Creature Update #17


In this update I show you 2 new dragon bosses I placed in the game.


Mutated Dragon

Although designed by Ascaron, this dragon design was probably never seen before, since there is no T-Energy near any of the dragons to mutate them. The mutated dragon can be found in the T-Energy Field, near the middle. His attacks and spells inflict mostly magic damage.


wFmQTwmt.jpg z2VcMR1t.jpg y3BVlVct.jpg


Blood Dragon

The Blood Dragon lives in the Cursed Forest, in the south-eastern part, north of Halko's Manor. His attacks are focused on bleeding and life leech. The design is a recolor of the scaly skinned dragon mount that Pesmontis made.


Or5sygPt.jpg vr3Ipmst.jpg nk3QMnIt.jpg

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Awesome flix love your work. Thanxs for giving me a reason to fix my psu.

Keep up the good work pal.

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Creature Update #17


In this update I show you 2 new dragon bosses I placed in the game.


Mutated Dragon

Although designed by Ascaron, this dragon design was probably never seen before, since there is no T-Energy near any of the dragons to mutate them. The mutated dragon can be found in the T-Energy Field, near the middle. His attacks and spells inflict mostly magic damage.


wFmQTwmt.jpg z2VcMR1t.jpg y3BVlVct.jpg


Blood Dragon

The Blood Dragon lives in the Cursed Forest, in the south-eastern part, north of Halko's Manor. His attacks are focused on bleeding and life leech. The design is a recolor of the scaly skinned dragon mount that Pesmontis made.


Or5sygPt.jpg vr3Ipmst.jpg nk3QMnIt.jpg

The Mutated Dragon is my favorite...coruscating blue effect is magnificent. As some of the biggest creatures in the game, making new changes like this creates great additional value for players.

Thank you Flix!




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Creature Update # 18: Friendly NPC's

(Re)Introducing you to some friendly faces you may see in your quest across Ancaria in the next version of the mod.

This is hopefully a precursor to having full-fledged quests from Diablo 2 in the final version of the mod. For now, these NPC's won't have any quests to give you, but you can stop by and say hello, if you can find them. :)

"It is clear that we are facing an Evil difficult to comprehend, let alone combat."

"You're a brave soul! I'd sooner thrust my sacred scepter into the foulest, carbuncular trull than set one boot into that cave."

"It will take more than just killing a few beasts in the wilderness to earn my trust."

"I might spare you a few of my men. Why, enough gold can muster an army."

"They say that the taste of vengeance is bittersweet, but I find it to my liking."

"So... Did you plunder any booty?"

"I've been practicing magic for more years than you could know. I'm older than I look, though not so old that I can't conjure up a few sparks."

"I hope you brought your wits with you, for sanity is in short supply here."

"I've never claimed that you'd live forever after trying one of my potions! Merely that you might look as though you had."



This is just the first batch. Expect more updates with the rest of the NPC's, many with more unique and exciting appearances!

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Mini-Update: Human-Sized Humans

Dwarves - do they really exist? asks the title of this bestselling book. The answer is yes, and right under our noses!




Why are humans so small in Sacred 2? The adults are barely taller than their children.




Ahhhh, that's better.


Beta 7 of D2F will have humans that are of a similar size to Elves and the player characters. No more runty dwarf-men in Artamark, Bengaresh, Northland, and elsewhere. I did a game-wide rescale of all the undersized humans.


meUlfRsm.jpg 3bj1hlJm.jpg

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Excellent! Keep up the fantastic job Flix! You are giving Sacred 2 a new whole entire start.

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