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Warhammer :40k ARPG

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Brilliant! I sort of like how easy it is in the worlds we get generated now, with everything pretty much invulnerable... but after one look at how environments can go especially under heavy fire power, can hardly wait!




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Sounds like 'Destructible Evironment' is actually useful in this game. I know D3 advertised it, but other than dropping a few walls/chandeliers (mostly to get achievements) it didn't really have an impact on gameplay. It was originally planned for Grim Dawn but they scrapped it early on as it would require too much work for the small team.


Now if you and the enemies can get hurt from not only falling objects, but also wood splinters, shards of blown out rock, shrapnel etc then I would love to see that. If it's more like D3, then I really wouldn't care...it makes battles a bit more epic but woud have no effect on gameplay. Martyr seems to be trying to do it right :)


Any news on estimated release date? This might be a game I'd be interested in

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