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Sacred 2 Downloads - Single Player High Elf Level 75 No Skills

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File Name: Single Player High Elf Level 75 No Skills
File Submitter: Hooyaah
File Submitted: 11 Sep 2016
File Category: Fallen Angel High Elf Builds

This High Elf is playable from the start in the Single Player mode and her campaign progress will be saved unless played in the Multiplayer mode. Be sure to select from Bronze and Silver level. If you select Bronze you will begin play from the very beginning at the academy. If Silver is selected your character will appear in the heart of Sloeford. The character has "eaten" 12 each of every type of rune. She is fully armored and armed, after you choose from the available skills she will be even better prepared to play.

The big advantage of this "build" is that you may utilize this character in order to experiment with different skill choices without having to continually start from scratch. Her name, Verya Authiel means "Battle Maiden" in the language of the Elves. Verily, may she serve you well, Lords and Ladies.

Click here to download this file

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Her name, Verya Authiel, actually means "brave battlemaiden" in the tongue of Elves. I tested her out in the Silver level where she starts from the very beginning, unlike the Bronze where she spawns at her chest in Sloeford. It's quite fun to get her started with a new and different build. I'm currently playing this character now with an interesting skill selection that I would not have normally attempted, as it's hard to make selections for a new build knowing that the build may turn out to be less than satisfactory. The thought of starting over from the beginning and knowing that it can be a lot of work and another significant investment in time had been a deterrent for me in the past. This is a great way to find out what new builds work well for the High Elf without all of the risk. If this no skills single player character is popular I may consider uploading others.

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