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How to edit global.res with s2rw


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4 minutes ago, Hammerhorde said:

I get this error when I go to repack the global file.

You typed "s2wr" instead of "s2rw".

I also recommend running it from the game's "system" folder.

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Hello and welcome. There should be no space between En and + at the very end of the command. You also don't even need the "+" unless you've added new hashes to the file.

Here's a copy I uploaded to Mediafire last December. Some of us posted Google Drive links but they kept taking it down because apparently exe's are "suspicious."   http://www.mediafire.com/downl

Run the program, then look for the text box next to "Our own hash"     You'll need the blueprint ID of your new item. Type BLUEPRINT_XXXX where "XXXX" is the blueprint ID of the item. Then clic

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Ok I found the issue. I was following the step by step the guy a few posts above laid out. First, he did the spelling mistake , so copying that line will mess anyone up. Second he didn`t mention you need to rename the globalDE file to global EN. I was getting all these errors. After fixing those and renaming the new  global file, I`m happy to say it worked!

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The language modifier like "EN" will change depending on your localization.  I don't recommend renaming the file, instead change the command you use to match the file name.

GlobalEn_texts.txt -- English

GlobalDe_texts.txt -- German

GlobalFr_texts.txt -- French


13 minutes ago, Hammerhorde said:

First, he did the spelling mistake , so copying that line will mess anyone up

I'll fix it. I could have sworn I've written out those instructions 100 times, I didn't realize his were the only one in this thread.

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Yeah. His run through was all in one post in order so it was easier then sifting through the multiple posts. You also have to remember not everyone might know what you are talking about at first or understand the instructions when it isn`t written out in tutorial form, but in bits and pieces over a two page thread. Was kind of hard to follow since I was unfamiliar with the procedures of modifying the file. Like if he didn`t explain how to get that command prompt thing working, I`d still be clicking the exe cursing that it wouldn`t work. Now that I finally know, it was a breeze and I`m glad he typed that.

I think when I got the DE file it was my error when I clicked the for the EN on the decode from the drop down. The second time I did it, it came out correctly. It`s easy to make mistakes when trying different methods of modding so it can be frustrating. I don`t want anyone to feel any type of way because I couldn`t figure it out at first. That is why I posted with the screens so you guys could show me what I was doing wrong so I could learn it properly. Thanks for the assist.

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Merged some more smaller topics about using S2RW.exe into this thread, and also stickied the whole thing, since more people are diving into this aspect of modding Sacred 2.

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13 horas atrás, Flix disse:

Olá e bem-vindo.

Não deve haver espaço entre En e + no final do comando.

Você também não precisa fazer "+", a menos que tenha adicionado novos hashes ao arquivo.

Tks, mano !! Funcionou! 

Tenha um ótimo dia !!


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9 hours ago, felipemamedefranco said:

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create my own Sacred 2 set, but when I encode the globalEn_texts.txt file with the new hashes, the S2rw creates a global.res file without the hashes added.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Felipe, so happy that :Dmitriy was able to help you out!

Enjoy the game, the mod and this amazing community

Welcome to DarkMatters!




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