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Internet connection

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No doubt a very basic question from an old gent with a less than basic working knowledge of all these wonderful semi-modern gadgets.

I have a good working set-up with a Livebox for the 3 computers in the house. For reasons which are not really valid here but relate to a temporary connection for a lap-top at a "second home", I have been trying to reinstate my Netgear set-up.

Fortunately most of the original bits are to hand, except however for the original connection between the internet socket and the Router/WIFI. The router/Wifi installs fine, but claims that there is no connection to the internet! I have been disconnecting the internet connection from the Livebox where it works well and connecting the same to the Netgear box where it apparently does not function. I have a vague feeling that these modems need the internet connection supplied with them, but have been unable to identify any of the cables to hand as being specifically for Netgear.

Polite advice welcome.

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Heya Bondbug. Getting into a bit networking hocus pocus huh! Let me see if I can break what you've said down:


You're in Home-1 and you want to test a potential network setup for Home-2 while at Home-1.

Home-1 Network is using a Livebox that is a Modem/Router combo and the 3 computers are using wifi to connect

Home-2 Network will use a Netgear box


Some questions:

What is the Netgear model number?

Is the Netgear a modem? A router? Or a modem/router?

When you will bring your stuff to Home-2 will you just be bringing the Netgear? Are you bringing another box along with the Netgear?


It's possible that the Netgear may need some setup whereas the Livebox is simply plug and play. Might need the online manual.

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aha Good to hear from you friend. Your summary is spot on.


Netgear Model number: DGN1000v3

Is a modem/router

I intend to take only the laptop and the Netgear to Home 2.


I note that it has not at any time asked me for my "identifiant" and my password for the Orange network connection, and I have not been able to find where that info might be input.

I have an Installation Guide but that aspect is not covered. There is a "filter/splitter" through which I have connected although there is no telephone involved.

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No worries Bondbug. Couple thoughts I have for you. I'm guessing that the livebox came pre-configured whereas your Netgear is not. With that in mind you might need to call your internet provider for your username and password to put into the Netgear.

As for the "how" with regards to the Netgear, I had a look at the manual:



I think you would need to follow either page 18(NETGEAR genie Setup) or page 41(Internet Connection Setup Wizard)

There's a good chance that your internet provider would wallk you through it. Granted, sometimes getting help from the ISP actually makes the process longer. Call at your discretion!

Oh and the filter/splitter... It's been a long time for me that I've had to use those but I think that using a filter on the line that goes to the netgear would prevent it from working. I Think the filters are only for use with telephones.


Hope all that helps you get to where you're going!

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Thank you Schot. I think that that should cover what I need. I have the user name and password. I have no great confidence in the French "Orange" service, but I hope I don't need to contact them again - my last visit to their Customer Service office nearly ended in a punch-up.

I will follow the link you have given me when I can find time and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for all your trouble

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I have a coax splitter on my incoming cable modem line and have no trouble using the same line for my TV (upstairs) and my computer dungeon (downstairs). I have a dedicated wired modem that hooks to a wi-fi router using an RJ-45 cable.

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