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When the wind blows... -> How many roads... (dylan)

3 hours ago, gogoblender said:

was this something like that brit cartoon with those two olde couple just.. being normal and finally daying... breat breaknig\\

The girl fleeing with her younger brother always remembers me about my mom. 1944 she was 7 and her brother 4 when they were picking sloes. They were surprised by Lockheed Lightnings and they hided below a big pipe. 20 centimetres water in it. My mother was holding her brother up while they covered. The water was ice cold and she nearly lost her feet. She still has trouble with them when it is cold.

About the book,from wiki:


The story deals with a Chernobyl-type nuclear disaster happening on German soil.[9] The heroine of the story is a fourteen-year-old girl who flees the contaminating cloud of radiation and experiences the ensuing breakdown of social order.

The story begins at school where Janna-Berta and the other students and teachers are alarmed of a nuclear accident in the vicinity. She returns home. Her younger brother Uli is alone because the parents are away and the grandparents on vacation. Together, they flee by bicycle, because all the neighbours have already left. They meet chaos on the roads. Uli collapses with his bicycle and is run over by a car and killed. Janna-Berta, in shock, is taken to the station in Bad Hersfeld. She wants to return to her brother to bury him, is contaminated by radiation, and collapses.

She wakes up in a provisional hospital in Herleshausen, where she witnesses the hardships of others. She learns of the extent of the disaster from television and a nurse. Her hair falls out. Her aunt from Hamburg finds her and tells her that her parents and youngest brother, who had been with them, are dead. The news was intended to be kept secret.

Janna-Berta stays with an aunt, who is not responsive to the girl's needs and wants to return to normality as soon as possible. She moves to another aunt who shows solidarity with the victims. When her hometown is no longer banned, she returns. On the way, she finds her brother's body and buries it. She also finds her grandparents at home. They have just returned from their vacation and cannot believe what has happened until she tells them the shocking truth.[10][11]


2006 they made a movie, Janna 16 years old to include a lovestory, mistake in my eyes.


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11 minutes ago, Delta! said:

Hornet (Green hornet) -> horrible 

I thought the movie was.


@gogoblender no, hobbits are peaceful, nature loving, weed smoking, food enthusiasts, ale drinking little humans... 

green hornet WAS very terrible

and re hobbits... u sure?





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1 hour ago, gogoblender said:

green hornet WAS very terrible

and re hobbits... u sure?





I am sure. That was just the effect of the ring on Bilbo...


What is your word @gogoblender ?

Horrible -> tragedy 

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tragedy -> Greek play.



regarding hobbits; it wasn't the ring that did that; it were the circumstances that forced the hobbits to become more violent as they're nature was.

Both the book and the movie(s) show that. First  they're thinking the whole trip to take the ring to Rivendel is just some sort of field trip. Even after they have met Bombadil, they think that way; although they were already warned by him. But after their encounter with the ancient ghosts at the cemetary hills and more important, the Nazgul at the Watchtower, they some of them begin to understand this isn't "just" a nice trip outside the Shire. The last two begin to realize that after what happened in Moiria and instead use their wits to get an ally to defeat one opponent.



Thorin :) 

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