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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Celiac -> Intolerance    As a pastry chef, I understand when People are actually gluten intolerant or they have extreme dietaries, but if they are just gluten free because it is the new f

Soothing -> Red wine.   A glass of red wine after a hectic long day is a good soothing drink...  working 6,5 days this week, and not less hours per day, so a glass of red wine will b

kidneys -> sour   Saure Nierchen / Sour kidneys: wash kidney from a pig cut in not too small pieces put them in milk for a day to get rid of the strong taste and smell

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7 hours ago, Hooyaah said:

Don't Stop Believing => True Faith



Saw New Order live in concert here in Montreal... AWESOME... what a gem you give today Hooyaah

 True Faith -> true religion 




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Battlefield earth -> Battle for Middle earth 


so glad that they are reforging the game, I love battle for middle earth 1, 2 and the rise of the witch king expansion



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dog -> Deutsch Kurzhaar

We have 4 dogs, a pair HUGE Leonberger (trained water rescue dogs and very children friendly), a Westerwälder Kuhhund (old race to control caddle, agile, good frisbee catcher) and a Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Shorthaired Pointer) which I would call MY dog. I use it when I do forest walks, following injured animals after car collisions, ....

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