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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Celiac -> Intolerance    As a pastry chef, I understand when People are actually gluten intolerant or they have extreme dietaries, but if they are just gluten free because it is the new f

boomerang => return I had forgotten how to throw a boomerang properly, but eventually it came back to me.

Personally, I prefer my insufferable gluten trendies southern-fried with a flaky crust and rich cream gravy.   humor => intelligence One needs intelligence to create and appreciate h

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Farmer's Market -> Dog Food

I could buy all dog food from the nearest super market and the dogs would be hungry after 4 days. They sell small tins for in house dogs - not the 60pounds sacks for our 120 pound Leo's I found at the store for farm supply.

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Kibble -> Cocoa


When people mention any of the Kardashians around my Fiance and I, we look all confused and ask the other one "Who?" The reply is "Krispy, Kream, Kibble, Cocoa, Cookoo, Candy, Cane and Ken

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Cocoa -> Firefighters

Rarely drink hot cocoa at home. But at accidents or fire watches in the cold for hours - our firefighter special is cacao powder, sugar, milk, chilli powder, ginger powder and a bit cinnamon.  Really warming because it is warm and has spices, not too sweet, gives back some energy because of the sugar, ...

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Firefighter -> rescuer




Won't mind if any of them where to rescue me... Help help help...

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Philately -> calculators

Some collect stamps, I have a collection of calculators:

slide rules, locarithm tables, abacus, mechanical calculators, electromechanical calculators, pocket calculators, ...

Currently I am trying to repair an old Diehl, a bit broader. heavier and louder than this one:


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Calculators -> Sums 


These two clips follow each other in the Movie, so watch them one after the other.


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