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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Celiac -> Intolerance    As a pastry chef, I understand when People are actually gluten intolerant or they have extreme dietaries, but if they are just gluten free because it is the new f

Nice. I do not have much experience working with fondant. I prefer butter creams, cream cheese icings, Swiss meringue butter creams or praline icings...  My oldest sister on the other hand does a

pie = Pi Q: Who was the largest knight in Kings Arthur's court? A: Sir Cumference Q: How Did He get so large? A: By constantly attempting to eat an infinite amount of Pi.  

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mutant -> mathematics

The more cases of covid19 the higher the probability for mutations. And the more mutations are around the higher the chance that a mutation mutates. Probably if people don't care about distance and masks politics have to do a total lockdown with border closing.

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Greeting -> Hui Wäller? Allemol!


The Westerwald Club is a club maintaining hiking trails in the Westerwald, is a local history society, teaching old traditions, ...

The motto of the Westerwald Club is "Hui! Wäller? - Allemol!" This slogan was chosen in a 1913 prize competition from over 60 entries. The winner was local poet and farmer, Adolf Weiß (1861–1938) from Mademühlen.


The meaning of the greeting was explained in his poem: Das Hui hat mich der Sturmwind gelehrt, wenn wild er über die Heide fährt, und „Wäller“ wir ja „allemol“ sind, wir trotzen dem Regen, dem Schnee und dem Wind

The Hui was taught to me by the stormy winds when they blows over the meadows, and Wäller (slang for people from the Westerwald) we are for sure (allemol). We fight the rain, the snow and the storms


Normally one asks: Hui Wäller and if the other is from the Westerwald he answers Allemol


The Westerwald trail is marked like this:



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5 minutes ago, warpoyo said:

monsters > Level Up

welcome to the word game warpoyo!

I think you have enough posts (5?) your membership will change and you can add an avatar to your profile!

level up -> jump!



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