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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Celiac -> Intolerance    As a pastry chef, I understand when People are actually gluten intolerant or they have extreme dietaries, but if they are just gluten free because it is the new f

Nice. I do not have much experience working with fondant. I prefer butter creams, cream cheese icings, Swiss meringue butter creams or praline icings...  My oldest sister on the other hand does a

pie = Pi Q: Who was the largest knight in Kings Arthur's court? A: Sir Cumference Q: How Did He get so large? A: By constantly attempting to eat an infinite amount of Pi.  

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avocado -> Advocaat

Netherlands had colonies in northern Brasil and learned a drink from indegenous people made from avocado. Dutch got used to the drink but imported avocado weren't riping in Netherlands. So egg yolk was used as a replacement.

It is nice to have a neighbour from Netherlands with tons of historical knowledge - at least if it is related to drinks ;)

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:thumbsup:  ->  :help:

I never was a member of facebook and I guess I will never be after reading about the Australian-Facebookian War. Blocking emergency pages? That was close to involuntary manslaughter Mr Zuckerberg.

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SOS -> outdated

Short before I left naval airwing firefighter I had a teaching about planing GMDSS to replace SOS in shipping. Somehow funny, shipping was first to use SOS and is first to leave. But since everyone still knows SOS it is not bad to know how to Morse SOS with a pocket lamp :)



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porcelain -> china -> limoges -> Polterabend

How I hate it to be interrupted while posting :)


The evening before a wedding: friends and neighbours meet at the house of the bride and throw porcelain :Scherben bringen Glück / Shards bring good fortune. Probably more if the porcelain is from China or Limoges or Meissen. We had 100+ years old Meißner porcelain. The family of my wife gives it to the oldest daughter at her wedding, which is by wife for 8 minutes before her twin sister. I say had because our oldest is married and got it.

Polter means doing some loud and noisy. Same as in Poltergeist which is a ghost you hear because of his noise but you don't see.


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13 minutes ago, chattius said:

poltergeist -> curse

Wasn't there a curse on the actors of the Poltergeist movie, several dying short after?

heh, yah i think ghere was ! ..  rip heather orourke :)

curse -> it follows



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it follows -> Shadow

Ein Mann, der seinem Schatten folgt, wird die Sonne niemals sehen.

A man following his shadow will never see the sun.


Physical correct because he is moving away from the sun, philosophical correct because shadow is the past and living in the past isn't the best way to see the sun (new hope).

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