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isilra    1

I play games on the local network to operate continuously on the character and to set the day-and-night status. But the auto-collection option is not active. Is there a way to enable the auto-collection option in local network too (like a mode or console comand)? Please look forward to your help in this regard.

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Serboi    26

By default, the option to auto-collect items (Gold, Uniques, Items) is set to off in the multiplayer. This is done to avoid the ninja-looting of the chests/barrels (in an example - one person clicks on the barrel, but another one keeps pressing the "A" button and auto-collects gold while the other one is locked in the barrel animation). I am unaware of any option to allow it to be set to true, unless there's a modified version of the gameserver config that someone made possible. 

Yes, it can be bothersome at first, but soon enough you simply adjust to it and it becomes a muscle memory that you don't even notice anymore. In my case it also helps me to see if I really do need an item which I'm picking up unless it is some junk I'll be selling anyway. 

If my memory serves me well you are able to get a piece of equipment per player on the Magical Hiding Place locations, as well as the Health Potions from most wells in the game. Another great thing is that you may auto-teleport to a LAN player anytime, or give them gold, items or whatever with ease. 

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