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Question about (in my case) Sword weapons and double hit.

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Sikkens    4


My question is how the double hit for the "left-click" attack from Sword weapons works,and where is the thing I'm missing ,since I clearly don't get a mechanic here :)

That's about the diablo 2 fallen mod,but I guess it goes for the vanilla as well.

Playing Shadow warrior (barbarian in this case)

So got sword weapons to mastery level and my question is about the double hit it gives. Im pretty sure this works only for Left click,but according to the wiki,(if im not mistaken)you basically deal 2x damages with one swing. Problem is,I don't see these 2 damages,however I have the feeling that this double hit just increases the change for the special followup to the basic attack,that is executed very fast after a specific animation. In short is the double hit essentially the same thing everyone start with (fast followup attack) with increased change or im missing something? Thanks.


EDIT: Also if what I wrote is in fact what double hit means,then ""If a double hit occurs & the second/cloned hit takes the target's HP down below the threshold for Deathblow, the second/cloned hit won't have it's damage doubled by Deathblow.""(WIKI quote) doesn't seem to be the case,it seems that this second swing still deals bonus damage.

Or maybe im misunderstanding something big time.

Im using 2-handed sword.

Im guessing that the WIKI talks about the Combat Arts double hit,and im right about the "left-click" double hit,being these 2 fast hits rather than 1 hit=2 damages,but I'd love if someone clears these for me.

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Sikkens    4

I am pretty sure that for a left click a double-hit trigger is one hit animation but counting as two hits (two life leech lines for a weapon with life leech). But my Sohei dragon mage is quite a while ago.


All I can see is that seraphim and SW classes for example, have a "special" left click attack,that is somehow faster than your average attacks. Never seen 2x damages go out with one hit though. For example,when you click once on a target,the character sometimes hits twice in succession faster than just one hit,but never 2x damages with one hit. Missing something I guess,but I've spent some time trying this and the only attacks that do 2x dmg with one hit are modded Combat Arts.


In my case,with Shadow warrior and 2h sword. When I click on the target (normal attack/Left click),you do one swing and one damage number. Sometimes though,when I click once,he swings 2x times,faster than just 2 regular attacks. This got a kind of special animation but it also works without weapon mastery/double hit from gear. If that's not how double hit works for Left click,then something isn't right since I've never seen one attack dealing 2x damages. When you use modded frenzied rampage though, you can clearly see that one hit deals 2x damage.

As I said,I play the diablo 2 fallen mod,but im pretty sure it's not the issue.

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