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Best drop in Sacred 2

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Im not sure if this is a know fact. I have a level 200 dryad with 98.9% survival bonus. So because monsters have much higher level than me, I usually drop higher level stuff. My highest was lv 245 stuff UNTIL RECENTLY. I was farming the nameless guardians today to help my little brother complete his draco set and I dropped a dryad's mutation item of level 250. I got pretty hyped because I spent a lot of time to make my character perfect ( and my actual set was lv 240 ) so I kept farming but the bosses dropped a lv 240 item. So then I realised that in order to get a lv 250 item, you need to kill the temple guardians that spam out of the portals from the nameless guardians since they have much higher level ( purple circle around them ). I farmed 2 dryad's mutation items today from them so I guess I was pretty lucky lol. Just wanted to let you guys know this if you didnt already. 

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