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Things not appearing? (FIXED)

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I first encountered this problem while completing the mount island quest line. As I reached Urthak's Moxie and went to the bay to find the captain to take me to mount island, there was no such thing! I searched all around the bay and googled but to no avail.... okay. So I went to a different port and ignored it.

Now here I am wanting to kill mini bosses, I decided to start with the White Griffin. I go to the area and find out its a quest boss, so I'm looking around for this resurrection monolith that is right next the the t-energy filled area that has the quest giver, but it just isn't there. I mean literally, no icon on the map, no quest giver, and the monolith is no where to be seen! I'm kind of disappointed because that's one boss I guess I can't kill. 

Does anyone else have experience with certain things not appearing in game? (Captains, monoliths, potentially other things that are kind of important)

If it helps, I don't have the community patch, I simply only have the standard version of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. Any help would be appreciated. 


UPDATE: I found Sacred 2 Gold and bought it after learning I could never get the expansion by itself; due to it's UK only release. Everything was there after I got it running.

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Hello and welcome!

When you say standard version of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, do you also have the official expansion pack Ice & Blood (or Sacred 2 Gold)?  Many things weren't added to the game until the expansion, and the Wiki is generally updated for the latest official version, which is Ice and Blood 2.65.2.

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Thank you! I'm a returning Sacred player, I used to play for PS3 but have finally bought it for PC after many years. I currently just have the original game, I haven't gotten the expansion yet. But I didn't know if the expansion was the cause of the problem but it did cross my mind.

I'm currently running version 2.12.0.

I'm confused was the white griffin a Ice & Blood only thing? I didn't think so because it was in the beginning part of the game, same to the Urthak's Bay captain. I assumed these are just standard things that should be in-game that failed to spawn for whatever reason. I just thought maybe my game was just really bugged, which I know is very common for this game. :-( 

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