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Invisible textures on items in game?

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Hi guys!

Can someboyd help me with game,  I found some items in game, but they are invisible, what can be the reason of that problem?

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The most likely reason is that you are missing some shader files or the folders have somehow been hidden due to an incorrect file path or file name. I would do a fresh reinstall of the game after running a complete malware scan and after cleaning your cache. Without more information I cannot tell you for certain what caused the issue. If it's a shared computer that leaves even more possible causes which may have led to the problem you reported. Before you reinstall, you may want to update Windows, your graphics card's driver, and de-fragment your PC. If you have a SETA drive it may be wearing out. Is making a clicking sound at almost regular intervals? If so, you may want to upgrade to a SSD as your drive could last another year or more or could cease to function with little warning. Whatever drive you have it's always best to back up the important files that you have on an external drive or drives for safekeeping. I recommend two Solid State Drives. Your main drive should run Windows and the other may be used to run the game. Your performance would be better that way. I hope this advice helps. Start with the simplest solution at the beginning of my reply and see if that cures the problem.

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