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Charisma not affecting buy/sell prices - broken?

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I found a weird thing with charisma boosts whilst playing my dwarf trader build. Weapons and shield that say they inc. charisma do NOT make buy/sell prices better if you hold them out. maybe the charisma boost on weapons/shields is broken? give me your thoughts and possible reasons that it is the way it is please.


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For the sake of finding the exact reason, could you post a picture or the name of the items you were using? 

In my tests this appears to be broken. The price doesn't change at all regardless of the level of the item, regardless of whether it's Bronze, Silver or Gold slot, regardless of whether it is 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 or 10 Charisma inserted via amulets/rings into either Armor pieces, both unique, regular or set. 

There is no distinction whether you wear it before or after the purchase option, nor when you click on the item at the Merchant. Same applies for the Smith. The prices remain the same and are governed by the attributes which exist on the item.

Main attributes which govern the item's price points are 

- Level of the item (represents the total estimation of the entire's item properties) (items themselves can be rounded up to points like 0-5lvl, 5-10lvl, 10-15lvl etc out of where they might be getting additional attribute bonuses or other bonuses altogether, for instance a level 5 item won't have the same amount of properties as a level 50 item, you get the idea folks)
- Base damage of the item (level oriented) in combination to the player's Weapon damage attribute
- The Attack or Defense in the item, bound to different levels. These are pricey.
- Added elemental damage, which also is bound to the level (you can't have a level 1 weapon with all elemental damages for instance although I'm not completely sure about this)
- Added elemental resistance, which also is bound to the level
- Extra bonuses such as Weapon Damage Bonus Strength +12% or similar. More of these impose the more expensive item, although are not necessarily bound to a level orientation since many items may be imported into slots. You may end up with more than ten different boosts on single item.
Combining these with other factors such as Bronze, Silver or Gold slots will usually lead to a more pricey forge. Bronze being the cheapest. 

Now some techy stuff : At first I though that the weapons and shields are not working since their inventory slot differs to that of the regular inventory hex-wise. Apparently, a character has 4 different inventories, one f which is marginally convoluted. 

1st inventory of the player is the regular inventory you get when you press "I" key on Keyboard. 
2nd inventory of the player is the Stash you may find in every major city (blue chest)
3rd inventory of the player is represented in the currently equipped items, no difference between armors and weapons at that.
4th inventory is bound to a horse. That inventory may apply some special properties and messes up with the bar, overriding certain properties of the memory.

Shops have a different inventory concept. They are governed by the item quality, which increases the bigger your Trading skill is. This also marginally increases the prices, too! And as soon as you level up, so do the shops improve the quality of the items, too! Another lesser value is governed by the Charisma you personally build by adding attributes. It will cut some gold from the trader, but not by a lot regardless of how much you put. 
This is why farming set items can be a bit of a less tedious job, rather than going from a merchant to a merchant trying to figure out that one special item that's lacking in the build. Although, I'm not really the one to speak that given that I've wasted weeks trying to buy one item. :) Oh, the clicking... 
Luckily there's this quest in one of the cities that places the merchant right next to another merchant.
A quick tip : Start buying there around levels 40-50 for the sake of amazing amulets which give bonus defense and attack points. Slot them everywhere.

Note here : I didn't test any of the bonus Charisma attributes with Horse equipment. 
Note here : I was checking a set piece, helmet with 2 slots Silver, and chest piece with 4 slots Bronze, adding Charisma Amulets/Rings into slots over several exported characters.
Note here : You may say that I did some intensive research here, ut perhaps there still might be some equipment that somehow does in fact work with the Charisma increases in regards to the Traders/Smiths. 
Note here : I didn't add a single point into Charisma in my builds. They are at the base level for a Dark Elf. Not sure if it might help to add a bonus point into Charisma, or maybe 10, before the extra Charisma points (blue) might take an effect. 
Note here : Perhaps there is an effect, but it's not noticeable due to how much points are needed. Perhaps once it hits something like 100 Charisma points (blue), it adds a 1% reduction :) That'd be a ghood troll.


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