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Anyone streaming Sacred Gold?

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Serboi    28

I was wondering whether there are people who stream gameplay of Sacred Gold? 

I will occasionally have sessions of the Sacred Gold on the Steam community. I'll be playing as a Dual Wielding Dark Elf. 

It's going to be a very casual gameplay, no commentary, no voice, just me going around and killing things. Half of the things I forgot so I'll try to recapture some of that old nostalgia, too. 

I'll be updating this topic if there are any interests. Starting off Bronze. My tag is Nenaraz. 

See you around :)

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Bezlonir    51

I wish I had a higher upload speed, then I might. I was playing a dark elf not too long ago. But I've mostly been playing Sacred 2. I only play with an xbox controller rigged with Xpadder, and click to move games are a bit tricky. Thankfully Sacred 2 doesn't have that issue. It crashes a lot on me, but at this point I've come to terms with that.

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