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Grim Dawn 2nd Expansion Announced

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It requires better balancing, the logic used for nerfing or buffing instances is counterintuitive. Good balancing should not make it impossible for certain classes and builds to do what they want to do.

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This was released today and Steam now has the main game with 75% off, meaning that it costs 6,25€ as opposed to the usual 25€. Sounds like a nice deal but the remaining content for the game is actually expensive right now. The Crucible DLC and the first expansion are only 30% off and the second expansion is full price since it came out today. The whole pack is above 40€. And it seems that the expansions are cumulative so I'd assume that it's like playing an entirely new version of the game with them.

So what do you think, is the main game alone a good buy right now or maybe I can get a better deal in the future?

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Personally, I'd wait, especially if you're buying it from Steam. I don't know how many times I've bought expansions for games like this the second they hit the store, then about a half year or so later, I see a bundle deal that has the base game AND all expansions cheaper than what I bought the base game for. 

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You definitely want the full package.  Or at least main game plus the two expansions, Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods.

Crucible is just an arena mode. I got it for free for pre-ordering the game ages ago, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered with it.  The other DLC is just fluff like extra novelty items.

I bought Forgotten Gods right away, even though I'm not going to be playing it for a little while.  Crate is one of those few developers like CD Projekt Red that I buy from on faith, to support them.  I even have two copies of Grim Dawn, one on GOG and one on Steam.

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I admit that all the talk about Grim Dawn being the new gen Titan Quest, and then having it suddenly drop to a single figure price, caught my attention. This because I've been attacked by a sudden case of TQ:AE fever recently. Gotta love that Dream mastery! So I guess I'll wait for the Grim Dawn package to have a more attractive price altogether.

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Grim Dawn is single figure price range in your country? Hmm, it isn't here, I see Grim Dawn for $24.99, and then a package that includes all DLC  for 48.96. But that $48.96 doesn't include the base game. Even if I weed out the fluff items like Crucible and the loyalist upgrade, Grim Dawn plus Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods would run me over $60. That, to me, isn't worth it, but  I wasn't as impressed with Grim Dawn as others are. But that's just me. If I look at it objectively, $60 for a game plus two DLC isn't that bad of a price. However, I sometimes have crappy impulse control.

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It was on the Steam Daily Deal with 75% off, so it was below 7€ yes. But both expansions were around 30€ together so I'll keep waiting. I have limited time to play and as such I don't need many games to immerse myself in at the same time. I'll wait for a better overall deal with the full Grim Dawn package.

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Haven't played the last expansion yet, I'm having too much fun on Sacred 2 atm.


But I can talk about GD and the first expansion. To be fair, it is hands down in the top 3 ARPG of the moment. The mecanics allow for an insane amount of customisation and freedom to build characters. However, unlike Sacred 2, some builds will simply not work very well and will give tough times to the player, while some builds will just roll over everything. Now that being said, the amount of builds that can clear the entire game with no major sweat are by the dozens, with all playstyles represented, so you'll always find something fun to play. Overall, the game is a true successor to Titan Quest in every aspect. Arguably it gives the player more freedom, choices and tough decisions to make than Sacred 2, but the map is linear (unlike Sacred 2) and is more or less one giant corridor, which kinda kills the replayability. Also, the Crucible is the only endgame content and it becomes boring very fast.


Long story short : Grim Dawn is a fantastic game, the mechanics are just outstanding and the freedom to build whatever playstyle you fancy is there, provided you understand the game mechanics well enough. But it lacks replayability and endgame content (although it will easily take you 200h+ to get bored). The story is not very engaging either, although the world is rich, original and has a lot of potential for future games in the license.

In terms of willingness to pay, for ARPG lovers, the base game is worth getting below €12, the first expansion was worth €6-7. So I'd consider buying it as soon as the whole package is below €25. If you can get the base game + first expansion for less than €10, buy it. These will keep you busy long enough to wait for the new expansion to be on sale.

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If the Crucible is anything like its counterpart in Darksiders 2 it should be fun at first and repetitive after a while, though having that mode on a hack'n'slash should prove more fruitful than on a ARPG.

Thanks for the feedback, the game is on my wantlist right now, but I'm still exploring TQ:AE and I'll take my sweet time with it, even though I can already see that most of the classes won't be my thing. I'm almost ashamed to say that I paid 1,99€ for TQ Gold which was later on upgraded to AE. Paying 25€ still seems steep but I'll keep breathing, ha ha.

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Been back at Grim Dawn hitting it heavy and hard.  This is definitely my go-to time sink whenever I want hack'n'slash.  I've played both expansions at this point.  They keep patching in new content that makes the gameplay more rich each time I fire it up.


One thing they added in a recent patch was Monster Totems, these spawn randomly across the map, and spew out really powerful elites and bosses. If you defeat them, the totem then spits out a bunch of good loot as reward.


I'm playing a storm ranged character based on ice and lightning and powerful two handed crossbows/rifles.  


As a side note I was thinking about our discussion the other day about the overall tone and atmosphere on DarkMatters vs. other forums.  I feel the difference very keenly on the Grim Dawn forums.  People are so ugly to one another, especially in Player Feedback forums.  Most players who post act so impatient, entitled and whiny, while the moderators have (at best) a snarky and long-suffering demeanor, and even the devs who post regularly seem sort of weary of it.  :nono:


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The pix are rich, very immersive...I remember playing this for a wee bit, but at the time Diablo 3 was there and I just couldnt pull myself away.  Flix, I love the ranged build you are using... lightning, storm AND double crossbow?? :mafia:

Always breaks my heart when I see abusive language and demeaning player treatment on gaming forums... I just dont know where this came from,  It  stymies creativity 



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Grim dawn's devs have been pushing updates quite regurlarly and mostly based on community feedback, it really shows how much they care about the game, I guess some people got really spoiled because of this and think that they can get away with saying anything because they know they are gonna get updates anyway, it's really sad, and worst of it is that eventually the devs patience is gonna run dry.

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On 5/9/2020 at 8:26 AM, gogoblender said:

Flix, I love the ranged build you are using... lightning, storm AND double crossbow:)

She's incredibly powerful, and I didn't follow any guides, I was just winging it.  Three damage types aren't so much when you consider there are 10 damage types (15 if you count the DOT variants).


There's so many weird and wonderful environments to explore in this game.

SsgyPGHl.jpg   1zXr8SUl.jpg

hN1OThwl.jpg   CdVR4vTl.jpg

FiUm8iRl.jpg   DZGn6dVl.jpg

It's on sale now on GOG for $5:  https://www.gog.com/game/grim_dawn

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I would put Grim Dawn right up there in the top 3 games I've played. Diablo II will always be #1 I think just because I grew up with that game. so to speak. That was the game the got me hooked on RPG's. Sacred 1 would be #2 (Sorry Sacred 2, while I liked the game, it never pulled me in liked Sacred did) and Grim Dawn has to be at least #3. At this moment I have 7,661 hours played according to Steam :Just_Cuz_21:I know some of those hours are due to me pausing game overnight and then playing again next day, but I would say at least 5,000 hours is legit playing.


I think the biggest selling point for me is the sheer number of builds and play styles, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Even with all those hours played, I still haven't beaten game on Ultimate, It seems once I get to Ultimate, I always to start a new build I've been thinking about. The dev's are constantly updating and balancing game. Though I do agree the forums can be a cesspool at times. I stopped posting in there years ago. Great single player game. If you mostly play MP I would give it a pass though. I never had good luck with that.

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