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Moonpaws challenge mod will be back

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6 hours ago, Moonpaw said:

A list of txt files that get changed with the CM patch 1.6. Have to compare it with my own modded files and merge the changes

I believe this is the full list of scripts changed in the patch.


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Just now, Flix said:

I believe this is the full list of scripts changed in the patch.


its been literally years since ive modded sacred2. Hopefully I can consult the spirits and get my modding back on track. I know I modded some spells lately as well and by lately I mean when I last modded the game 4 years ago. Not sure if ill implement my spell changes or not. Some of the spells really sucked from some characters, especially "eternal flame" from dragon mage.

Its called "Eternal flame"...doesnt last 2 seconds :nooo: Given my dragon mage is low level (35) but come on. Its practically useless in early game. Also I did other things like make ALL items 1x1 to give the player artificially more inventory space. And I got rid of % life leech because I always felt it was OP against bosses, which is kinda the point of my mod. I also desperately tried to increase max horse run speed but I never got it to work.


All in all id say itll be a lot of work but I think its worth it in the long run. I was also considering getting rid of the fog monster bosses in my mod but I read they made them less bothersome in the latest patch by reducing their undead summon cooldown.

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