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Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

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A lot of credit goes to the good folks at sketchfab, cadnav, nexus for providing templates to work on.

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Great looking work Dmitriy! Can't wait to see everything in action :)

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Yeah, they're rad! The new Boneslicer design reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it. Movie, game...?!

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Gorgeous, absolutely brilliant work... I cant get enough of looking at the weps...and you're right Androdion, the boneslicer looks like something...but from where? I especially like the way the grey metal is forming the blade... maybe Valerian?

Kullgard's Taskwatch: reminds me of a Faberge Egg made to kill!




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I noticed something today.  The Shadow Warrior's Killing Spree has a bronze mod that gives Damage of Enraged Players ("et_wounded_rage") but it is missing the threshold for max damage token ("et_wounded_thold") that all other such spells have paired with it.

This could mean two things:

1) The max damage bonus isn't reached until the Shadow Warrior reaches 1% health (or runs out of hitpoints). I don't really see a problem with this, and I even kind of like the idea of making all wounded rage spells act like this (more like Sacred 1 mechanics).


2) The max damage bonus is delivered right away, even at 100% health.  This would qualify as a bug. 

I've been busy at work so haven't had a chance to test, just thought you might want to take a look.

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43 minutes ago, Flix said:

just thought you might want to take a look.

Thanks for the lead. Hmm, actually the mod might not be working at all, due to omitted parameter.

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