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We have started a new big game project: LifeLeech

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1 hour ago, gogoblender said:

Any specific high lights that you've come to with current work?

I think the most important parts are that we got one guy making custom 3D models for us and he is very productive. He made all the house interior models in a pretty short time. He also reworked the day-night cycle and added moving cloud shadows.

Other than that, we mostly progressed our ability and item system. As showcased by the new abilities we can have protective covers in specific arc's and we can not only attack with the weapon but also with the shield. There was a lot of internal work required to make this work. But it turned out nicely and the functionalities will be needed for more abilities to come.

Also you see in the video an empty minimap, that's because it's currently reimplemented by another coder and will use prerendered texture tiles instead of taking a live render from above.

And btw. we could really need a 2D artist to redesign the UI. If anyone is interested, just join our discord and write to us.

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Hey guys, after our last Kickstarter failed, we accepted that small games like that are not interesting enough for you. So now we put everything in that we have and have started a new big project

Some more progress has been made:  

There are some questions and discussions about our project LifeLeech and our relation to Sacred and Unbended. I compiled a little FAQ about our project, which will answer these questions and some

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4 minutes ago, Thorium said:

And another progress update. Showcasing new gore system, rain weather and much more.


Love that you brought up Gore System!

lol I remember that Sacred's was the finest disembowling I'd ever seen and what got hooked me umpteen years ago! :lol:

Did it serve as inspiration?



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2 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Did it serve as inspiration?

Yes it did. We want the game to be gory and brutal but still have bright overworld environments. That's something Sacred inspired.

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