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A Shadow Warrior dual-wielding a staff and a leech life weapon will kill anyone from a distance just by casting Frenzied Rampage. The three skeletons keep him safe and keep the enemies busy. It's a different way of playing. ;)

Equip your Inquisitor with weapons that leech life before casting the Doppelganger and he will leech life as well.

I'm trying to write simple phrases for the translator, hope it helps.


PS: Just had an encounter with the past. I launched the game for the first time in the past couple of months and took my Inquisitor for a ride through the Gold campaign, and holy hell does it slay! It's so on the offensive side of the equation that I think that raising the Survival Bonus will become a problem since everything dies so fast! :D I launched a LAN game for fun and went for the Guardian's chamber... Man, with Zealous Doppleganger and dual-wielding two fist weapons with %LL it took me some 5 to 6 seconds to take out the last Guardian! I believe that's maybe why I parked it where it was, too much of a beast to have fun with it since it's all pretty easy. He is twinked all the way though, with my shoppers feeding him the specific gear to maximize its potential, and with a 70% value in deathblow nothing can really stand it. I think it's too powerful, and if levelled right and with enough patience it should become tough enough to survive the end game with ease.

Mewkang, take heed. This build is as addictive as it is boring, if you understand what I mean. ;) 

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I quite enjoyed your version of Shadow Warrior, too, although he's still at low level for now.

The offensive Inquisitor, on the other hand, was pretty awesome since he is capable of slicing mobs in no time using Callous Execution...

I guess I'll have to be aware of your advice as I play him more and more.

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Just have fun with it. When (or if) it stops being fun you can always try something different. ;)

I think if we wanted to do speed runs towards Niobium that build could prove interesting. Hitting Niob at level 75 with Constitution mastery and such a high damage output could really offset the 75 to 111 difference I reckon.

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Yes, you're right. I can always try another character when one I'm currently playing stops being fun.

And speed runs, huh? I guess that would be interesting, too, although I'm more into doing practically every quest that I can and stuff. But then I have a bunch of characters that try this same goal, so

it's getting a bit repetitive, for sure. Maybe I should speed run.

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